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Comments by Eek Ten Bears (Top 3 by date)

Eek Ten Bears 7-May-21 3:29am View
LOL I had this assignment in a college course about 35 years ago. Its word for word the same, I think someone's tutor has copied it from somewhere.

Its easy, its to make you think about how methods interact with objects. So start it, comment as you go, it'll come and if its wrong start again. Don't ask for us to do it though, that way you'll learn nothing.
Eek Ten Bears 25-Mar-21 4:56am View
Thanks Griff, that's an excellent article, clear easy to understand. It doesn't give me Author but we'll do that by hard-coding which on reflection might be more appropriate.
Eek Ten Bears 7-Jan-20 6:06am View
DUH my bad, I forgot the trivial case - either add an "AND sector = 2" or do this which is prettier but includes a pointless application of PATINDEX
where PATINDEX('%[^0123456789]2[^0123456789]%', sector) + PATINDEX('%[^0123456789]2', sector) + PATINDEX('2[^0123456789]%', sector) + PATINDEX('2', sector)> 0