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Comments by Tim Groven (Top 33 by date)

Tim Groven 12-Jul-12 14:21pm View
+5 for a well thought out answer!
Tim Groven 2-Jul-12 12:53pm View
What is the error you are getting?
Tim Groven 9-May-12 12:37pm View
The close tag for header was a typo. I could make EntryBody a separate type, but EntryBody could have different elements and attributes depending on the EntryType in the header. This was why I was trying to just get the Xml in a string so I could send it out after finding out the type.
Tim Groven 13-Apr-12 13:43pm View
Buy a bigger monitor?
Tim Groven 10-Apr-12 8:57am View
Updated the answer, let me know if that works.
Tim Groven 9-Apr-12 13:14pm View
Have you tried changing the string back to what it was before you changed it on your friends computer?
Tim Groven 9-Apr-12 13:02pm View
Did it work on your computer before you tried on your friends? Have you tried changing the connection string back?
Tim Groven 13-Mar-12 16:12pm View
Can I see the timer creation code? What is the interval set at?
Tim Groven 13-Mar-12 11:03am View
Agree with sjelen. That website is invaluable.
Tim Groven 12-Mar-12 15:14pm View
I udpated my answer. Is that what you mean?
Tim Groven 9-Mar-12 10:06am View
This sounds like something that has to be researched, tested, and crafted to be good. Not something that can or should be done in a week.
Tim Groven 22-Feb-12 9:07am View
This worked perfectly! Thank you!
Tim Groven 22-Feb-12 8:22am View
The sad thing is, those are the real element names, and I can't change them as they come from another system. :( It hurts, I know. :)

Thank you for the links, and I am reading them! :)
Tim Groven 30-Jan-12 9:58am View
Sounds like the SqlServerCe dll didn't get registered. Is that a property option when creating the CAB file? Are you creating the cab file through Visual Studio, or on the command line?
Tim Groven 25-Jan-12 15:05pm View
You cannot draw outside the bounds of the control you are drawing on, no. :(

Is it just a simple panel that you are drawing everything onto? Or you have a custom control that goes on the panel, and is being drawn on there?
Tim Groven 25-Jan-12 14:32pm View
How are you drawing the parent rectangle? Is the area you are drawing on big enough to show it?
Tim Groven 25-Jan-12 8:27am View
Oh man, I could use that too. When you are done writing it, can you send me the code?
Tim Groven 24-Jan-12 9:53am View
Absolutely. Just remember, it returns a sequential range. :)
Tim Groven 18-Jan-12 14:37pm View
What assistance would you like? We can point in the right direction, but need more information about where you are stuck.
Tim Groven 18-Jan-12 10:22am View
Not only that, but this isn't a question. We won't write it for you. :)
Tim Groven 28-Dec-11 12:11pm View
Is there any other code executed after the "string query =" line that gets executed before you check the value of query?
Tim Groven 21-Dec-11 10:16am View
What have you tried so far? Where is your problem at?
Tim Groven 16-Dec-11 10:23am View
Have you checked to make sure you values you are inserting do not exceed the column length defined in the database?
Tim Groven 6-Dec-11 8:10am View
What control has the focus when the space bar is pressed? If it's a child control, the child control is probably consuming the event.
Tim Groven 3-Nov-11 14:01pm View
It needs to run under a NetworkAccount then, so it can have access to the network.
Tim Groven 1-Nov-11 13:57pm View
Does the ere.EndReasonActivity object actually have items in it? Usually only gets skipped if the array it's going through is empty.
Tim Groven 28-Oct-11 14:02pm View
Forgot that TextBoxes might not be available after the form is closed. Updated solution.
Tim Groven 19-Oct-11 13:31pm View
This one made me laugh out loud. Got some wierd looks from the coworkers, but it is funny. :)
Tim Groven 18-Oct-11 10:53am View
Doesn't .xls files have a limit to how many rows it can support? Can you try creating a .xlsx file?
Tim Groven 23-Aug-11 11:37am View
Check the event viewer to see if it has any specifics as to why your application failed to start.
Tim Groven 16-Aug-11 16:09pm View
Can you post the code you have in the Form_Activate method, and if you have it, the OnResize method?
Tim Groven 15-Jul-11 16:03pm View
The biggest problem is calling this.frmArbeidsplan_Load(sndr, es); from an update method.

Set a boolean to true in the _Load method, and if it's true, don't call Initialize().
Tim Groven 27-Apr-11 11:28am View
Shoot, I've only got the code to count or find the hands in an image. :(