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Comments by Scott Clayton (Top 3 by date)

Scott Clayton 20-Oct-12 17:51pm View
Could you show us the code in the SelectionChanged event? Perhaps it is being raised but not doing anything noticeable due to some conditional statement. I'm also assuming that "sometimes" means that it does get raised once in a while, just not every time. Is that right?
Scott Clayton 6-Oct-12 12:16pm View
That will depend on how the string is represented in the number. For instance, would the number 101112 = "jkl" (two digits correspond to a letter), or do every 8 bits represent a byte like 596F = "Yo"? Without knowing the format we can't really help you convert it.
Scott Clayton 5-Oct-12 23:26pm View
Just as a side note, randomizing colors does very little to thwart automated CAPTCHA solvers. In fact it would take only one line to bypass using my CBL scripting language: