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rspercy65 5-Jul-13 16:39pm View    
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Up-voted from 2 to 5
rspercy65 4-Jul-13 10:36am View    
Reason for my vote of 2 \n No source code or legitimate site to download from.
rspercy65 29-Sep-12 14:51pm View    
Is there anybody of the 9 million plus user in here that knows the correct way to use
Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly()GetManifestResourceStream(embeddedResource) in any Visual studio version(2005 to 2012) in VB. I have googled around 30+ pages and no one seams to know how to do this. I have used Ildasm on my app to get the correct assembly and file name. I can retrieve it but it will not pass to the myStream variable. In all versions of, this is all the same. I am beginning to think that it does not work at all.
rspercy65 28-Sep-12 3:39am View    
The Using...End Using is recognized in VB
rspercy65 5-Sep-12 20:44pm View    
I used my converter to covert the code(Mash-Up Code Converter) here on CP. I will be changing a few things in my converter now and re-posting it.