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Comments by astrovirgin (Top 17 by date)

astrovirgin 14-Jun-16 7:03am View    
Hi Charan, I am facing the same issue. I know it's been an year but did you find the solution?
astrovirgin 14-Jun-16 7:03am View    
Instead of finding the flaws in his code, if you could have replied to the solution, it might help others like me.
astrovirgin 9-Jan-14 4:12am View    
private void SelectValue()
int row = m_Grid.CurrentRowIndex;

if (row > -1)
PDIMultiColValueSelectEventArgs e = new PDIMultiColValueSelectEventArgs();
e.SelectedRow = m_Dataview[row].Row;

string SaveValue = m_Dataview[row][m_ValueMember].ToString();
m_TypedownValue = string.Empty;
m_Grid.SortOrder = m_DefaultSort;

this.Value = SaveValue;

astrovirgin 9-Jan-14 2:57am View    
I know that there is no need but this is how the code is written (actually it is some code already written in the framework and I can't modify it) but it is not the issue. Issue is why it is behaving different in different modes?
astrovirgin 9-Jan-14 2:37am View    
Yes, exactly same thing.