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Comments by MadMyche (Top 200 by date)

MadMyche 15-Jul-20 10:01am View    
Have added onto the original answer to reflect this
MadMyche 15-Jul-20 7:41am View    
None of your checkboxes have the same value
MadMyche 14-Jul-20 21:19pm View    
And what is the solution?
MadMyche 14-Jul-20 21:17pm View    
thank you
MadMyche 10-Jul-20 10:35am View    
Take a careful look at your CASE statement; you have the same condition twice:
loose = CASE
  WHEN loose>0 THEN loose - @c
  WHEN loose=0 THEN (box*all_medicines.box_content)- @c/all_medicines.box_content
  WHEN loose=0 THEN all_medicines.box_content - @c