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Comments by Vivek Krishnamurthy (Top 86 by date)

Vivek Krishnamurthy 11-Feb-16 1:47am View    
it's a very old link and does not seem to be available now... Thanks for pointing it out.

Vivek Krishnamurthy 30-Jan-15 5:28am View    
"it does not display the value as I expected" - what are you expecting ? and what is it dispalying ?
Vivek Krishnamurthy 30-Jan-15 2:07am View    
can you explain in detail what is the issue, what is it displaying ?

what have you tried ?
Vivek Krishnamurthy 17-Nov-12 7:53am View    
Its unclear what the problem is...

You can concatenate the file name with the return of convertToBinary in the first foreach you written...
Vivek Krishnamurthy 17-Nov-12 7:40am View    
Ideally you would scan the OMR Sheets on the client side, upload the sheet to you website and then use the uploaded data with your OMR library, developed by you or by a third party.

Now if you eloborate what you have tried and you have any difficulty that may help you get find some solution.