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chaau 11-Jan-18 18:46pm View
Why don't you use the PeakBandwidth parameter for this? From MSDN: PeakBandwidth - The upper limit on time-based transmission permission for a given flow, in bytes per second.
chaau 11-Oct-17 21:24pm View
yes, you can. You can use a window function for this. See my improved solution
chaau 26-Sep-17 2:27am View
"he paid commission of 2.5% which is 0.25"
2.5% is 0.025
chaau 9-May-16 2:37am View
Please provide sample data and an expected result.
chaau 25-Aug-14 21:03pm View
This simple function sndPlaySound will play your test.wav file
chaau 7-Aug-14 19:10pm View
have a look at this question: It has some helpful answers
chaau 7-Aug-14 19:04pm View
So, what's your question? It is not a xls file format. It is a csv. You will be better off if you spool it as a csv file and open with Excel. Wy do you need an extra comma at the end of the lines?
chaau 7-May-14 18:50pm View
It would be great if you show us your existing query
chaau 22-Apr-14 20:11pm View
You just need to add that for C# there is only one compiler: Microsoft. But for C/C++ - dozens
chaau 6-Apr-14 20:02pm View
Just a small hint: to "add" values you need to use a "+" operator. Applies to every programming language. Do you want to ask a question about how to take away a value?
chaau 2-Apr-14 18:27pm View
Does your MobileList.accdb contain a table called Mobile?
chaau 25-Mar-14 17:53pm View
Can't see a cursor in your code. Can you show us? Perhaps your manager has asked you to use cursors in place of loops?
chaau 20-Mar-14 20:40pm View
Please note that both of these methods are just reinventing the wheel. Much simpler and better option is one that is described in the comment here: Please research WM_NCHITTEST message, it is very easy to implement.
chaau 12-Mar-14 1:17am View
I think these type of validations need to be done in ON_EN_CHANGE handler. This will cover both the direct user input and Paste from clipboard
chaau 12-Mar-14 1:10am View
try to change it via Command Prompt:
SET AllUsersProfile = C:\NewLocation
chaau 12-Feb-14 0:20am View
Is this col4 required to be selected as a fourth column in your query, or in place of one of already selected columns (i.e. col2)?
chaau 6-Feb-14 1:41am View
Yes, you are right. Use COALESCE function, as Tomas suggested to replace the Null values with the '00:00'
chaau 5-Feb-14 23:14pm View
Is it pure C++, or you can use MFC?
chaau 4-Feb-14 13:16pm View
And I am replying: fix the bug first, and then see. May be the problem will go away
chaau 3-Feb-14 1:47am View
what version of SQL Server it is? In SQL Server 2008 you do it like this: CAST(todaysDate AS DATE)
chaau 3-Feb-14 1:04am View
Please read about PIVOT:
chaau 2-Feb-14 20:21pm View
I think you are performing unrealistic test scenarios. Who is going to change the settings back in forth in real life? Perhaps Windows is trying to protect your and others applications against unnecessary changes
chaau 2-Feb-14 20:00pm View
I think after setting to current locale in the "case WM_SETTINGCHANGE:" code you will need to re-initialise all the edit boxes with double values by re-reading from database
chaau 2-Feb-14 19:56pm View
Just wondering how you turn ODBC on and off? I have not seen such an option before
chaau 27-Jan-14 23:09pm View
I think PIVOT will not do what the OP asks. Do you want to review your answer?
chaau 27-Jan-14 23:06pm View
What have you tried? I recommend you google "SQL Server dynamic PIVOT query"
chaau 27-Jan-14 22:50pm View
MSDN has it closer to the bottom: Required header: <locale.h>
chaau 27-Jan-14 22:40pm View
MSDN has it closer to the bottom: Required header: "locale.h" (can't insert here less and more symbols)
chaau 2-Jan-14 15:56pm View
I guess you have rows in t2 with duplicate sel_col
chaau 4-Dec-13 1:15am View
What is the the base class of your m_page1 and m_page2. I think the second parameter of the Create function (GetDlgItem(IDC_TAB1)) is incorrect
chaau 2-Dec-13 19:01pm View
Just wondering if you already played with Internet Options of your Internet Explorer. One setting is particular: "allow scripting of microsoft webbrowser control" under Security->Custom level->Settings. You need to figure out though what zone your DHTml content falls into
chaau 2-Dec-13 18:39pm View
What about fireEvent()?
chaau 18-Nov-13 20:23pm View
Please learn about sql injections and how to protect against them. Your code is prone to them. As for your error, it is most likely caused by Scottish surname (like O'Connor, etc) or other strings with single quote (') in them. To fix it you need to add string txt = jLastnameTxt.getText(); txt = replace("'", "''");
chaau 14-Nov-13 0:59am View
I do not have MySQL admin console on this PC, but if I had the first thing I tried was to try to connect to "" using "pesystem","tstcpe" credentials. Are you sure you want to post this information on the Internet?
chaau 12-Nov-13 18:30pm View
Just let me know if @@ERROR worked and I will update the solution
chaau 12-Nov-13 13:41pm View
I think in this case the try catch block will not be executed, as the severity of the error is too low. Try to use @@ERROR
chaau 12-Nov-13 9:59am View
If not the custom error, what error are you receiving?
chaau 12-Nov-13 9:54am View
What are you doing to generate the erroneous situation? Obviously it is not an integrity violation. Are you generating a deadlock situation?
chaau 6-Nov-13 23:32pm View
And how does it work on your PC? Via Outlook?
chaau 31-Oct-13 0:43am View
There is a way, using TOP. Is this your homework? If yes, please research. Hint: goggle "SQL pagination using TOP"
chaau 30-Oct-13 22:56pm View
Just wanted to add: if you want it in > sign pattern (like in your question) then use
print '1 '+replicate('0 1', @y)

(Basically, you do not need @x)
chaau 30-Oct-13 22:54pm View
BTW, your print space(@x)+replicate('1',@y)+replicate('1',@y+1) will produce the pattern like < sign (e.g. left-padded with spaces). Is this what you want? If yes, then modify the statement to this:
print space(@x)+'1 '+replicate('0 1', @y)
chaau 30-Oct-13 15:00pm View
Try to use CListCtrl. See if it is better.
chaau 28-Oct-13 23:18pm View
Why do you declare Point ordinates[v] inside for(). I think you need to declare Point ordinates[4], then run for() loop to ask for four coordinates and then construct your shapes outside the for() loop
chaau 28-Oct-13 1:46am View
Have you also tried to ask on stackoverflow? Expert-Exchange has your question.
chaau 23-Oct-13 19:59pm View
most likely the relationship between one of the table pairs is not one-to-one. It would be great if you show us some sample data and the output from the "store predure"
chaau 16-Oct-13 19:02pm View
BTW, have a look at TrackPopupMenuEx
The last parameter specifies an area of the screen the menu should not overlap. This parameter can be NULL. I guess if you specify the area outside your window menu is supposed to be displayed inside it
chaau 16-Oct-13 18:56pm View
What is pContextMenu? Is it CMenu? If not, why don't you do it manually using CMenu:
// the patient popup is stored in a resource
CMenu menu;
menu.LoadMenu(IDR_MENU); // load from the registry

CMenu* pPopup;
pPopup = menu.GetSubMenu(0);

pPopup->TrackPopupMenu(TPM_LEFTALIGN, ptMousePos.x, ptMousePos.y, this );
chaau 25-Sep-13 20:28pm View
Please try to escalate the question to a simpler one. Your post is way too long. TL;DR, sorry
chaau 18-Sep-13 2:31am View
Please read about and google for examples for the WSAAsyncSelect function. It works by the way of callbacks. I believe this is what you are after
chaau 18-Sep-13 2:20am View
and then copy it to vector(vector(vector))...
chaau 18-Sep-13 2:17am View
Sockets aside, Are you sure that these lines are ok:
szServerName = servername;
Didn't you want to initialise Port and szServerName as char[some number] use strcpy instead?
chaau 12-Sep-13 17:58pm View
Mike is right. Remove "set identity_insert #temp_tutor_details on" lines
Also, @to should be initialised like this: "set @to = @page * @pagesize"
chaau 12-Sep-13 0:38am View
distinct will produce the same result. Have a look at date_request
chaau 11-Sep-13 1:34am View
You need to group by UserId only. But you need to decide which values you want for other columns, like MAX(), MIN(), AVG(). You may also want the record with the last AchievedDate. In this case the approach will be slightly different
chaau 10-Sep-13 20:11pm View
Please check the compiler settings for your dll and the main program. Open project properties, navigate to C/C++->Code Generation. Check what Runtime Library is selected. Should be a Multi-Threaded one
chaau 10-Sep-13 20:00pm View
I believe it only happens in Debug builds. In release mode no messages will be displayed
chaau 21-Aug-13 20:46pm View
I think you need to use SetKeyboardState
chaau 25-Jun-13 20:01pm View
I have a chunk of code that I use in my application to change the permission of a registry key. It is Win32 C. If interested I can post it here
chaau 25-Jun-13 19:59pm View
What happens if you use just Today.ToString?
chaau 25-Jun-13 1:49am View
What happens if you right click on your application and select "Run As Administrator"?
chaau 25-Jun-13 1:20am View
If you just need the number of rows use this:
Set @countValue = (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Invoice)

If you really need to do this via the cursor use this:
Declare @countValue INT
Declare CUR_Invoice CURSOR FOR Select * From Invoice
OPEN CUR_Invoice
Set @countValue = 0;
While(@@FETCH STATUS = 0)
Set @countValue = @countValue + 1;
chaau 25-Jun-13 1:06am View
I do not understand what is the purpose of these two lines:
Set @countValue = @@ROWCOUNT;
What are you trying to count?
chaau 17-Jun-13 22:03pm View
It is not really clear what you have asked
chaau 17-Jun-13 0:46am View
How many rows do you have? Hundreds, Thousands, or Millions? For the first two cases you will not find any difference, and honestly you can use either of them. When you have millions of records, SELECT count(*) approach will not be very fast.
BTW, do not forget to clear SQL Server cache (DBCC FREEPROCCACHE) when checking the performance
chaau 13-Jun-13 19:19pm View
Just wondering what happens if you export the class as a fully qualified name together with the namespace. Also, it sounds a bit silly, but can you rename it to something not related to asm reserved names?
chaau 6-Jun-13 0:36am View
The third parameter in the Add method is not a value. It is a size for the string values
chaau 5-Jun-13 22:41pm View
That is fine. (whispering) The true solution would be to tell the OP about the square brackets
chaau 5-Jun-13 21:52pm View
Are you sure this is what you want. It is a very bad design. You will be better off if you put all the dates in a column and have a value associated with the date put in another column. You can always run PIVOT queries against the table to achieve the result in the desired format
chaau 5-Jun-13 21:43pm View
There is no overload with a string as a third parameter. Use:
.Add("@ApplicationDate", SqlDbType.DateTime)
chaau 5-Jun-13 2:38am View
I believe this is one of the modern "Windows 8 App" development guidelines from Microsoft using Visual Studio 2012
chaau 5-Jun-13 2:17am View
What have you tried? Hint: for fully matched you would use INNER JOIN, for unmatched you would use LEFT/RIGHT JOINs.
To compare using part of the strings you would use SUBSTRING.
Show us some code that you have written yourself, and we will help you
chaau 28-May-13 1:38am View
Show your code for:
word& operator=(const word& _Right)
chaau 30-Apr-13 0:49am View
have you searched this site? Search for a term "Mapi", I am pretty sure you will find a few articles
chaau 20-Mar-13 19:01pm View
I have updated the solution for you
chaau 13-Mar-13 21:05pm View
I suggest you monitor your program using a tool as easy accessible as task manager. In the task manager use View->Select Columns. There, select Thread Count, Handle Count, memory related columns, GDI Handles (I doubt they are involved). View the numbers when error happens. I bet one of them will be unusually high
chaau 9-Mar-13 6:57am View
yes, there was a typo. Forgot the closing bracket. Please check again
chaau 3-Mar-13 19:06pm View
The thing you want to achieve has nothing to do with sub-classing. All you need to do is to "hook" the WindowProc of the child view. To do so, in you mainframe, after you create the child views do the following:
WNDPROC wndproc = ViewProcInMainFrame;
_WndProc = (WNDPROC)SetWindowLongPtr(*pFrame, GWLP_WNDPROC, LONG_PTR(wndproc));
Where ViewProcInMainFrame is the function defined in the mainframe as follows:
LRESULT CALLBACK CMainFrame::ViewProcInMainFrame(HWND hwnd,
UINT uMsg,
WPARAM wParam,
LPARAM lParam)

But, I think, after you implement this solution, you will realise that it is too much hassle.
chaau 27-Feb-13 18:35pm View
I think in this case you just need to create the control message handlers inside your views. Then, just use

CMainFrame* pMainFrame = reinterpret_cast<cmainframe*>(theApp.GetMainWnd());

Something like this.
chaau 25-Feb-13 19:04pm View
usually this works fine. I used Access very often. It has some limitations. Have you tried to run this query in access Query Wizard (when you switch to SQL Design View)? Does it show any errors?
chaau 13-Feb-13 1:09am View
Why didn't you split the data in your code? Would have been much easier
chaau 13-Feb-13 0:43am View
this is how microsoft does the handling for WM_INITDIALOG. See, if you can apply it to your case

if (message == WM_INITDIALOG)
// special case for WM_INITDIALOG
CDialog* pDlg = DYNAMIC_DOWNCAST(CDialog, CWnd::FromHandlePermanent(hWnd));
if (pDlg != NULL)
return pDlg->OnInitDialog();
return 1;
return 0;

Anyway, why do you need to create your own DlgProc? I believe if you pass NULL values, the framework will take care of it
chaau 12-Feb-13 17:47pm View
Can you show your CMainDialog::DialogProc function implementation
chaau 7-Feb-13 0:33am View
I think CryptEncrypt depending on your BUFFERSIZE needs to be called in sequence until all chunks are encrypted
chaau 29-Jan-13 23:55pm View
There is no DATE(WEEKDAY, DateValue ) in my answer. I used DATENAME.
chaau 29-Jan-13 4:53am View
this is because you need to substitute the MyTable and the Users, as well as UserID in the query above with the real table names. I guess you have already designed and created a table that will hold the login information
chaau 28-Jan-13 19:17pm View
How is ReadJunk initialised?
chaau 24-Jan-13 23:47pm View
what kind of error do you see? Is it debug assertion error?
chaau 23-Jan-13 21:46pm View
are you sure you have data with this datetime value? Can you post here some example from your student table?
chaau 22-Jan-13 20:24pm View
looks like Google Translate could not handle such a complex question
chaau 22-Jan-13 19:17pm View
very cool: +10 points for posting an answer, and -16 for a downvote.
chaau 21-Jan-13 22:42pm View
the above solution will also match:
'SQL Server 2008 is the best'
'I hate SQL Server 2008'
chaau 6-Jan-13 19:34pm View
Please run unit tests and compare the results with your code for all possible values. I am not sure if it works as expected for the border values (when m_iCurrentStrip = 8, 16, 32, etc). If it's wrong, you may need to use min(m_iCurrentStrip / 8, NUM_UNITS - 1).
Also, please note, that the code does not validate the values of NUM_UNITS > 5 (same as your code). You may wish to consider including this check.
chaau 20-Dec-12 20:23pm View
BTW, it is a very good interview question. I recommend you learn more about this OVER PARTITION BY clause
chaau 20-Dec-12 20:22pm View
It is possible now. With the help of OVER PARTITION BY clause.I had to learn it myself just recently for a project I was working on.
chaau 20-Dec-12 20:11pm View
looks like I could finally post my solution. codeproject is slow today for some reason
chaau 20-Dec-12 20:05pm View
for some stupid reason I can't submit the solution.

select *
from dataset
order by row_number() over (partition by type_id order by value), type_id

SQL Fiddle:!3/0004d/17
chaau 19-Dec-12 22:00pm View
Please, please, please check the if statement again. Can you see extra brackets there? if(tmp()). This is not a test for a valid pointer, this is a call of the function "a", with the return value of which has been casted to int. If he needed to test that the pointer valid he would have to use if(tmp)
chaau 19-Dec-12 21:49pm View
why do you think it resolves to 0. I do not remember seeing it anywhere in C or C++ documentation
chaau 19-Dec-12 21:40pm View
Please do not post your questions as Solutions. Use "Have a Question or Comment" button instead
chaau 19-Dec-12 21:36pm View
be careful here. Someone downvotes the proper answers
chaau 19-Dec-12 21:34pm View
If you want to check the address of the function pointer, you need to change if(tmp()) to if(tmp). Otherwise, you are calling function "a" via the pointer tmp. Function a returns void. void gets converted to 0 in your compiler. BTW, who is that person who downvoted my answer? Please explain the reason for this.
chaau 19-Dec-12 21:29pm View
can you tell me why you believe that "a returning 0". What made you assume this?
chaau 19-Dec-12 21:26pm View
he is trying to cast void a() to int (*fun)(). So, different compilers treat void differently. MS thinks that void is true, GCC thinks that void is false.

Anyway, this is an unsafe casting, and needs to be fixed, as I suggested in my solution
chaau 13-Dec-12 16:16pm View
I do not understand what you are asking, but I noticed that this line is incorrect C syntax:
chaau 13-Dec-12 13:57pm View
have you replaced the "<=" with "<" I have suggested in #3? It is the core of your issues.
chaau 10-Dec-12 1:15am View
I think the problem is that you use the passed-in HINSTANCE as a first argument to the CreateDialog function. I think, in your ::CreateDialog(hInstance,MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDD_MEMORYCORNER),parent,DlgProc) line you need to replace hInstance with ::GetModuleHandle(NULL), so that the instance of the dll is used for the resource template
chaau 4-Dec-12 20:28pm View
what is stringvalue in your code?
chaau 29-Nov-12 19:42pm View
As a small guide, JEFT JOIN and RIGHT JOIN should be your starting points
chaau 26-Nov-12 17:04pm View
do you set pf2.cbSize = sizeof(PARAFORMAT2) somewhere in your code after ZeroMemory call? Have you tried using dySpaceBefore and dySpaceAfter instead?
chaau 14-Nov-12 23:25pm View
I think if you have an index on Name, the query will work very fast
chaau 14-Nov-12 20:25pm View
my five
chaau 12-Nov-12 16:47pm View
1. Can you clarify what is relativest and relativend, and where they are defined.
2. I do not believe it is a good idea to call drawing functions inside Mouse events. I think yon need to call Invalidate() within these events and do all the drawing within OnPaint()
3. Can you show where you defined and initialised sel and selind variables
chaau 12-Nov-12 16:37pm View
I do not believe count(*) where [FailureModels].[Id] = [PrimaryEvents].[FailureModels] is a valid SQL syntax. As the snorkie suggested, use COUNT([FailureModels].[Id]). Do not forget to add GROUP BY statement at the end of your query.
chaau 12-Nov-12 0:20am View
This is a trick to allow grouping by month. See, how the result magically become 'YYYYMM'
chaau 8-Nov-12 5:30am View
See this:
chaau 3-Nov-12 18:20pm View
you have specified many tags: C, C++, Visual Studio. What technology are you planning to use? strtok is C
chaau 3-Nov-12 17:21pm View
What is return value?

Return value

If the function succeeds, the return value is ERROR_SUCCESS.

If the function fails, the return value is a nonzero error code defined in Winerror.h. You can use the FormatMessage function with the FORMAT_MESSAGE_FROM_SYSTEM flag to get a generic description of the error.
chaau 3-Nov-12 6:17am View
What is the return code of RegCreateKeyEx, and what error code returned by GelLastError(). Do you also have a space between CurrentVersion and \\Policies in your code?
chaau 3-Nov-12 6:04am View
try this one:
RegCreateKeyEx(HKEY_CURRENT_USER, L"Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion \\Policies\\Explorer\\DisallowRun", 0, NULL, REG_OPTION_NON_VOLATILE, KEY_ALL_ACCESS, NULL, &hkey,0);
chaau 2-Nov-12 6:48am View
Please note that the user will still be able to copy/paste using the command prompt. As suggested above, you need to hook the CopyFile, MoveFile, and DeleteFile API functions. E.g. check this great article:
chaau 1-Nov-12 18:03pm View
Can you post separately the returns of these two select statements:

SELECT B.dbname AS [db_name], B.tblname AS [tbl_name], B.object_id
FROM [linkedserver].[dbo].[tableTime] AS B


SELECT A.idx AS [remoteCol_idx], A.object_id, AS [column_name], A.column_id
FROM [linkedserver].[dbo].[remoteColumns] AS A
chaau 1-Nov-12 17:10pm View
What do you mean by wrap? Do you want to call exported functions from that dll?
chaau 1-Nov-12 17:08pm View
What errors are you getting?
chaau 31-Oct-12 15:13pm View
No, you need to create this key (if it does not exist):


Then, for all programs that you need to disallow create string values, like this:

Please note these two things:
* The numbers should be consecutive
* You need to type the exe name.

Try TweakUI program, and see how it does. Then replicate the same in your program
chaau 31-Oct-12 5:59am View
Is spam filter working on this server?
chaau 29-Oct-12 7:39am View
The link you have provided is great. I still can't get my head around this correlated subquery business.
chaau 24-Oct-12 21:19pm View
Looks like trolling to me.
chaau 21-Oct-12 17:30pm View
I have updated the solution above
chaau 19-Oct-12 8:14am View
you're welcome. this function is from my program. I am using it for error reporting. You can use it in your program as well
chaau 18-Oct-12 18:52pm View
Also, do not forget Alt-Space + X combination. It does some magic things
chaau 18-Oct-12 18:50pm View
it could happen very easily. Sometimes when click on "Show Desktop" icon in Windows, all the windows get minimised, even those with the popups. If you start clicking on the minimised windows in the taskbar, and if you are fast enough in clicking, the windows re-open in some bizarre way (maximised, or full screen). That's probably what happened
chaau 16-Oct-12 15:16pm View
I just showed you a trick you could use. You do not need to use it in every case, because it may affect the performance when SQL will try to optimise the query. In your case, I think you could just join the tables similar to this:

SELECT Table_3.GroupId, Table_1.Id, Table_1.Word, Table_1.Description
FROM Table_3, Table_1
Table_3.GroupID = @GroupID
AND Table_1.GroupID = Table_3.GroupID
AND Table_1.Id <> @ExcludedItem
AND Table_1.Id NOT IN (SELECT SimilarWordID FROM Table_2 WHERE WordId = @ExcludedItem)
AND Table_1.Id NOT IN (SELECT WordId FROM Table_2 WHERE SimilarWordID = @ExcludedItem)
Order BY Table_3.GroupID
chaau 16-Oct-12 6:59am View
Just remember that SQL allows for a little trick. If you grab a working select statement (no matter how complicated it is) and enclose the whole statement in the brackets it will automatically become a view (or a temp table if you are more confident with them) that can be manipulated further (like joined to other tables, or grouped). You can also assign an alias for this view.

For the example above you can do this:
(SELECT Id, Word, Description
FROM Table_1
WHERE Id <> @ExcludedItem
AND Id NOT IN (SELECT SimilarWordID FROM Table_2 WHERE WordId = @ExcludedItem)
AND Id NOT IN (SELECT WordId FROM Table_2 WHERE SimilarWordID = @ExcludedItem)
) AS A

OR you can use the view for joins with other tables:

SELECT Id, Word, Description
FROM Table_1
WHERE Id <> @ExcludedItem
AND Id NOT IN (SELECT SimilarWordID FROM Table_2 WHERE WordId = @ExcludedItem)
AND Id NOT IN (SELECT WordId FROM Table_2 WHERE SimilarWordID = @ExcludedItem)
) AS A
WHERE Table_3.Id = A.Id
AND Table_3.GroupId = @GroupId
Order BY Table_3.GroupID

etc. If you need more help with that, just give us more details about your GroupID and we can build a statement for you
chaau 15-Oct-12 20:17pm View
Ok, you asked a question, and you posted the solution to yourself.
You asked a question how to retrieve excluded records, and posting the solution how to retrieve included items.
What exactly did you want?
chaau 14-Oct-12 18:40pm View
Try replacing the line:

if(hWndMain) ::SendMessage(hWndMain, WM_SHOWWINDOW, SW_HIDE, 0);


::ShowWindow(hWndMain, SW_HIDE);

See my updated solution
chaau 11-Oct-12 1:00am View
are you sure that you have the right file? my afxwin.h does not contain a symbol called exception.
chaau 10-Oct-12 14:51pm View
yes, but in this case you will be able to SetWindowPos(hAtl, HWND_TOPMOST, 0, 0, 0, 0, SWP_NOMOVE|SWP_NOSIZE).
Also, when creating the hAtl, try to replace WS_CHILD to WS_POPUP
chaau 9-Oct-12 20:37pm View
Yes, but is he calling reza() function before price() within the same process? He might expect that calling the function within the exe will bring the value to "other platform(Metatrader)" (whatever it means)
chaau 9-Oct-12 17:44pm View
Where do you initialise your global variable pp? What exact line of code you use?
chaau 9-Oct-12 17:43pm View
I think this can be achieved through AppLocker There are also PS script commands for it.
However, this works only for Windows 7 and 2008
chaau 9-Oct-12 6:42am View
I think this question will be best answered here:
chaau 9-Oct-12 0:42am View
It would be great if you could provide more information: e.g. error codes during compilation
chaau 23-Sep-12 18:54pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
thanks mate. nice little trick