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Subrata.In 20-Jun-23 1:21am View    
Thanks everyone for valuable comments. I have no issue on code. Just want to know, if I send sms from my app (which is not default app for sms), will it violet any rule? If yes, how to send sms?
Subrata.In 3-Aug-21 12:14pm View    
Thanks for your reply. I try to connect using IP address (and also added port number). Also checked firewall. I added allow rules, where I specify server IP.
Subrata.In 12-May-20 22:52pm View    
Thank you so much. It solve my problem.
Subrata.In 13-Nov-19 6:40am View    
Thanks for your suggestion. I will try...
Subrata.In 25-Feb-19 13:47pm View    
As I say earlier, I have no idea about this. So, I want to get information from where I can get some information or who are doing this? Is there any private player or directly done by RBI?