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Brij 12-Dec-14 6:05am View
Remove both and and have you code like

Brij 7-Oct-13 3:38am View
Yes!! got busy on other priorities.. answer in forums when get a chance :)
Brij 7-Oct-13 2:05am View
Can you post code for Checkfiles here? Also check if Checkfiles is fired on cancel button?
Brij 16-Sep-13 2:47am View
No! from Javascript you cannot access file system
Brij 11-Sep-13 6:05am View
Put the above javascript code in your child window. This should be fired when your child window unloaded/closed
Brij 27-Aug-13 9:18am View
Seems you've asked wrong question. Seems you are trying to access A.BindData() from master page code behind. Am I right?
Brij 27-Aug-13 7:18am View
I am not sure what is the actual issue. If you can access a user control's method from B.aspx. Similar way you can access if B.aspx uses any master page.

Where did you register user control. and from where you are trying to call it method?
Brij 27-Aug-13 3:38am View
did you try using row data bound? Change the command name at row data bound based on your logic
Brij 27-Aug-13 1:53am View
Can you share more details and code snippet?
Brij 16-Aug-13 3:38am View
You can schedule the SQL trace as well that will run accordingly and later you can go and check the logs.
Brij 30-Jul-13 6:11am View
You can do it by javascript. You can try by using onfocus="" or similar
Brij 30-Jul-13 5:45am View
autopostback is not a feature of html control. It is provided by server controls only. so either use controls or intiate an ajax call from html textbox.

For controls created via jaavscript, you need to maintain this info in some hidden variable and assign the focus once back else this should not be a problem of controls maintains the focus
Brij 29-Jul-13 5:11am View
If there are different update panels (without any overlapping)then it should work, but the best way is if you can initiate some client side ajax call (like jquery ajax) and get the data from server and display at client side using javascript
Brij 29-Jul-13 3:12am View
So you want to create checkboxlist based on data on the fly. There could be many way. A standard one, connect to server via jquery ajax and get the data in json format. Now iterate the data at Client side and create the checkbox list. A clue how to create the dom elements on the fly
Brij 29-Jul-13 2:48am View
Are you sure that you are intiating ajax calls from differnt update panels? From single update panel, it would not work.
Brij 16-Jul-13 2:37am View
How are sedning the data to UI?
Brij 5-Feb-13 1:31am View
You code is wrong. Request.QueryString["ReturnUrl"] would return null if it is not there and you cannot use ToString() on null objects. So have a check like
if (Request.QueryString["ReturnUrl"] != null)
string retrnurl = Request.QueryString["ReturnUrl"].ToString();

Brij 21-Jan-13 3:56am View
Are you facing this issue on only few systems? It is on your first page only or on some specific page?
Brij 23-Nov-11 2:32am View
How are you showing alert messages. Can you post the code snippet
Brij 2-Aug-11 1:26am View
Good Call. 5ed
Brij 25-Jul-11 3:44am View
You can create a windows service. Or another simple way, create some console application that read the data save in the database. test it properly. And schedule this exe on your server using windows scheduler.
Brij 29-Jun-11 4:51am View
Brij 21-Jun-11 10:50am View
You can get it by document.activeElement in your java script code
Brij 21-Jun-11 10:31am View
Thanks Charles!! You are absolutely correct.
Brij 21-Jun-11 9:54am View
I don't agree with your comments. One cannot force somebody to learn and its just his/her choice to learn.
What you expect the answer? When the Internet flooded with similar kind of question and Answer. Why to write one again. OP should've find it him/herself.
Might be due to some problem, s/he could not find/map the exact answer, So I provided.
If you have sourcecode, you can learn easily if want and if not, nobody can make you to start learn
Brij 21-Jun-11 9:18am View
Are you trying from codebehind? do you have the path of file?
Brij 29-May-11 8:43am View
Yes it's free. But they have premium version which have some extra feature and have support. But free version normally suffice the purpose.
Brij 2-May-11 7:07am View
Your code is not looking complete
Brij 2-May-11 6:24am View
Is there any specific requirement to use Session to store the count. I think Application variable is enough.
Brij 29-Apr-11 16:00pm View
one way ..querystring or session etc..
Brij 21-Apr-11 3:29am View
What is your question. Do you want the mobile number where it belongs? Or looking for the mobile number tracker kinda things, means currently, where is the mobile number(current location)?
Brij 20-Apr-11 6:30am View
did you implemented IRequiresSessionState interface in the handler. Without this, you would not be able to access..
If after doing doing this, you are not getting the session data, means there is saome other problem. I have used in this way so many times. try accessing session in any page and check whether it is accessible?
Brij 20-Apr-11 6:06am View
Thnaks :)
Brij 9-Mar-11 5:20am View
Have a look to the link It will help you
Brij 5-Mar-11 11:39am View
did you try google. you will get a lot of tutorials there
Brij 16-Jan-11 0:42am View
Thanks Man!!
Brij 15-Jan-11 11:49am View
Add your comments using "Add Comments" feature not add it as an answer
Brij 15-Jan-11 9:40am View
I didn't get you.If you want to generate the items dynamically, based on database then You can bind your checkboxlist to a datatable and assign the properties DataTextField, DataValueField with the specific column names of datatable. So now your each checkbox will be having name and value according to the data in datatable.
else you can add the checkbox item in the checkboxlist at design time only.
Brij 29-Dec-10 22:58pm View
You are right.I missed that one :(
Brij 29-Dec-10 2:51am View
Add the form tag in master page and remove it from content pages. A rendered page can have only one form tag. So you need to put onlu in master or content page.As per your requirement , you need to put it into master page.
Brij 29-Dec-10 2:39am View
Brij 29-Dec-10 1:07am View
Did you try to debug the code?
e.Item.FindControl("Label3") must be returning null. Means not able to find?
Brij 28-Dec-10 14:00pm View
Dont add comment/question as an answer. Use "Add Comment" feature instead.
Brij 27-Dec-10 3:01am View
Please add your comment using "Add Comment feature", not as new answer
Brij 26-Dec-10 22:56pm View
Thanks :)
Brij 26-Dec-10 14:30pm View
Don't add your comment as answer, use Add Comment feature instead
Brij 26-Dec-10 1:25am View
Don,t add your comment as an answer. Better use add comment feature, and add it to the answer which helped you
Brij 25-Dec-10 5:02am View
Good Answer
Brij 24-Dec-10 13:14pm View
what do you mean by at runtime? Have the extender at your page and open it whenever required. or Can you explain your problem in bit detail?
Brij 21-Dec-10 13:03pm View
like a simple string.As your first function would be like
string jsscript=" <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
var edited = function(note) {
alert('Edited note with id '" + + "', new text is: '" + note.text"');
}; </script>"

something as above.And add more code as per required and register it
Brij 21-Dec-10 12:59pm View
did formating
Brij 21-Dec-10 9:12am View
Added in my answer.
Brij 21-Dec-10 8:36am View
do you want through javascript i e client side or server side?
Brij 21-Dec-10 2:39am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Nice one Sandeep!! This is very common problem for developers.It will help them lot!!
Brij 20-Dec-10 10:49am View
Whether this dropdown is in some template?
Brij 19-Dec-10 7:58am View
As the error says, This occurs only if "There is no source code available for current location". Here yo are using ADODB.Recordset and the statement rec_ddas_Feedback.EOF, if there is no pdbs available for the assembly then you will not be able to debug.
Brij 19-Dec-10 4:40am View
Your welcome :)
Brij 18-Dec-10 8:11am View
Where did you try to put the string in textbox, using javascript or at server side code
Brij 15-Dec-10 6:07am View
you need to change the decalaration of your function as check(sender,args) and set args.IsValid = false;, where you showing alert. I added the check method in my answer
Brij 15-Dec-10 5:35am View
Good.if your issue is resoled then accept it as answer.
Brij 14-Dec-10 1:54am View
I think you got me wrong. I mean after retrieving data from DB, make a ADO.NET datatable with required columns and update the data in that table. There are various ways to do this. Let me know, if your query still exists
Brij 11-Dec-10 10:21am View
Just have a look to my sample. It'll give a clue regarding your problem.Try defining all the parameters in you jQuery Ajax call
Brij 11-Dec-10 1:43am View
Question is for Gridview. Gridview has no event as Item_Bound
Brij 7-Dec-10 4:04am View
Are you trying disable the minmize button of Popup?
Brij 6-Dec-10 2:33am View
Did you try to debug it. Whether your validation gets fired?
Brij 3-Dec-10 8:21am View
We can not remove the entry entirely from the page.Because ASP.NET uses it for its own purposes also.
Brij 3-Dec-10 4:02am View
Thanks Dalek
Brij 30-Nov-10 2:41am View
There is very good article, that talks about getting location of an IP and available free service. Have a look
Brij 26-Nov-10 9:07am View
Are you trying to find at Client side?
Brij 26-Nov-10 8:50am View
First, please add your question in comment. and you can some html page in iframe. You can put iframe in contentplaceholder of the master page
Brij 25-Nov-10 5:14am View
I think, you got something wrong. Here your functions checkEmpty and checkOK should return true or false. If it returns true , then there will be postback after execution of the JS method and if it returns false, then there will be no postback after it
Brij 22-Nov-10 8:25am View
You question is not clear. what do you mean by 'create sub class in'.Can you elaborate bit more?
Brij 20-Nov-10 6:35am View
Is your SmtpClient is properly configured?
Brij 20-Nov-10 6:01am View
in which format your image is stored in db?
Brij 15-Nov-10 7:21am View
it will be better if access the client id as <%= hid1201.ClientID %>
Brij 31-Oct-10 12:01pm View
Can you more elaborate
Brij 27-Oct-10 3:48am View
There is problem in exception. try ddebug and check. Also post the details of exception
Brij 25-Oct-10 8:19am View
your welcome. Please mark answer as accepted answer. Yopu can also visit my articles. Some of them may be helpful for you
Brij 25-Oct-10 5:36am View
Each application is run in its own application domain, which is created by the runtime server. Each application domain is isolated from every other application domain.
So as per your question. There will be 2 app domains. one for Site A and another for Site B.
also, Since each application is independent from any other application, this also means that each application has its own independent configuration and control structures
Brij 25-Oct-10 4:48am View
Yes, because we can deploy multiple application on a single Application Pool. Every application has a differernt AppDomain. And multiple Appdomain can reside in a single AppPool.
Brij 25-Oct-10 4:07am View
Yes you are right. Thanks
Brij 24-Oct-10 4:58am View
I have worked with your given scenario and it works perfectly fine.Post your code that will help in giving solution.
Brij 21-Oct-10 14:43pm View
At a time single HttpApplication object handles a single request, it may need multiple objects, to cater multiple requests at single point of time. New object is only created when, there is no object or no one is free
Brij 21-Oct-10 2:20am View
Pls share your web.config setting for the same
Brij 21-Oct-10 1:45am View
Elaborate your question..
Brij 20-Oct-10 9:59am View
Your question is not clear. Please elaborate it.
Brij 19-Oct-10 5:28am View
Are you using ASP.NET calender?
Brij 19-Oct-10 4:06am View
Debug the code, might be connection is getting closed somehow.
Brij 18-Oct-10 23:31pm View
Better you read the requirement. Do some brainstorming. We are here to solve your technical problem , not to specify your requirement.
Brij 18-Oct-10 12:10pm View
Brij 18-Oct-10 8:53am View
Thanks Dalek.
Brij 18-Oct-10 3:24am View
Please post your code , then it'll be better to answer
Brij 17-Oct-10 23:24pm View
You can get the previus page by Request.UrlReferrer.LocalPath property. What else you are looking for?
Brij 16-Oct-10 11:20am View
I copied your code and able to find cboCourses and btnEnroll at codebehind.
Brij 15-Oct-10 12:51pm View
I dont know, what are you trying to achieve from this. Because this process will run on server and will open the file on server.I mean this process would not run on the client machines, for where your application is accessed
Brij 13-Oct-10 2:52am View
Your question is not clear. What do you mean by 'when i click a button total database is update with host web application database '. If you are poining to same database from web and windows application,then from either will reflect in DB
Brij 12-Oct-10 14:01pm View
What do you mean by 'multiple add in single click any button'. What are you adding and where?
Brij 12-Oct-10 13:00pm View
You get this error when you try to connect to a computer on a specific port and the host computer is not listening for any request on that port.Try if that port is listening
Brij 12-Oct-10 9:30am View
Can you post your code? It will help us to answer better
Brij 12-Oct-10 2:31am View
Your question is not clear. where do you want to put dropdownlist? Inside gridview?
Brij 11-Oct-10 12:24pm View
Your problem resolved? Comment the line HttpContext.Current.ApplicationInstance.CompleteRequest(), then try
Brij 9-Oct-10 4:04am View
It should not happen. Debug your code, you might get the cause.
Brij 7-Oct-10 12:21pm View
Not in spam also :(. also you can add me on GTalk at id ''
Brij 7-Oct-10 12:10pm View
I didn't get any mail from you.You can send me on my id: again, then I'll check it.
Brij 7-Oct-10 10:37am View
Are you talking about Session expired?
Brij 6-Oct-10 14:40pm View
I dont know your actual requirement. You need th eindex on another page. So , you can pass the index by querystring to another page and using this key, you can fetch the value from session.
Brij 26-Sep-10 12:48pm View
Gridview is for display purpose. How can you insert records through gridview.For insertion,you need a seperate form But surely you can update, delete multiples. Have checkbox to every row. User selects the rows update if required and give a button to take appropriate action.
Brij 22-Sep-10 13:04pm View
I didn't get your comment.
Brij 18-Sep-10 15:27pm View
Still not clear. Are you saying, you site webpage would be download as in form of pdf or word etc..?
Brij 18-Sep-10 2:33am View
Your question is not very clear. You are doing search from DB or from Inmemory data?
Brij 14-Sep-10 4:01am View
From where, you are calling this registered script
Brij 7-Sep-10 3:27am View
I tried your code. it is working fine
Brij 31-Aug-10 11:03am View
Thanks Dylan. My requirent to validate the user entry/string to validate according to javascript variable naming suggestions else a error message to be shown.
Little wierd validation but asked by client :(.Have to implement.
Brij 7-Aug-10 9:12am View
I don't think that nested repeater can be visible in design view.
Brij 4-Aug-10 3:50am View
What is this? I didn't get you
Brij 28-Jun-10 2:32am View
Thanks Sandeep:).
Brij 31-May-10 9:09am View
I think there is a major flaw in your code.
First in pageload you need to create a column in the datatable like
taskTable.Columns.Add("CompanyName", typeof(string));
for all columns.
Another thing I observed that some time you are binding the data to the dataset that you got from DB and few times you are binding from session table.
I didn't get the exact requirement.
For reference on rowupdating, have a look on the link
Brij 11-May-10 3:51am View
There are few articles available for sesssion and caching and also for deployment I have written few. Have a look to following links it'll give very clear picture about all.

Hope it'll help you