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Pascal Ganaye 19-Jun-17 9:40am View
Pascal Ganaye 16-Oct-13 13:07pm View
What is the source of the line 431 in E:\Synergy\ROCS\ROCS_SourceCode\ROCS\Global.asax.vb
The system tells you the error occurs there.
It could well be that something within that line returns null only on the new server.
Pascal Ganaye 16-Oct-13 9:54am View
Your question is hard to follow.
You says "How does checked items in listview can still be visible after I'm saving it"
As I see it, nowhere in your code you are removing items from lvsettings.
You are only turning on the check box.
Pascal Ganaye 17-Nov-12 10:37am View
Well worth a five and my gratitude.
Pascal Ganaye 17-Nov-12 5:34am View
I agree with you this is super fast.

I thought of the compilation phase.
In fact you can see in the code that I call copyUsingADynamicMethod once before starting the Stopwatch.
By the time I start the stopwatch, the code has already been compiled and run once.

I did find out why it is 4 time slower. It has to do with anonymous assemblies that triggers more control from .NET 4 framework. I wonder if they upload them somewhere for a quick NSA Check?
Pascal Ganaye 26-Jun-12 16:03pm View
Yes you can create more than one sheet.
From memory:
sheet1 = oWB.Sheets.Add("Sheet1");
sheet2 = oWB.Sheets.Add("Sheet2");
Then something like
sheet1.Cells[1,2].Font.Bold = True;
I am sure it works but not of the syntax (and I don't have Excel here).
Pascal Ganaye 26-Jun-12 8:48am View
Without being able to see what's going it is hard to tell.
I you can write some source I'll try to see what's wrong.
Pascal Ganaye 25-Jun-12 16:16pm View
Just for the record those are your actual tables not temp-tables.
Pascal Ganaye 25-Jun-12 15:25pm View
The c++ IStream has no method for filepath.
Some person have managed to get to the path using the file handle but this is nasty.
Pascal Ganaye 23-Jun-12 17:19pm View
your logic seems right.
You should make a simple page and if it still do it post it here.
Pascal Ganaye 23-Jun-12 7:57am View
Rather than downvoting the people who are trying to help you, you should tell them why you're not happy with their answer.
Pascal Ganaye 21-Jun-12 9:14am View
Pascal Ganaye 1-Jun-12 3:53am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Please add your own versions.
I'd like a bit of input there.
Pascal Ganaye 6-Dec-11 11:28am View
I am not sure, I'd say perhaps, you're not running the program or visual studio as administrator. Or perhaps it is a filesystem that doesn't implement this method. Is it a Fat32 filesystem or a network drive?
Pascal Ganaye 8-Nov-11 9:22am View
It is looking very much like homework to me.
I am afraid it would be unethical, you got to put a bit of effort into this before asking for hel.