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technette 4-Aug-11 19:18pm View    
I double checked the syntax, the ; is correct for TSQL
technette 31-May-11 14:14pm View    
No exception thrown...

Am I calling the next service correctly? Maybe I need to organize the order of operation better. I have three services that depend of the execution of the previous.

When I'm adding these services to Main Page or Home Page.... which is better?

Should I call the service before the navigation code or after?
technette 31-May-11 13:47pm View    
I was originally trying to handle this in the completed event but the completed event will not call the next service... don't know what I'm doing wrong..

Private Sub GetAuthorizeUserCompleted(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As WinAuthsv.GetAuthorizeUserCompletedEventArgs)
Dim txtActive As New ListBox
txtActive.ItemsSource = e.Result

If txtActive.ItemsSource = "Active" Then

AddHandler AuthServ.GetAuthorizedOtherTypeCompleted, AddressOf GetAuthorizedOtherTypeCompleted

End If

End Sub
technette 26-May-11 19:29pm View    
I got my data into isolated storage.... just don't know how to get it out???

Dim name As String = userSettings.Values("Key")
Txtbox.Text = name ????????
technette 29-Mar-11 14:49pm View    
No I ran the entire script. I just replied with a copy of the line number where the error occurred.