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Lakamraju Raghuram 29-Jan-16 3:27am View
If I have understood correctly, you want to know how to Navigate using Process.Start(...) if the URL starts with wwww
Lakamraju Raghuram 25-Sep-15 0:00am View
Thanks Ralf for your reply.
I have no trouble in creating Transparent form. I am using TransparentKey and BackColor properties. I am facing problem while setting another form as Parent to this Transparent form.
I want this parent-child relationship, so that resize,minimize could be handled easily.
Lakamraju Raghuram 24-Sep-15 1:12am View
Yeah, sounds to me the same. So only I have posted to know the procedure to have a transparent from over another Parent form
Lakamraju Raghuram 22-Sep-15 23:25pm View
I have checked on a machine having Windows 7 and .NET 4.5. The issue is there too
Lakamraju Raghuram 30-Jul-14 7:04am View
I have already commented on OpenFileDialog.
"rubbish" -- I donot think so. It may be odd, unconventional, but nevertheless needed to me.
Thanks for commenting.
Lakamraju Raghuram 30-Jul-14 5:22am View
I want to browse folders, not files. If it is the case of file browsing, I can use OpenFileDialog in C# itself, but as mentioned I need folder browsing only.
Thank you for your comment
Lakamraju Raghuram 18-Feb-14 6:27am View
If the OP have the freedom to modify, then he can solve this problem in many more ways. I guess instead of listing the merits or drawbacks of his limitation (which he may already know), we should try to stick to the problem set mentioned in the query.

The suggestion of making a copy and doing modifications is naive or rather not a technical suggestion. Is it not ?!
Lakamraju Raghuram 17-Feb-14 22:33pm View
The OP said: " i don't have any freedom to modify the existing source code."
Lakamraju Raghuram 17-Feb-14 5:26am View
This should work

icacls "C:\builder" /grant Everyone:(OI)(CI)F
Lakamraju Raghuram 17-Feb-14 5:21am View
If you google they are many resources. There is a simple explanation here:
Lakamraju Raghuram 2-May-12 13:20pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
Try google, before banging here.
Lakamraju Raghuram 2-May-12 13:17pm View
what is your problem. I don't see any trouble in my workspace
Lakamraju Raghuram 2-May-12 8:01am View
I think this is wrong approach to your problem
Lakamraju Raghuram 2-May-12 2:04am View
Adhar ID? (sorry if you can not follow - this is a joke, but so is your question)
Lakamraju Raghuram 30-Apr-12 2:56am View
Are you using any mangged C++ dlls in your solution ?
Lakamraju Raghuram 29-Apr-12 23:50pm View
what is your question ?
Lakamraju Raghuram 29-Apr-12 11:57am View
Reason for my vote of 1
too lazy to explain what you want
Lakamraju Raghuram 27-Apr-12 0:35am View
If that is what OP wants, then it is one hell of a guess.
Lakamraju Raghuram 27-Apr-12 0:19am View
The text in all capitals is irritating to read. Change it please
Lakamraju Raghuram 27-Apr-12 0:13am View
what is a (comma) separated value?
Do you want to parse a text where the delimiter is comma !?
Lakamraju Raghuram 22-Apr-12 21:57pm View
Need more information
Lakamraju Raghuram 22-Apr-12 14:28pm View
what exactly you want to write/read in a .dat file.
Understand that .dat can be used for dumping any information, text or binary or what ever
Lakamraju Raghuram 21-Apr-12 9:13am View
I agree with this.
Statements like k = (k = n + 5)++; looks fancy but no serious developer should not ever use them as many ambitiousness are involved
Lakamraju Raghuram 21-Apr-12 9:04am View
Lakamraju Raghuram 20-Apr-12 1:20am View
Give the required code snippets
Lakamraju Raghuram 19-Apr-12 10:30am View
can you give the exact error you are getting
Lakamraju Raghuram 19-Apr-12 9:06am View
On the Visual studio command prompt, type regsvr32.exe FULL_PATH_OF_MSFlexGrid.dll"
That's it
Lakamraju Raghuram 19-Apr-12 7:46am View
Give the code that is creating this problem.
If those .h or .CPP have any CLR sytax, check if the /clr switch is on
Lakamraju Raghuram 19-Apr-12 5:07am View
what is the phone platform you are speaking off - Windows Phone, Android or ..??
Lakamraju Raghuram 18-Apr-12 13:53pm View
Your site? Do you mean into Codeproject?
Lakamraju Raghuram 17-Apr-12 4:29am View
You haven't missed any thing. There is no node.
Lakamraju Raghuram 17-Apr-12 4:07am View
can not understand. Sorry
Lakamraju Raghuram 17-Apr-12 3:45am View
+5 for you too (for leading to COMPETITORS)
Lakamraju Raghuram 17-Apr-12 3:44am View
If provided a one suppose, it will only open a can of worms
Lakamraju Raghuram 17-Apr-12 3:38am View
You mean that you want to get the name 'Bentley' inside AutoTransmission(....) ??
Lakamraju Raghuram 17-Apr-12 3:36am View
I have checked the RSS feed you gave. They are having nodes classifying it as IPL. And scanning for IPl keyword may not give you correct results. Think of some other feed which this type of classification
Lakamraju Raghuram 17-Apr-12 3:23am View
what is the modelling tool you are using?
Lakamraju Raghuram 15-Apr-12 11:35am View
Oh is it?
Then I am very poor at these SMS type of symbols.
Thank you for your appreciation and I want to convey the same by that symbol. My bad if it is wrong.
Lakamraju Raghuram 15-Apr-12 3:10am View
Lakamraju Raghuram 13-Apr-12 6:25am View
What is the mobile platform you are targeting ?
Lakamraju Raghuram 13-Apr-12 5:02am View
Lakamraju Raghuram 13-Apr-12 1:28am View
you are too generous.
Lakamraju Raghuram 13-Apr-12 1:15am View
tag it with proper language
Lakamraju Raghuram 13-Apr-12 1:05am View
I really appreciate your then. But first try yourself and come back if you are struck. Put the code and come back if you are not getting what you want. That is the proper way to excel.
Lakamraju Raghuram 13-Apr-12 0:12am View
that depends upon how the intaller is coded. I mean while making the installer you have to check where the exe is copied onto the hard disk.

And what do you mean "the directory" - which one you are refering.
Lakamraju Raghuram 12-Apr-12 15:06pm View
Lakamraju Raghuram 12-Apr-12 13:01pm View
I am lost
Lakamraju Raghuram 12-Apr-12 13:00pm View
And what in the world makes you think that it is Indian/Chinese ?
It is better not to give wrong directions.
Lakamraju Raghuram 12-Apr-12 12:19pm View
Let me try in my PC. Give me the address of the web service if possible - the asmx file link
Lakamraju Raghuram 12-Apr-12 12:17pm View
you want to develop application for redbus. Right?
Lakamraju Raghuram 12-Apr-12 12:16pm View
I checked few services/clients done by me today. They have no issues for the OP mentioned types. I think he should allocate before calling the web service. without knowing the server code, it is a bit tough to solve this
Lakamraju Raghuram 12-Apr-12 12:15pm View
Re post. I tried to understand and solve this yesterday. No luck. check this:
Lakamraju Raghuram 12-Apr-12 12:14pm View
you mean that you want to develop an application FOR redbus ?
Lakamraju Raghuram 12-Apr-12 7:43am View
1. Wrong tag
2. Not appropriate to ask the whole code
3. No homework please
Lakamraju Raghuram 12-Apr-12 2:44am View
Go in create it. Who is stopping you.
I mean, what is that you want really here
Lakamraju Raghuram 12-Apr-12 2:43am View
Team work
Thank you Suresh.
Lakamraju Raghuram 12-Apr-12 2:41am View
We can access type information of a class by RTTI and for doing this I guess we should trun on a compiler switch (if I am correct) and also we should have atleast one virtual function (the whole idea is to inject vptr into the class object). Now this is all done by putting those macors.

Well again the usability of type information at run-time is case driven
Lakamraju Raghuram 12-Apr-12 0:02am View
You should have used 'Improve question' rather than posing a new question
Lakamraju Raghuram 11-Apr-12 13:30pm View
I think Mark merrens is prompting the OP to Google before posting here.
And yes it deals with only part the question.
Lakamraju Raghuram 11-Apr-12 13:01pm View
I suppose Richard MacCutchan got it in the same sense:
Quote Richard : "You cannot add enhancements, but you can write your own methods that will call the methods of the dll."

Lakamraju Raghuram 11-Apr-12 12:49pm View
yes. Correct. sorry I missed your statement above.
Lakamraju Raghuram 11-Apr-12 12:48pm View
I have utilized say System. Windows.Form to create my own control, but I never injected or screwed Windows.Form assembly itself and this is what I got when OP told about enhancing dll. If he is speaking about extending an dll/assembly then your statement applies else my statement holds.
Lakamraju Raghuram 11-Apr-12 12:29pm View
The suggestions specified by other are worth following. Give them a shot
Lakamraju Raghuram 11-Apr-12 12:06pm View
then you have't solved. Isn't it?
Lakamraju Raghuram 11-Apr-12 12:03pm View
I like it
Lakamraju Raghuram 11-Apr-12 11:59am View
At last you are getting some where ( or is it no where ?)
Lakamraju Raghuram 11-Apr-12 11:56am View
That proves that the service is fine. The only thing is how to properly call with suitable type in C#.
Lakamraju Raghuram 11-Apr-12 11:50am View
OK. As the SOAP response is fine, you have no problem in extracting date from the service. The only issue is how to map this into appropriate C# type and call correctly.
I ran out of ideas here. Let me think
Lakamraju Raghuram 11-Apr-12 11:38am View
Only if question is like this. (:
Lakamraju Raghuram 11-Apr-12 11:37am View
Could you try passing variable Supliers in the below statement as ref (you may have to change the web service accordingly to take it as ref )

Client.SupplierProfiles(DTStamp, ID, out ResponseCode, out ResponseMessage, out Suppliers);
Lakamraju Raghuram 11-Apr-12 11:32am View
+5 I want to post the same
Lakamraju Raghuram 11-Apr-12 11:21am View
When saw a lock on this question for you to edit, I taught you will remove all unwanted code and give us the necessary snippets. But sorry you have't done any good.
Still the question is unanswerable in this form (-:
Lakamraju Raghuram 11-Apr-12 11:19am View
Lakamraju Raghuram 11-Apr-12 11:12am View
Good luck
Lakamraju Raghuram 11-Apr-12 9:41am View
God the OP got lot of Homework it seems. And he/she dumped it all here at CP (8 in past hour). Of course Marcus Kramer is on a mission to kick out all these - well done
Lakamraju Raghuram 11-Apr-12 9:36am View
(: Team work
Lakamraju Raghuram 11-Apr-12 9:29am View
well said and this answers the question. Sorry I saw this after I posted my reply
Lakamraju Raghuram 11-Apr-12 9:01am View
Check solution by CPallini.
Lakamraju Raghuram 11-Apr-12 9:00am View
Nice. But, why can't we size directly here (instead of 4)!
for(int i=1; i<4; i++)
Lakamraju Raghuram 10-Apr-12 22:32pm View
but your answer dealt with "WHY interop" and I find it nice. The OP will take some time to appreciate it (or hope he will)
Lakamraju Raghuram 10-Apr-12 15:34pm View
can you provide any specific link
Lakamraju Raghuram 10-Apr-12 13:41pm View
there is too much randomness here. You want any thing - strange
Lakamraju Raghuram 10-Apr-12 12:44pm View
Lakamraju Raghuram 10-Apr-12 12:14pm View
Then give us the code snippets of what you have done. Some one will help you to resolve
Lakamraju Raghuram 10-Apr-12 12:08pm View
And by the way (off track) the OP has made Kerala and Bangalore as Countries
Lakamraju Raghuram 10-Apr-12 6:44am View
OOPs ...hope I have'nt done much damage then. Any way will be happy if the OP learns this breaking at from now on
Lakamraju Raghuram 10-Apr-12 6:07am View it...
I should have checked the link, but hey you have scared me.
Nice one though
Lakamraju Raghuram 10-Apr-12 6:02am View
+5 Forget google, even a search algorithm written by me will fetch a link in 0.1 secs for this.
Lakamraju Raghuram 10-Apr-12 5:59am View
dangerous to use - it takes away any money !!!
by the way, why to provide a one like this
Lakamraju Raghuram 10-Apr-12 2:55am View
Lakamraju Raghuram 10-Apr-12 2:48am View
Do not dump.
what text you want to read exactly?
Lakamraju Raghuram 10-Apr-12 2:25am View
Rather saying,'near' pin point the error and give more details about the error
Lakamraju Raghuram 9-Apr-12 6:37am View
Never mind. Yes, the best way is to go for pointer or reference return. Good luck
Lakamraju Raghuram 9-Apr-12 5:22am View
I think if allowed, he wants to add even his today's horoscope (:
Lakamraju Raghuram 9-Apr-12 5:20am View
And he has corrected it saying 'of course a typo' and it seems he knows already what c2248 means. A bit rude I felt.

Any way I think I got the problem. Please check the anwser.
Lakamraju Raghuram 9-Apr-12 5:08am View
With the performance in view you are 100% correct. But this doen't solve why the error is coming at the first instance. Check my anwser below for the reason of the error [ My second anwser, not the first anwser]. Thanks
Lakamraju Raghuram 9-Apr-12 4:30am View
I think C++ is a bit odd these days for game developement.
Lakamraju Raghuram 9-Apr-12 4:24am View
The OP made class one and class two members as public. And never mentioned about 'Add' method of class one.
Lakamraju Raghuram 9-Apr-12 2:56am View
+5 for the rules
Lakamraju Raghuram 8-Apr-12 3:22am View
i am lost ... do elaborate
Lakamraju Raghuram 8-Apr-12 0:43am View
Elaborate. The information you gave is too less or unclear
Lakamraju Raghuram 7-Apr-12 4:07am View
.... what you want .... !!!
Lakamraju Raghuram 23-Mar-12 2:52am View
In my area of CAD/CAM, once we recognize a feature (I am speaking about CAD feature) we store its topology (how the edges are connected/oriented) and its geometry (its dimensions) and this helps us to reconstruct the feature latter for further processing. I think you should be having similar data like edge dimensions, their connections etc.. for your case.
Lakamraju Raghuram 23-Mar-12 2:44am View
Be specific about the content you want to manage. Then some one will help you
Lakamraju Raghuram 22-Mar-12 6:59am View
what is the prog lang you are speaking off
Lakamraju Raghuram 15-Mar-12 2:11am View
I have to sent notifications (preferably tray notifications) to users from server. I want to know how this can be done
Lakamraju Raghuram 9-Mar-12 1:16am View
"It took 1 hour for a response" - Then you should pay us and get the work done
Lakamraju Raghuram 9-Mar-12 1:02am View
Now as a hardcore fan of C++, I won't crib much on this. The reason is I feel, I have the control of what needs to be packed/refered by my unit, rather than leaving it platform (CLR or JVM ..) and this ability to peek into the meta-data easily calls for securing the core logic by alternative ways. But I agree the missing elegance
Lakamraju Raghuram 9-Mar-12 0:49am View
This is the not the way (:
If some one provide the code what thrill you will have? Try implementing youself and comeback if you are struck
Lakamraju Raghuram 9-Mar-12 0:46am View
Yes. Any thing is breakable provided time and resources. So rather than wasting money on obfuscation, we can think of coding the core logic in C++ libs and then wrap them in a C++/CLI dll for consumption in C#. In this way you can secure your core at least
Lakamraju Raghuram 9-Mar-12 0:41am View
And to summarize, the Managed languages will not bother about .h files of C++/CLI projects.
Lakamraju Raghuram 9-Mar-12 0:36am View
Perfect. +5.
I feel that in C++ there are good reasons why we need a separate .h file (as the compiler can't simply peek into another unit - so using #include provides a means) and as C++/CLI evolved from c++, they have naturally extended this concept to it even the managed part never needs .h files
Lakamraju Raghuram 8-Mar-12 22:25pm View
release mode is not always smaller than debug...
Lakamraju Raghuram 8-Mar-12 11:36am View
Lakamraju Raghuram 6-Mar-12 2:02am View
will you care to explain what to do you mean by objects
Lakamraju Raghuram 1-Mar-12 11:44am View
I think to help you from this point, we need to know something about your code. Try to provide code snippets relating to the variables which you think are behaving improperly. Surely some one will help you.
Lakamraju Raghuram 1-Mar-12 4:18am View
I feel all he wants is to monitor few variable (so only he mentioned that he tried to do the same through option menus/tools). So only I asked him to try doing it in debug mode. Hope I got him correct
Lakamraju Raghuram 1-Mar-12 4:14am View
And when the program ran, even the encapsulated data will vanish unless untill is is persisted to some storage. Isn't !!!
Lakamraju Raghuram 1-Mar-12 4:13am View
The OP says that he want to know the last stored/modified values of some variable."know the last values stored in variables and arrays... ".
Lakamraju Raghuram 1-Mar-12 3:53am View
It would be helpful if you provide code snippets of your c++ signature and how you are calling it in C#
Lakamraju Raghuram 21-Feb-12 11:01am View
and why we have to do your homework ...
will it do any good to you ?
Lakamraju Raghuram 12-Feb-12 23:00pm View
Nice explanation. I really liked it. Please find more arguments here:
Lakamraju Raghuram 10-Feb-12 4:33am View
you have the solution to the problem right !!!! still what do you want ??
Lakamraju Raghuram 10-Feb-12 4:24am View
Is there any error you are getting ??
Lakamraju Raghuram 9-Feb-12 11:16am View

"What is in my desk drawer" - definitively not the desk (:-
Lakamraju Raghuram 9-Feb-12 11:13am View
Correct ... I missed to add this.
Lakamraju Raghuram 9-Feb-12 5:51am View
What is that you want ...
Do you want us to search for the problem in that dump ?
Try to improve the question
Lakamraju Raghuram 9-Feb-12 1:39am View
why on earth you want to double click a radio button
Lakamraju Raghuram 9-Feb-12 1:36am View
I once again appreciate Christian Graus for his try
Lakamraju Raghuram 8-Feb-12 1:49am View
I do not see any trouble in calling like this. I shouldn't be a problem if a constructor calls a static function.
May be some thing wrong with your arguments or in that static function
Lakamraju Raghuram 8-Feb-12 1:47am View
This solution matches the OP's requirement in a better way.
My 5.
Lakamraju Raghuram 8-Feb-12 1:40am View
Mention the line which is creating error and use proper tags to made the code readable
Lakamraju Raghuram 8-Feb-12 1:39am View
Can you give the class/namespace in which this method is defined?
With out this it would be foolish to attempt answering this question
Lakamraju Raghuram 8-Feb-12 1:21am View
I do not think this will even compile, as you are not using class scope while calling CB_CardEncode2 method.
Lakamraju Raghuram 7-Feb-12 4:48am View
martin, geoyar, xryl669 are perfectly correct. This is not good idea, rather we can use dynamic_cast. And by the way, why would not use dynamic_cast (may be you do not want to switch on RTTI)
Lakamraju Raghuram 6-Feb-12 6:19am View
Nice point. I understand what you are pointing at. I will try to add more spice.
Lakamraju Raghuram 6-Feb-12 6:00am View
Reason for my vote of 4
Nice and simple one
Lakamraju Raghuram 1-Feb-12 4:32am View
And what is this "UltraEdit" !!!
Lakamraju Raghuram 1-Feb-12 0:59am View
Lakamraju Raghuram 1-Feb-12 0:57am View
"Admin, power user, Guest" .... in this lingo I am power user not an admin.
Lakamraju Raghuram 1-Feb-12 0:38am View
Do you mean Windows FORMS or you actually mean Windows WORMS !!!
Lakamraju Raghuram 1-Feb-12 0:29am View
yeah ... yeah ... I tried/cross-checked almost all that is mentioned. Then only I posted this in CP.

One thing I am a power user, will this matter ??

And I really appreciate you for sticking around me. (:-
Lakamraju Raghuram 1-Feb-12 0:11am View
Hmmm .... or is there any way to find 'the missing file' - as the stack trace and error info are not giving much information.

The files are there - if not the normal c# console should crib. And regarding permission I have done what you said.

Lakamraju Raghuram 31-Jan-12 23:56pm View
Just like a good team mate.
Useful additions.
Lakamraju Raghuram 31-Jan-12 23:52pm View
Did I miss something .... Oh sorry may be I should add this as a comment, not as a solution. Is that the reason for downvote? If yes - Sorry. It is a mistake. This should be comment.
Lakamraju Raghuram 31-Jan-12 23:49pm View
Ha! I taught you are speaking about permission concerned to .NET or some project setting.

I have given full access like you mentioned. BUT STILL NO LUCK. I am getting the same error !!!!
Lakamraju Raghuram 31-Jan-12 23:28pm View
As I mentioned already that the same process (referring the required dlls) works fine for normal C# console application.
So like you mentioned the second case (invisible to ASP client) may have something to do with. I want to ask you further:
1. How to make it visible - any clue please.
2. Then what about c# client where I still can't use this webservice - is this visiblity the same reason?
Lakamraju Raghuram 31-Jan-12 23:22pm View
Lakamraju Raghuram 31-Jan-12 22:44pm View
This is one great explanation. I have enjoyed it.
Lakamraju Raghuram 31-Jan-12 13:03pm View
This way of analysis is cool ....
how many will scroll though assembly code,when they got unexpected results !!!!
At least I won't.
Thanks for this (:-
Lakamraju Raghuram 31-Jan-12 13:02pm View
Lakamraju Raghuram 31-Jan-12 12:57pm View
Ha! Is it?... strange...which one ??
Lakamraju Raghuram 31-Jan-12 12:21pm View
perfect. +5
Lakamraju Raghuram 31-Jan-12 12:10pm View
int temp = i;
This is not assignment, it is construction - To be precise Copy construction
Lakamraju Raghuram 31-Jan-12 2:15am View
I am unaware of this. Thanks
+5 or +++5 [ if I can (:- ]
Lakamraju Raghuram 31-Jan-12 2:08am View
or rather help himself (:-
Lakamraju Raghuram 31-Jan-12 1:12am View
"You are not migrating from VC++6.0 to VC++ 2010, you are migrating: 1) from native platform to CLR platform implemented by .NET; 2)" ---

Bingo .... hope the OP got the gist of that statement.

Lakamraju Raghuram 31-Jan-12 0:56am View
My 5
Lakamraju Raghuram 31-Jan-12 0:53am View
Well said ...
Any way I am scanning the code ...let's see
Lakamraju Raghuram 31-Jan-12 0:47am View
An statement about what for you have searched would be the better way to start this question, rather than just dumping some code.

Do we have to beat in the bush ?
Lakamraju Raghuram 31-Jan-12 0:44am View
what is the error you are getting ??
Lakamraju Raghuram 30-Jan-12 14:26pm View
Ha! got you buddy....
It is copy-paste problem, I just checked my actual code, the brackets are there and while pasting the snippet here I have missed them. Apologies for not getting you at the first instance. I have changed it right away.

(:- (:- (:- Thanks
Lakamraju Raghuram 30-Jan-12 2:15am View
Nikhil, is this a Joke ??
(: (: (:
Lakamraju Raghuram 30-Jan-12 1:07am View
I know what I am doing. I intended to show an example where the result is not as expected (the silly mistake which many does).

"We all know that the value of s will be 16 (rather than 4)" - This shows that I know what the mistake is.

Ha! it is ridiculous that I got a downvote for a NICE TIP.

I have added more comments to the code to point out that silly mistake (which I want to be there to show why we want to see how a macro expands).

If convinced, try changing your vote.
Lakamraju Raghuram 29-Jan-12 9:33am View
Yes I find philippe's more elegant.
Lakamraju Raghuram 29-Jan-12 9:30am View
Got it. And its a nice approach too. My 5.
Lakamraju Raghuram 29-Jan-12 0:54am View
Good. Expanded SA's and Richard's argument in a nice way. My 5.
Lakamraju Raghuram 28-Jan-12 21:19pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
I think you want to ask. Please post this in Q&A section.
Lakamraju Raghuram 28-Jan-12 21:14pm View
I am getting compilation errors for template <int n=""> void Fun(int (&) p[N] )

// error C2988: unrecognizable template declaration/definition.
// error C2059: syntax error : ')'.
// error C2143: syntax error : missing ';' before '{'.
// error C2447: '{' : missing function header (old-style formal list?).

I am using VC++ compiler. Am I missing any thing !!!!
Lakamraju Raghuram 28-Jan-12 5:52am View
Ok. This could be one possible work around - To add another argument to get the size. But again we never know if we got static or dynamic memory.
My 5 for giving this. Though simple it is clean and solves the problem partially
Lakamraju Raghuram 28-Jan-12 5:47am View
"new uses malloc()" -- yes i too observed it. It does something like "while ((p = malloc(size)) == 0)" as lifted from new.cpp.

And coming to that link, it gives useful info about new and delete, but haven't mentioned any where about how to separeate malloc and new allocated memories. My intention is to separate them so that I can know what to use (free or delete) when deallocating.

Thanks for the info.
Lakamraju Raghuram 28-Jan-12 5:25am View
Agreed. (-:
Lakamraju Raghuram 28-Jan-12 4:24am View
OK. I know that sizeof(arrayName) concept. I too am convinced that there is no proper way, but want to see I some one thinks any different.

Take My 5 for giving a shot.
Lakamraju Raghuram 28-Jan-12 3:56am View
"use some "system" tricks to look into some internal system structures"
-- I too at some time taught to sweep around sys structures to get results, but dropped it.

"You can always use new/delete. In rare cases you need to use low-level allocation using malloc/calloc/realloc/free, wrap the set of such operations" -- This setup is clean and neat

My 5.
Lakamraju Raghuram 28-Jan-12 3:46am View
Agreed, but in the above case how to feed the array [to Fun method] as array-name. Any way is there ?
Lakamraju Raghuram 28-Jan-12 3:29am View
Yes both are pointers, but will there be evil effects if we mark them as separate ?
Lakamraju Raghuram 27-Jan-12 8:14am View
Sorry. I am not convinced.
Memory leak detection should be done on debug builds and it is not wise to have configuration specific heap allocations. Take my word it is wrong practice.

And in many cases we will not have .pdb files for 3rd party tools. They just won't expose them as I can parse thorough their code.

And what I will do with a tool which is CRASHING. It is ridiculous.
Hope I have convinced you. If so try thinking of changing your vote. (:-
Lakamraju Raghuram 27-Jan-12 8:04am View
I have done it.
If this is what you want, try thinking of change you vote (:-
Lakamraju Raghuram 27-Jan-12 7:59am View
Oh... you see lot of noise? I do not see that way.
All you have to do is add 2 headers, few macros and call a function.
The rest is a snap of Output window and what you can do with Watch window.
Can you explain how to detect leaks with out using any external tool?

And I have provided code snippet showing how to use it. I don't know what else you expect. May be you want me to consolidate all.
Ok I will do it
Lakamraju Raghuram 27-Jan-12 4:23am View
Reason for my vote of 2
Nice find, but this is crashing for VS2010 SP1 and SP2 IDE.
Lakamraju Raghuram 27-Jan-12 4:21am View
Will there be any additional leaks in release mode compared to debug more. Unless we code like
#if debug
int* i = new int[7];
And coming to the third party code, the above code still breaks but wont show you the code or the stack will not lead you properly. And by the way I tried this and it is crashing with VS2010 SP2 as well as with SP1.
Lakamraju Raghuram 27-Jan-12 1:34am View
You should understand to ask not demand.
Try to reframe the question by specifying the type/name of encryption algo you are interested. How some one will respond with this vague data?
Lakamraju Raghuram 27-Jan-12 1:26am View
Good approach. My 5
Lakamraju Raghuram 27-Jan-12 1:08am View
Try to make the question clear with more specifics.
Lakamraju Raghuram 27-Jan-12 1:07am View

Will you have repetition of the above block or will you have only one block of this kind ?
Lakamraju Raghuram 26-Jan-12 10:31am View
This is new fact to me.
Did you got the reason why it is behaving so?
It would be great if you can explain the reason also.
Lakamraju Raghuram 26-Jan-12 9:51am View
ha! just came to know that this question is duplicate and the above link is already provided by 'Dalek Dave'
Lakamraju Raghuram 26-Jan-12 9:50am View
And also this may help
Lakamraju Raghuram 26-Jan-12 9:28am View
Is the assembly and all other required types are set as COM visible
Lakamraju Raghuram 26-Jan-12 9:19am View
Is this not similar to your earlier question?
Is this some sort of test/homework given to you?
Lakamraju Raghuram 26-Jan-12 5:16am View
Any way I understood few concepts today.
Thanks tolw.
Lakamraju Raghuram 26-Jan-12 2:29am View
ok. understood
Lakamraju Raghuram 26-Jan-12 1:16am View
A 5 for you, because I learned a new concept today
Lakamraju Raghuram 25-Jan-12 12:37pm View
I do not think we can provide back doors here
Lakamraju Raghuram 25-Jan-12 12:32pm View
Yup. You have a point. A 5 for your solution
Lakamraju Raghuram 25-Jan-12 12:13pm View
For detecting another way is the use "System.Windows.Forms.SystemInformation"
Check this here:
Lakamraju Raghuram 25-Jan-12 12:01pm View
Can you give the code
Lakamraju Raghuram 25-Jan-12 11:53am View
Hmmm.... If you check the link provided by me, there is a way. But I am not sure if the OP wants it in that way. I have coded as said in that article and the value is in fact coming as warning in output window in VS

"warning C4810: value of pragma pack(show) == 4"

I have used #pragma pack(4) earlier
Lakamraju Raghuram 25-Jan-12 9:38am View
We can not guess what is "the help" you want !!!!

Not a proper question.
Lakamraju Raghuram 25-Jan-12 1:20am View
Can you give info about GetSerialNumber(...) method you are using