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Comments by Matt Cavanagh (Top 4 by date)

Matt Cavanagh 4-Apr-11 4:58am View    
Did you manage to convert HTML to PDF using ABCpdf? If so, am I using the right method(AddImageToChain)?
Matt Cavanagh 4-Jan-11 1:05am View    
Looks perfect, thank you :D
Matt Cavanagh 30-Sep-10 11:22am View    
I am using the full VS 2010.
I have not knowingly installed SQLServer2008 or R2 - but it may have got installed by the MS web installer at some point. I will try the LightSwitch solution firstly. After you had installed LS were you able to read a previously made db file? As in, will I be able to access this one that is already created or only ones created from now on?
Matt Cavanagh 4-Sep-10 6:17am View    
I'm an idiot for not thinking of that, thanks :D