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Seraph_summer 23-May-17 15:26pm View    
thank you for your help first of all, however, I really can not find it, just have a look at the MSDN webpage for UWP rectangel:
I think this page should cover all the events for rectangle, can you find any mouse events?
Seraph_summer 22-May-17 15:12pm View    
I can not find mouseenter and mouseleave event.
instead GotFocus and LostFocus events are availabel, however, they do not work.
Seraph_summer 27-Jun-16 7:15am View    
I found one stupid solution as follows

string[] textsplit = ComBoxTest.SelectedItem.ToString().Split(':');
if (textsplit.Length>1)

but, I really want to understand the root cause or mechanism here. Can it be a bug? I do not think so.
Seraph_summer 27-Jun-16 7:05am View    
really, then it is more strange here. I have tried with both VS2015 community version on Win10 and VS2013 express version on Win7. It shows the same problem.
Have you tried exactly the same code as mine?
Seraph_summer 27-Jun-16 6:13am View    
you can easily try it in WPF by spending some minutes.