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Ankur\m/ 18-Apr-18 1:48am View
And how have you hooked up the click event?
Ankur\m/ 16-Apr-18 8:18am View
The code in "What I have Tried" section seems correct. Can you share how you are calling it?
Ankur\m/ 16-Apr-18 8:14am View
Check the post url in web developer tool of any browser. Url seems incorrect.
Ankur\m/ 16-Apr-18 8:11am View
This should help -
Ankur\m/ 6-Dec-16 10:15am View
You are absolutely correct! I mostly work with datetime datatype so have a habit of using it like this. I shall change that from now onwards. And I have also updated my solution. Thank you!
Ankur\m/ 10-Oct-16 7:54am View
Happens with just one project or all the projects? Could be some plugin. Could also be some external resource that your project may be trying to load.
Ankur\m/ 7-Sep-16 13:48pm View
Okay. Now is your select statement working? Ordering won't work yet as you do not have ORDER BY statement at the end of your query.
Ankur\m/ 7-Sep-16 11:52am View
I am sorry, I meant [Date]. So, [Date] is column in rawdata whose data type is varchar. Right?
Ankur\m/ 7-Sep-16 11:24am View
You didn't get me. convert(varchar,convert(date, [Date], 103),101) between @StartDate and @EndDate).
What is date here (highlighted with bold)? A column in your table?
Ankur\m/ 7-Sep-16 11:15am View
What is "[Date]" in this line of query - and convert(varchar,convert(date, [Date], 103),101) between @StartDate and @EndDate)?
Is it current date time or a column from rawdata table? If it's a column, what is its data type?
Ankur\m/ 15-Jul-16 6:41am View
Web Forms is ASP.NET, MVC is a newer technology for developing web application. Both are used quite a lot in the industry. I would suggest you start learning MVC as it's new. Get a book or start with some basic tutorials. Google whenever you have a doubt.
Ankur\m/ 15-Jul-16 6:31am View
You are right, ~ cannot be used in CSS files. You can specify a relative path in your CSS files. For example say, your CSS files are inside a CSS folder placed at same location as images folder, you can give path as ../images/abc.jpg in your css file to refer the images inside images folder.
Ankur\m/ 15-Jul-16 5:11am View
Sorry for late reply but I just saw your post.
You might have to use AsyncFileUpload in AjaxControllToolkit (3rd answer in the above mentioned link). If that doesn't help, try using jQuery file upload plugin.
Ankur\m/ 18-Mar-16 8:22am View
That's right because that corresponds to your website directory.
Ankur\m/ 15-Feb-16 5:02am View
Sorry for the late reply. Have come here after a long time.
Take a look here -
Found by searching -
Ankur\m/ 16-Dec-15 5:10am View
Sorry that Google link doesn't help.
Ankur\m/ 16-Dec-15 5:04am View
There is a .net api for it. Check out their docs.
Ankur\m/ 7-Oct-15 5:04am View
This is pure SQL and there is no C# or ASP.NET to it. I have added SQL-Server tag to the question so that the SQL people can help you.
Ankur\m/ 28-Jul-15 2:21am View
Glad to be of help.
Ankur\m/ 28-May-15 8:30am View
Didn't see your answer when I started writing mine. This is the way it is done. 5!
Ankur\m/ 28-May-15 7:00am View
So you haven't seem to declare your variable.
It should be like
boxed __Boxed local6 = (System.ValueType) dateTime.Month;
Ankur\m/ 30-Apr-15 6:48am View
That's how I would also go about finding the issue. You can post this as an answer.
Ankur\m/ 30-Apr-15 6:22am View
Did you try Google search? If not, I strongly recommend giving it a try. You will be amazed by the help it offers you.
Here you go -
Ankur\m/ 30-Apr-15 6:18am View
The are lot of converters available online. this is the one I have used a lot in the past. It's an online tool and will change the code for you in seconds. This one's from Telerik -
Ankur\m/ 27-Apr-15 8:10am View
See if you get something here -
Ankur\m/ 27-Apr-15 5:56am View
What is the error message?
Ankur\m/ 27-Apr-15 5:36am View
You will need to set Culture of your site to the language you want.
You have given very less detail for us to answer specifically.
Ankur\m/ 15-Jan-15 1:54am View
7 minutes is way too much. So is 3-4 minutes. Or did you mean "seconds"?
And did changing timeout worked?
Ankur\m/ 14-Jan-15 7:24am View
Do you mean you just need to extract the numeric part and compare them?
Ankur\m/ 14-Jan-15 7:12am View
Really?! There is so much of help available on the internet. Do a search!
Ankur\m/ 14-Jan-15 7:08am View
I ran your code with dummy username and password (and commenting few lines like show messagebox) and it works fine for me. Put the code in try catch and see the exact error details. If it's timeout, set the timeout to a big value and check again.
Ankur\m/ 15-Dec-14 5:27am View
Homework / Interview question?
Ankur\m/ 9-Dec-14 8:06am View
In the link there, the user is asking how to set ASP.NET Session variable using jQuery. There is a better solution provided to the question instead of using Session variable there.

Note - Use reply link to reply to a comment. Hitting 'Have a Question of Comment' won't notify the commenter you are replying to.
Ankur\m/ 9-Dec-14 7:46am View
Yeah, Server Cache it is because I did force refresh on my browser before re-voting.
Ankur\m/ 9-Dec-14 7:41am View
I understand and that is why I up-voted the answer. But for some reason I don't see the vote. Voting again!
Ankur\m/ 9-Dec-14 7:31am View
Correct except that he is already selecting @CheckType in the query and doesn't need to do that again. Up-voted!
Ankur\m/ 9-Dec-14 7:23am View
I did some tests and as I said, your computation method is faster. But that is noticeable for very high values of n.
Anyways my answer was a suggestion on how to go about the solution. I never wrote any code and left that for the user to do. Once he was able to write a solution, optimization would have been the next step. I am sure there are other faster methods of calculations than what you have suggested. Level of optimization depends on the type of application one is building.

You were too fast to vote the answer and I think the answer doesn't deserve a down-vote (reasons mentioned above).
Ankur\m/ 9-Dec-14 2:31am View
I just saw your answer again. You are also returning string. That is not asked.
Ankur\m/ 9-Dec-14 2:22am View
And that is what I suggested. First thing I said was to create a method to calculate factorial of a number. And then depending on the expression, next approach should be decided.
Ankur\m/ 9-Dec-14 2:10am View
Okay in this specific scenario, the code can be further optimized by multiplying the current number to the last factorial found. But I think the time taken for calculation in both the methods will be same unless this is done for very high value of n. I will do a test and post the results.
Ankur\m/ 9-Dec-14 2:01am View
And you writing code for him isn't going to make him learn. Let him try and show what he did and where he got stuck. Then you could have helped him with that.
Ankur\m/ 9-Dec-14 1:59am View
No it is not. For every factorial related series you are gonna write a new code? You have done everything inside one method. I suggested the same thing to be segregated. The time taken for calculation in both the technique will be same.
Ankur\m/ 9-Dec-14 1:56am View
I already described this technique in my answer. Let him try. You writing code for him isn't going to help him.
Ankur\m/ 9-Dec-14 1:54am View
Your solution isn't "Reusable". Reusability principle says that you should create methods for reusable codes.
Code to find a Factorial will be same. So you can create a method for it and you don't need to write it every time a new type of expression is given.
Ankur\m/ 9-Dec-14 1:30am View
Okay I will move it to answer then. It will help others searching for similar questions.
You can also ask any specific questions there after you have tried.
Ankur\m/ 9-Dec-14 1:28am View
He needs to calculate factorial for a given series. He doesn't have to create a "string". I can be sure of this because he replied to my comment where I suggested him on how to go about it.
Ankur\m/ 9-Dec-14 1:25am View
I remember I was also curious about it and searched the web to find the answer some couple of years ago.
Correct answer... 5!
Ankur\m/ 9-Dec-14 1:22am View
I am not sure of the limit but that shouldn't bother you. Don't create a query with a lot of nested queries, that's not a good practice and is hard to understand and maintain.
Ankur\m/ 9-Dec-14 1:17am View
Write a method that calculates factorial of a given number. That's the most important thing. Next step is to find the value of a given expression. If it's just calculating the factorial 4 times, call the method 4 times. If it's some kind of series, write another method where you will pass 'n' where n is the number till which the factorial will be calculated. In this method you will call the first method you wrote n times.
You gotta BEGIN first.
Ankur\m/ 9-Dec-14 0:53am View
You could have saved yourself a lot of time if you would have Googled it. Most probably that's what the answerer did to answer the question. Please search before you ask.
Ankur\m/ 9-Dec-14 0:49am View
Have you declared the variable @PAIDSTATUS in your query? And then you are trying to use it in a dynamic query and you want it's value? Am I right?
Ankur\m/ 8-Dec-14 7:42am View
The question has been changed quite a lot in the edit. Now it's more of a JavaScript task.
Ankur\m/ 8-Dec-14 7:24am View
Check if you have EnableViewState set to true for the drop downs or not.
You should also put a debugger and see if the DataSource for DDL2 is set or not while you are calling DataBind.
Ankur\m/ 5-Dec-14 6:16am View
To me it seems like a Google search result for your error message.
Ankur\m/ 5-Dec-14 6:13am View
There is a discussion board at the end of the article. You can post your question there. Please be specific and describe what exactly is not working.
Also there are many more discussions in the Google search result. Read them and try. Of course most of the solutions provided there are already used by programers.
Ankur\m/ 27-Nov-14 5:44am View
How many rows does your query return? Can you also post complete stacktrace?
Ankur\m/ 27-Nov-14 4:47am View
That's way too basic. You should get a book and start learning instead of solving problems by asking here.
Ankur\m/ 11-Nov-14 4:59am View
I refer the same for datetime conversions. It's pretty comprehensive. 5!
Ankur\m/ 11-Nov-14 4:58am View
The question is tagged SQL and not C#
Ankur\m/ 11-Nov-14 4:30am View
Google is your friend:
Ankur\m/ 11-Nov-14 4:15am View
The result is correct. Union will give you that only. If there is no relation between these two resultset you cannot get them in one result.
What are you exactly trying to do.
PS: Use reply link of a comment to reply to it. Clicking 'Have a Question of Comment' won't notify the user.
Ankur\m/ 11-Nov-14 3:57am View
How are you storing your session? InProc or SQL / State server? Are the two applications in same domain?
Ankur\m/ 28-Oct-14 5:57am View
Use IE JavaScript debugger to see where it is breaking.
Ankur\m/ 1-Aug-14 8:55am View
When you ask a question here, the guideline displayed on the right clearly says (point 2): "have you searched or Googled?".
The user has exact error message with him. A simple Google search gives so many discussions already on the error. Moreover Google is smart enough to show the most relevant and best ones in the very first page. Most issues have already been faced by people and the programmer community have already discussed them and shared the solutions. My point is - a simple search would have helped him already. And if it didn't, then he should have come and asked here... most of us would have helped happily. I hope you understand what I am saying.

I would also like to mention that the link you have provided in your comment to the user is the first link in the search result link I have provided.
Ankur\m/ 21-May-14 4:36am View
That should help. 5!
Ankur\m/ 21-May-14 1:29am View
Have you Googled?
Ankur\m/ 21-May-14 1:28am View
Ankur\m/ 28-Apr-14 8:27am View
There are many ways to pass the value. I have already told about one of them in my previous comment - "Calculate the total again on OnItemDataBound event. Pass that to another page by using session or any other state management technique."<br>
Yes, it can be done through client side as well. Add the value in a querystring to the url you are redirecting to. Read the querystring value in that page.
Ankur\m/ 28-Apr-14 6:14am View
And how are you passing it to another page? Are you redirecting to another page through client side (using JavaScript) or through server side (Response.Redirect / Server.Transfer)?
Ankur\m/ 28-Apr-14 1:34am View
You are assigning the total text to the label. Is it not showing correctly?
And about passing the value to another page, you will need to do it on the server side. Calculate the total on OnItemDataBound event. Pass to to another page by using session or any other state management technique.
Ankur\m/ 25-Apr-14 2:53am View
What have you tried? Did you even search on Google for similar discussions. Please do, you won't be disappointed.
Ankur\m/ 25-Apr-14 2:49am View
What do you mean by "not working properly"? Give more details.
Ankur\m/ 24-Apr-14 7:42am View
You don't need to install SQL Server but will need server credentials where you have your database and it should be accessible over the network.
Ankur\m/ 23-Apr-14 0:37am View
Seems like path issues. Use tools like Firebug to see if resources are loaded properly or not. If not what's the error code.
Ankur\m/ 22-Apr-14 23:49pm View
Check the relevant unicode for the symbol then.
Ankur\m/ 22-Apr-14 8:08am View
It seems you have answered similar question here.
Ankur\m/ 22-Apr-14 8:05am View
Ankur\m/ 22-Apr-14 8:03am View
What is the problem with the code you have given?
Ankur\m/ 22-Apr-14 8:03am View
Programming language. I am afraid you will be very successful in doing that using C#. You will probably need a language which has more control over system resources.
Why don't you learn the ones already available?
Ankur\m/ 22-Apr-14 7:48am View
Each will have their own session. What exactly are you worried about? There are SQL locks that you can to lock a row when the data is being inserted.
Ankur\m/ 22-Apr-14 7:44am View
What is not working properly? You need to give more detail. I just tested it and it works pretty well for me.
Ankur\m/ 22-Apr-14 5:51am View
Glad I could help! :)
Ankur\m/ 22-Apr-14 5:05am View
Just checked the web if there is something similar. The below link talks about your issue. And the first solution is exactly same as what I said. There is another one there. Please check -
Ankur\m/ 22-Apr-14 4:52am View
Okay I see. The query won't compile because the column name do not exist. In such cases, dynamic query works very well. Give me sometime I will update my answer after writing and testing your query.
Ankur\m/ 22-Apr-14 4:01am View
What's the problem? What did you try?
Ankur\m/ 22-Apr-14 3:57am View
Can you give me the exact query that you ran... with the table name (and just 2 columns - one that exists and one that doesn't)?
Ankur\m/ 22-Apr-14 3:26am View
See the other answer. You are executing the query before adding the parameters.
Ankur\m/ 22-Apr-14 3:26am View
The query I asked you to execute in the above comment cannot give invalid column error. It either returns null or nothing. You are doing something wrong. Add your database schema to the table name. By default it is dbo. So instead of just writing tablename, write dbo.tableName
Ankur\m/ 22-Apr-14 3:23am View
Oh, I missed that. Param 15 was correct so i thought the error has to be jsut before that. 5 to you.
Ankur\m/ 22-Apr-14 2:13am View
It doesn't require try catch block. The query I have given checks if a column exists in a table, return that else return null. Check the below query and tell me what it returns
select null from information_schema.columns where column_name='Column2'and table_name='TableName'.
Replace Column2 and TableName with correct values. It will either return null or nothing.
It seems you may need to add schema [dbo.] to your table name.
Ankur\m/ 22-Apr-14 2:04am View
I tested it, it works. Please check you have specified correct table name.
Ankur\m/ 22-Apr-14 2:02am View
You got 3 samples from me. Your prototype-custom is fastest in Firefox and Chrome (latest versions) whereas prototype-regex is fastest in IE8.
Btw you may like to post it in the lounge. It is not a question after all. ;)
Ankur\m/ 22-Apr-14 1:52am View
Every other day there is a question asking accessing dynamic controls in GridView. Did you search the web? There are so many discussion for the same out there.
Ankur\m/ 22-Apr-14 1:09am View
[Quote]I want to know if there is a way to tell IIS that it shuld access the maped virtual directory where all the files are stored as the current logged on user, if the user does not have correct permissions he is denied access, else the file is opened.[/Quote]
As far as I know, access to a file in any OS is controlled based on user role / group - for example guest, admin etc. You provide rights to a role and user is part of a role and it has all those access. You cannot provide access based on user id because users are added / removed and thus user ids are not constant. Similarly in a web application access to any virtual directly can be controlled based on a user role and not user id. You can do it based on user id but you will have to write code for that. And every time a user id is added / removed / modified you need to update the code (or the file from where you are reading the user id from).
Ankur\m/ 18-Apr-14 0:59am View
No, I meant you could have added a comment to the answer rather than adding the "same" answer.
Ankur\m/ 18-Apr-14 0:57am View
Will ping you.
Ankur\m/ 16-Apr-14 8:33am View
That was already said by an user. There is nothing you have added to the answer. Probably why you prefer it more would be great.
Ankur\m/ 16-Apr-14 8:32am View
That should help people looking for similar questions. You already got my vote. :)
Ankur\m/ 16-Apr-14 8:30am View
No I haven't used a free host provider yet. But Google should give you a list and reviews about them.
Ankur\m/ 16-Apr-14 8:29am View
Glad to know that it helped. :)
Ankur\m/ 16-Apr-14 4:28am View
Since you are a beginner I would suggest you go with WordPress. There are plenty of plugins available which will help you customize it. Start by Googling for - 'eCommerce wordpress'.
Ankur\m/ 16-Apr-14 4:22am View
2005?! I doubt anyone would have that version with them now. :D
Ankur\m/ 16-Apr-14 4:21am View
A simple Google would have answered that. :doh:
Ankur\m/ 16-Apr-14 4:19am View
I have searched about it few days back and nopCommerce was most recommended everywhere.
You may also include Google search link which lists some of the open source eCommerce solutions.
Ankur\m/ 15-Apr-14 3:29am View
This is a very common issue. Google it and you will found millions of posts talking about it (keywords - logout back button Please do search before you ask.
Ankur\m/ 15-Apr-14 2:58am View
You are saying windows application but you have tagged your question ASP.NET which is a web technology.
You say it is not working, but you give us no details. How would we know what is not working. Do you get any error/exception? You must specify what's wrong with and if you have already debugged which line is causing issue.
Use 'Improve Question' link to update your question.
Ankur\m/ 15-Apr-14 2:53am View
Please accept the solution (Green Button) so that the question is marked as solved. This helps other users choose the solution searching for similar questions. It also says solved in search engine results.
Ankur\m/ 14-Apr-14 5:24am View
Please accept the solution. Thank you!
Ankur\m/ 10-Apr-14 6:46am View
The issue is related to trust level of your website. You may need to contact your host provider. Check this link for more details -
Ankur\m/ 10-Apr-14 4:11am View
All users? Just the account under which ASP.NET application is running needs write permission to that folder.
Ankur\m/ 8-Apr-14 4:08am View
Correct, 5!
Ankur\m/ 4-Apr-14 2:09am View
Then it must get culture specific time. There is something wrong in your code. Try to log the time that you are sending. Also log the culture specific value.
The best practice is to save the date time in UTC and convert it to specific culture while displaying. Google for keywords like 'saving date time different culture design' to read more about it.
Ankur\m/ 3-Apr-14 4:48am View
So you have voted the answer down. Great!
Where are you recording the time? Are you passing it from your application or are you doing it in the database proc?
Ankur\m/ 26-Mar-14 0:54am View
Why don't you Google for it and compare some of the ones you like on many eCommerce sites and laptop brand sites?
Ankur\m/ 26-Mar-14 0:48am View
Can you explain the second part of your answer about "~". How it can be used and how would it still work if the file is moved?
Let me tell you that you are wrong about it. Tilde will just help you get to the root directory. The path further needs to be defined and changed when the file location is changed.
Ankur\m/ 25-Mar-14 5:29am View
IIS log will not have reason for 500 internal server error. It's an exception in your application and your application log will only tell you more detail.
Ankur\m/ 25-Mar-14 5:12am View
I didn't notice the down-votes. I have encountered yours as well.
Ankur\m/ 25-Mar-14 2:24am View
Exactly. But I tried to answer what I understood from the question. OP should reply if that isn't what he wants.
Ankur\m/ 24-Mar-14 3:23am View
I am sorry I didn't check other two links. Still the point here is JavaScript provides a 'readOnly' property for elements on the page which can be used to toggle a controls read only attribute. Even I don't understand why it is not clear to the OP.
Ankur\m/ 24-Mar-14 3:16am View
[copied from direct comment to the question]
OP wrote:
i Already saw this link but the error is can not be solved
Ankur\m/ 24-Mar-14 3:15am View
Use 'have a Question or Comment' link below the answer to reply to it. Adding a comment to your question won't notify the answerer.
Ankur\m/ 24-Mar-14 3:12am View
First two links still holds valid. Did you check them?
Ankur\m/ 24-Mar-14 1:39am View
That's your job to find out. Did you go through the links and tried anything?
Ankur\m/ 24-Mar-14 1:38am View
May I know why do you need my email id for? You can post anything here.
Ankur\m/ 21-Mar-14 1:52am View
The error means the value of AchievedPer is null. Attach a debugger and add a watch for DataBinder.Eval(e.Row.DataItem, AchievedPer). You will find that it is null.
Ankur\m/ 21-Mar-14 1:09am View
The guidelines for asking question clearly says - Have you "searched" before asking. I am sure Google will give millions of hit for your query.
Ankur\m/ 21-Mar-14 1:07am View
Why are you doing so many conversions? just below line of code will do the work;
lblTotal.Text = Convert.ToString(DataBinder.Eval(e.Row.DataItem, AchievedPer));
Ankur\m/ 21-Mar-14 0:57am View
Your question is not very clear. What table are you talking about - database table or HTML tables? Please understand that we have no idea about what you are doing. So when you ask be clear and give as much details as possible.
Ankur\m/ 21-Mar-14 0:56am View
Please post that as a comment and not an answer. Use 'Have a Question or Comment' link below the question.
Ankur\m/ 21-Mar-14 0:55am View
Please post that as a comment and not an answer. Use 'Have a Question or Comment' link below the question.
Ankur\m/ 20-Mar-14 8:26am View
Spin.js is not working?
Ankur\m/ 19-Mar-14 8:43am View
For multiple divs the ids will be different. Assign a class to it. using jQuery first select datalist id and then select those classes within it. You will get the list of objects of those divs. Do whatever you want with them.
Ankur\m/ 19-Mar-14 8:39am View
ViewState? What is ViewState to do here? Do you mean there is no response from Google?
Ankur\m/ 19-Mar-14 8:01am View
Isn't PM time always going to be greater than AM time. The day starts with 00:00 AM and after 12 hours the PM time starts.
Ankur\m/ 19-Mar-14 7:49am View
Anyone with Administrative right can kill your process and you can't really do anything about that.
Ankur\m/ 19-Mar-14 7:40am View
Debug the JavaScript and see what's wrong.
Ankur\m/ 19-Mar-14 7:34am View
ID is the fastest way. Which version of ASP.NET are you using? Any control inside GridView control won't have ID as you specified. They are prefixed so that the ids are different. But you can use the pattern to find them.
Ankur\m/ 19-Mar-14 6:48am View
Are you the same guy who asked this question? If not, please post this as a question.
There are many ways to find a control in javascript/jquery - by id, by class name, by element type, by control hierarchy. I couldn't believe you couldn't find it on Google. Use the right keywords.
Ankur\m/ 19-Mar-14 6:45am View
It didn't redirect. But since my browser is configured to return Google search results for this, I got a search result from Google.
Ankur\m/ 19-Mar-14 6:42am View
And suppose my textboxes are at different places and not together. Say some in a panel, some after other controls. How do I do it then? You code doesn't help.
And since you are creating more controls you are not shortening the number lines, but increasing it. I am sorry but that's not a good answer.
Ankur\m/ 19-Mar-14 6:38am View
Clearly, that URL won't exist. And what URL do you want it to go?
Ankur\m/ 19-Mar-14 6:32am View
What URL does it go to when you use /JOBS/ ?
Ankur\m/ 19-Mar-14 6:27am View
Not sure but I think we do not need to loop over all the controls on the page for this. Actually the question is not very clear. By what I understand it can easily be done on the client side.
Ankur\m/ 19-Mar-14 6:23am View
See my solution.
Ankur\m/ 19-Mar-14 6:21am View
And how would you not do that by creating server side table controls? Do you know, you cannot have same id for server side controls. So you will need to create as many table controls as TextBoxes you need to hide. And instead of setting TextBox.Visible you would set tableID.Visible. Can you please explain how is it different?
Ankur\m/ 19-Mar-14 3:14am View
You want this from C# code?
Ankur\m/ 19-Mar-14 3:12am View
Seriously? Why would you need to create server side table controls for that? TextBox is already accessible on server side.
Ankur\m/ 19-Mar-14 3:10am View
Some Google can go a long way!
Ankur\m/ 19-Mar-14 3:10am View
He needs to hide "some" textboxes and not all. And he is using ID for that which is correct.
Ankur\m/ 19-Mar-14 3:05am View
What issues?
Ankur\m/ 19-Mar-14 3:04am View
Sorry wrong window!
Ankur\m/ 19-Mar-14 2:54am View
You should start reading a book or some tutorials online then. You can NOT complete your assignment by asking questions here. More importantly you won't learn anything.
Ankur\m/ 18-Mar-14 12:32pm View
All details are very well explained in the given link. Let me know where you have problem.
Ankur\m/ 18-Mar-14 8:06am View
Are you talking about a windows service here? Both are different. From your question it seems you want a windows service. If that is the case, yes, it can be implemented as a windows service.
Ankur\m/ 18-Mar-14 8:01am View
What have you tried?
Ankur\m/ 14-Mar-14 0:58am View
I haven't used regex in SQL but going by similar principles in .net I think you have a '%' in the start and end which stands for allow anything before/after your defined expression. You probably need to fix that.
Ankur\m/ 14-Mar-14 0:49am View
SQL optimization is a job in itself and there are consultants paid very high for this very purpose. That being said, there are guidelines and techniques which developers follow in order to write good performing queries. As Dave said start by Googling about query optimization techniques.
Ankur\m/ 13-Mar-14 7:57am View
Clearly you need to optimize your SQL queries. And if you still have a high load, you may need better hardware contract.
Ankur\m/ 13-Mar-14 6:30am View
Server side validation is still a MUST do thing. I can disable the JavaScript on my page and very easily pass through your validation system. That will be a big loophole in your system.
Ankur\m/ 13-Mar-14 6:28am View
Just to mention, the plugin also works on similar principles (the class one I mentioned in my previous comment)
Ankur\m/ 13-Mar-14 6:26am View
Required validations:
Lets say if you have few controls that you want to check if they are not empty. I would write
var isValid = true;
if (document.getElementById("controlId").value == ")
isValid = false;
Similary I would write this for all of the controls (as they are few of them). And at the end if the function I would return isvalid.
Now if there are lot of controls, I would probably assign them a common class. I will then select the controls based on class and loop through them to see if their values are blank or not and thus valid similarly.
In the same method I would write other validations.
Also if I already have already called in the page jQuery in the page, the syntax will become much easy. Nevertheless you could do everything in JavaScript. That is how we used to do before.
Ankur\m/ 13-Mar-14 6:16am View
You omitted the very first line of the question (and the subject too). ;)
Please help me how to prevent multiple clicks for a button

I realized that you got the question wrong and that's why I posted a comment.
Ankur\m/ 13-Mar-14 6:13am View
Do you know that jQuery is build upon JavaScript? Just checking if a some control is blank or a couple of other validations do NOT require using a library. I reiterate my previous comment - Just Javascript method / validation controls method will be much faster. Moreover validation controls also provides server side validation feature out of the box. Just check - if (Page.IsValid) and you are done. So you save many lines of code and time there.
Hope I could clarify what I meant there.
Ankur\m/ 13-Mar-14 6:09am View
No, by that I meant if you do not use validation controls, it still can be done with just a few lines of JavaScript.
Ankur\m/ 13-Mar-14 6:08am View
It is about performance and not time saving. Adding jQuery and plugin script files add to the total download time of the website. Plus the plugin contains many other features which is not required. A simple validation control or javascript method will be way too faster.
Ankur\m/ 13-Mar-14 6:04am View
Yes, it would work. But as I said before, all sessions will be available to your admin website.
You just need to find httpCookies node in your web.config file and add domain in it as I mentioned in my answer. For more details, please Google 'httpCookies ASP.NET'.
Hope that helps!
Ankur\m/ 13-Mar-14 4:25am View
1. Did you verify if the values are passing correctly? If yes, go to 2.
2. Before calling ExecuteNonQuery method, take the query that is build. Run that against SQL query analyzer and check the result.
Ankur\m/ 13-Mar-14 4:24am View
Really? ASP.NET supports this out of the box. Moreover, just few lines of JavaScript will do that. Why would I need a jQuery plugin for this?
Ankur\m/ 13-Mar-14 4:20am View
You haven't mentioned what doesn't work, what error did you get?
Ankur\m/ 13-Mar-14 4:19am View
Sorry for the late reply. Just logged in to CP.
That is not what user wants. User wants to avoid multiple clicks. Tell me - does it make sense to disable the button after a postback. What if user wants to update something and submit again? I wouldn't show the button at all rather than keeping it disabled after postback if that is ever required.
Ankur\m/ 12-Mar-14 8:42am View
Please update your code formatting. If you are posting it from VS, select the option 'Code Block' after you paste it.
Ankur\m/ 12-Mar-14 8:40am View
Please please please do Google before you ask!
Ankur\m/ 12-Mar-14 8:39am View
Why allow posting twice in the very first place?
Ankur\m/ 12-Mar-14 8:33am View
That, as far as I know, doesn't work. I don't remember correctly but either disabled button won't postback at all or the postaback is caused by the button won't be detectable on the server side. I may be wrong though.
Ankur\m/ 12-Mar-14 5:00am View
Really?! Check the link below:
Ankur\m/ 12-Mar-14 4:57am View
Comment from OP:
lynda doesnt have this course how to create website using bootstrap private theme
Ankur\m/ 12-Mar-14 4:57am View
Please post this as a comment and not answer using 'Have a Question or Comment' link just below the answer. The other answerer doesn't get notified for an answer you post. Moreover it's not an answer.
Ankur\m/ 12-Mar-14 4:51am View
Of course not! There are thousands of people out there with the same name. ;)
Ankur\m/ 12-Mar-14 1:21am View
There are many sites which provide these services. But it's important on how you choose the consultant. I would say spend some more time solving your issue. All good programmers have gone through this stage. If you have tried hard and stuck somewhere, the programmer community is always there to help out.
Good luck!
Ankur\m/ 11-Mar-14 9:31am View
Thank you!
Ankur\m/ 11-Mar-14 9:24am View
I left that for the user to understand and try himself/herself.
Ankur\m/ 11-Mar-14 9:15am View
Passing it in rectangular brackets [] should work.
Ankur\m/ 7-Mar-14 6:56am View
Google will give you millions of links for the same. Did you try it?
Ankur\m/ 7-Mar-14 6:54am View
So you can up-vote the answer then.
Ankur\m/ 7-Mar-14 6:53am View
Where are you doing it - Server side or client side?
Paste the relevant code.
Ankur\m/ 7-Mar-14 4:23am View
Have you tried Google? Check it out once, I am sure it will amaze you!
Ankur\m/ 7-Mar-14 4:18am View
Whats is "rol"?
Ankur\m/ 7-Mar-14 4:15am View
It's fine now. Thank you for taking the feedback positively! :thumbsup:
Ankur\m/ 7-Mar-14 4:13am View
You may vote up the answer if it helped.
Ankur\m/ 7-Mar-14 4:12am View
That may not be correct. By the parameter name it seems that user want to save details of last change date and so he is passing DateTime.Now. Converting it to string is what is giving him the error. Passing NULL is not a good solution.
Ankur\m/ 7-Mar-14 2:13am View
At least give it a try, it isn't that hard.
Ankur\m/ 7-Mar-14 2:06am View
I never realized it's a copy-paste from the mentioned site until I checked the link. That is why I mentioned it.
Ankur\m/ 6-Mar-14 7:26am View
Can you please explain?
Ankur\m/ 6-Mar-14 7:24am View
Ankur\m/ 6-Mar-14 7:23am View
I never asked for your code. If you have already tried it and stuck somewhere you should give us details such as error message or what was not working.
You must understand how it works here. The question guideline clearly says "Be specific! Don't ask "I need to write a booking application". Specify exactly what it is you need help with."
Ankur\m/ 6-Mar-14 7:22am View
I did add an answer. Did you check it?
Ankur\m/ 6-Mar-14 6:49am View
What have you tried?
Ankur\m/ 6-Mar-14 6:48am View
Please do mention that you have copied the answer from the link.
Ankur\m/ 6-Mar-14 6:41am View
OP never said he is redirecting to register page.
Ankur\m/ 6-Mar-14 4:13am View
And please do not re-post the question.