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tolw 6-Mar-12 5:06am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Very useful!
tolw 22-Feb-12 4:52am View
That's a terrible idea! You are copying a string to an unasigned pointer. No memory has been allocated so the code can have fatal results!
tolw 26-Jan-12 3:21am View
I disagree. As with all things - it depends on the usage. The OP mentioned screensavers. So I'm guessing that he does not need to determine Idle states measured in seconds, but rather in minutes. If so, than pooling every couple of seconds does not in my opinion pose a great threat on the system. I'm not saying it is always acceptable, I am saying that because it is much simpler - it may be a better solution than hooks in some cases. And for the simplicity Lakamraju Raghuram gets my 5.
tolw 2-Aug-11 2:04am View
Edited for readability
tolw 16-Jun-11 7:23am View
Marked as gimmecode. You realy should at least try before asking...
tolw 1-Jun-11 0:23am View
This might really help someone - you should add it as an answer to your question and accept it as a solution, so that the question itself is no longer marked as 'unanswered'.
tolw 26-May-11 3:51am View
That's why i suggested READING the article I linked to and NOT using GUID. At the end of the article there is a real live example of how to create your own guid-like id which can be shorter then the real guid, but has some specific limitations.
tolw 10-May-11 0:55am View
My 5 for the WizMouse link
tolw 6-May-11 6:57am View
Thanks for the Expresso link. I wish I had it sooner :) Have a 5!
tolw 5-May-11 2:48am View
Are the values space separated? If not than the first number read would be 123 instead of 1... You should try debbuging to look at the array contents - what's the first number you read?

Try putting this into your file:
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24

EDIT: Also, try setting the array cells to 0 before reading anything:
memset( array, 0, sizeof( array) );
tolw 5-May-11 2:26am View
Can you post the file contents? Just to see what you are dealing with.
Also if the file has a 3x3 matrix of numbers and the array is 5x5 as in your example - you have too few numbers
tolw 2-May-11 1:20am View
See my updated answer.
Oh, and venkatmakam is right. You really shouldn't :)
tolw 27-Jan-11 0:47am View
The fix seems to work for Win7 as well, but you need to edit the registry yourself. See the update to my answer.
tolw 27-Sep-10 7:31am View
What is this? A wish? I think you have the wrong site for that buddy. Try asking questions instead..
tolw 23-Sep-10 1:47am View
homework + not even trying. I think I speak for most people here: we don't do homework. We did once, but no more, no more I say!
tolw 6-Sep-10 5:23am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Read the forum guidelines - everyone here is more than happy to HELP. No one will do your work for you.
tolw 2-Sep-10 8:27am View
What Aescleal ment is:
struct node
CString Name;
CString Add;
CStringArray Str;


struct node
CString Name;
CString Add;
std::vector<cstring> Str;
tolw 2-Sep-10 6:30am View
Sorry - see Aescleal's answer instead - it's much better :)
tolw 2-Sep-10 4:14am View
I think you have the wrong article... The one he ment was Remote SOF (
tolw 13-Aug-10 8:08am View
Reason for my vote of 1
GimmeCodes question