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Comments by viprat (Top 14 by date)

viprat 21-Jun-18 7:22am View    
just for testing. i found some code like this on gogle so tried. but not working
viprat 28-Dec-16 2:54am View    
thanks... above code is working.. but why its not working with only "en". what is the difference between "en" and "en-GB"??
viprat 18-Nov-16 5:16am View    
that is also not working...
viprat 18-Nov-16 1:24am View    
i tried this.. it is giving me the same error..
viprat 10-Jun-16 5:42am View    
i am not able to do

datemodel.year = n.year.tostring(),
datemodel.month = n.month.toString()