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Comments by George Swan (Top 200 by date)

George Swan 20-Nov-22 11:32am View    
You are quite correct Dave. With a ulong it overflows on the 13th iteration. I assumed when I should have tested. My apologies. Regards George.
George Swan 20-Nov-22 4:26am View    
You need to use the type ulong to prevent an overflow
George Swan 14-Nov-22 0:47am View    
I would make sure that all the parameters are not null. The SQL parser does not always correctly identify the source of the problem
George Swan 15-Oct-22 8:00am View    
I had the same problem and it worked for me. Ajax is a bit flaky in my experience
George Swan 29-Sep-22 12:55pm View    
In the past I have resolved this error by updating all NuGet installed packages. But have you made changes to the structure of your database outside Entity Framework? If you have, you will probably need to start again. The scaffolder is a bit too friable for my liking.