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md_azy 4-Mar-15 7:47am View    
This is the output from the above code :
<country code="en-us"><Product><manufacturername>abc</manufacturername><productname><![CDATA[xyz road]]></productname><upc>RJ</upc></Product><Product><manufacturername>temp</manufacturername><productname><![CDATA[ppp road]]></productname><upc>RJ</upc></Product><Product><manufacturername>ccc</manufacturername><productname><![CDATA[oli Com]]></productname><upc>CL</upc></Product>
<country code="fr-fr"><Product><manufacturername>xxx</manufacturername><productname><![CDATA[aaa road]]></productname><upc>NY</upc></Product><Product><manufacturername>eee</manufacturername><productname><![CDATA[olkiu road]]></productname><upc>CL</upc></Product>
md_azy 3-Mar-15 0:38am View    
I am not getting xml output like what I mentioned above. It should be like under "US" country code we need to have three products and under "FR" we need to have two products).
md_azy 3-Mar-15 0:36am View    
Hi John,

Thanks for your response.
I have also done the above code but I need CDATA tag for productname and I am not able to do with this approach. for that reason only I went for XML explict approach.
Do you have any idea can we create the CDATA tag with XML PATH approach .