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manchukuo 10-Jan-12 11:16am View    
well the thread i have is a listener for IPC, that thread has to call somehow the main thread, and yes i did that hidden window already the thing is that because of the message loop it will not continue the execution of the calling method, in MFC when i created the window it manage the message loop without stopping the calling method
manchukuo 9-Jan-12 18:36pm View    
well it doesn't matter how to achieve it, i need to call a method in the main thread from a thread so i can call firefox methods, any suggestion that does this is ok, i only tried to do the similar stuff i did in MFC
manchukuo 5-Oct-11 18:31pm View    
that will only would had worked if i were using the multiline option of CEdit,
thanks for the try i had already fixed the problem :)
manchukuo 5-Oct-11 18:27pm View    
yes Andre i figured just minutes before your post i just move down that call and that is all, i will give you this answer to you if that is ok with you
manchukuo 5-Oct-11 17:49pm View    
the WM_KILLFOCUS message i mean