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Comments by Manoj Kumar Choubey (Top 178 by date)

Manoj Kumar Choubey 21-Oct-21 8:42am View    
I didn't get it, could you please explain.
Manoj Kumar Choubey 6-Nov-19 13:50pm View    
Manoj Kumar Choubey 6-Nov-19 2:56am View    
I improved the answer.
As per the requirement you can change the query
Manoj Kumar Choubey 9-Mar-17 2:31am View    
I can not give you perfect answer without your database structure, but first thing you need to do check your database is normalized and create primary keys and or foreign keys as needed for example "notificationid" may be a primary key of your table.
second thing you are trying some query plan try this in query profiler and query analyzer.
Manoj Kumar Choubey 16-Dec-16 11:32am View    
malloc just allocate row memory and fee allocate but new operator call constructor and deallocates the memory and after that will deallocate.