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koolprasadd 17-Oct-19 6:17am View
glad it helps...
koolprasadd 27-Jul-17 1:21am View
Thanks Brent, I have already tried with that library. I can edit word files but only programmatically. Actually I want to download word file from server to client and give it to user to edit and after that upload that file to server.
Any suggestion.
koolprasadd 19-Jul-17 9:52am View
Will read abt that. Thanks.
koolprasadd 19-Jul-17 9:51am View
Thanks Mehdi Gholam, will try.
koolprasadd 19-Jul-17 7:19am View
can I have a logic behind it so that I can try. I have wrote same code in C# winform application and it works fine, but now I want to do it in ASP.NET
any help would be really great for me.
koolprasadd 19-Jul-17 2:57am View
Can you share that snippet, so that I can test.
koolprasadd 3-Apr-17 0:49am View
As I said, 'The datatype of column should be numeric/int to product exact result' if it has NULL value, it return MAX as 0 and add 1 in it.
So there is no issue if it has NULL value
koolprasadd 27-Feb-17 0:20am View
That's all clear. Thanks.
koolprasadd 26-Feb-17 23:56pm View
Thanks for the elaboration Dave.
Now, if same database files (MDF/LDF) I have de-attach and re-attach on other server, I have not observed any random order output
on each execution it fetches data in same order.
above scenario is again put me on think.
koolprasadd 11-Feb-17 5:46am View
Above given solution will work in HTML also, just call onkeypress event of input box
Hope it helps
koolprasadd 23-Jan-17 1:30am View
As I said textbox will support only plain char's. you need to take help of Richtextbox, (using OFFSET property you can show superscript or subscript)
koolprasadd 25-Jul-16 5:27am View
What you mean by 'chosen by me' ? if you want first 5, just use TOP clause for it
Select Top(5) userid from table1
koolprasadd 7-Jul-16 7:42am View
Where you have added it ? check the machine.config to see if something there is blocking you ?
check out below link
koolprasadd 6-Jul-16 7:49am View
Try to set
ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = SecurityProtocolType.Tls; rather than Ssl3
koolprasadd 23-Jun-16 23:53pm View
+5. '"View PDF directly" is totally out of your control' so true.
Good reply SA.
koolprasadd 13-Jun-16 6:25am View
After having backup on local server you can move that backup on live server (upload on server), what is the issue ? where you are stuck ?
koolprasadd 10-Jun-16 1:41am View
Couple of DIV's with images only. nothing more than that. Where is the definition for CSS classes used in DIV
koolprasadd 10-Jun-16 1:33am View
Have you installed crystal report deployment tool ? does your c:\windows\assembly directory contains reference/dll for crystal report ? Please check
koolprasadd 9-Jun-16 2:09am View
+5 simple and short
koolprasadd 9-Jun-16 2:07am View
What is the error ?
koolprasadd 7-Jun-16 6:56am View
Just create a window service at server and you can easily manage it using, see below links
koolprasadd 7-Jun-16 3:13am View
I will update it :)
koolprasadd 7-Jun-16 3:05am View
I know there is no in-built method used in above code, but as per the RC4 algorithm theory 'its just generates a keystream using bit-wise exclusive-or. Basically it uses below two things to create steam
1.A permutation of all 256 possible bytes (denoted "S" below).
2.Two 8-bit index-pointers (denoted "i" and "j").
so the algorithm will be as follows [WIKI source]
for i from 0 to 255
S[i] := i
j := 0
for i from 0 to 255
j := (j + S[i] + key[i mod keylength]) mod 256
swap values of S[i] and S[j]
and same code is done in above C# source.
[I got same question when I use above code but then after reading its theory I came to know]

koolprasadd 2-Jun-16 8:20am View
access denied means you have limited rights. Do one thing
Open map drive and try to create a TXT file there, by right click and create new text file. Does it works ? if not the first give access permission to map drive then your code will work as expected
koolprasadd 2-Jun-16 6:23am View
first try to open a mapped drive ? does it prompt for authentication ? if yes the put user name and password and open a map folder then try your code.
Note : when you put user name and password in authentication, do not forget to check 'remember this password' checkbox
koolprasadd 1-Jun-16 8:06am View
I think you got some wrong path in 'fileTime' variable, as per the windows rule, following characters are not allowed in directory name
< (less than)
> (greater than)
: (colon)
" (double quote)
/ (forward slash)
\ (backslash)
| (vertical bar or pipe)
? (question mark)
* (asterisk)
koolprasadd 1-Jun-16 7:25am View
you want to create directory right ? so your path should be proper, Please post what is the value of that variable ?
koolprasadd 1-Jun-16 7:21am View
which directory you want to create ? what is in your 'folder' variable ?
koolprasadd 31-May-16 8:44am View
Its not error due to web.config, I guess. This error come when you are deal with web service or web client object, Can you post your code so that we can help you better in order to resolve it
koolprasadd 28-May-16 6:22am View
Good :)
koolprasadd 28-May-16 5:52am View
Instead if startup path, add SaveFile Dialog box and accept path from user.
Just use SaveFile dialog path before below line
myWebClient.DownloadFile(myStringWebResource, fileName);

see below code
var dialog = new SaveFileDialog();
dialog.Filter = "Archive (*.rar)|*.rar";

var result = dialog.ShowDialog(); //shows save file dialog
if(result == DialogResult.OK)
Console.WriteLine ("writing to: " + dialog.FileName); //prints the file to save

var wClient = new WebClient();
wClient.DownloadFile("WebLinkHere", dialog.FileName);
koolprasadd 28-May-16 5:32am View
Yes it will working for Windows form only. (When there is no shared folder available on server)
koolprasadd 28-May-16 5:28am View
Yes, it is for windows applications only, for web based application download file is simple. you want for windows or web ?
koolprasadd 27-May-16 2:37am View
Look OriginalGriff,
How people expect EXACT output from us and do not take effort to replace = sign :)
koolprasadd 27-May-16 2:36am View
Just replace '2036' with your input number, do not remove "=" sign, as your number may repeat in other place.
koolprasadd 26-May-16 8:21am View
Error ?
koolprasadd 26-May-16 7:33am View
If it resolve your issue.. then accept this as solution
koolprasadd 26-May-16 7:02am View
Just pass 'true' to copy function, it will helps to overwrite exiting file. see below
// Copy one file to a location where there is a file already exist
File.Copy("file-a.txt", "file-b.txt", true); // overwrite = true
koolprasadd 26-May-16 6:08am View
Do you want to replace existing file ?
koolprasadd 26-May-16 6:08am View
Do you want to replace existing file ?
koolprasadd 26-May-16 5:49am View
Please share you code, so that we can help you
koolprasadd 25-May-16 6:18am View
Glad to help you.
- Accept as solution if it resolve your issue
koolprasadd 25-May-16 6:17am View
If you have installed MONO on Linux then you have achieve it 50%, not just check my first link from solution and see how to deploy WCF service on MONO
koolprasadd 25-May-16 5:30am View
First install mono on Linux and then host WCF services on Mono.

-Accept it as solution if it resole your issue
koolprasadd 25-May-16 2:13am View
Do you want to know get the list of recent opened .txt files ?
koolprasadd 25-May-16 2:11am View
probably it looks like a encrypted text, have your friend run some type of encryption on it ?
koolprasadd 19-May-16 7:39am View
So you want that task to be run for all user ? now it is run for only administrator right ?
koolprasadd 17-May-16 3:05am View
Ooops..too old.
I haven't notice. Just reply it as it seen in active threads.
How make it ACTIVE ??
koolprasadd 12-May-16 3:13am View
Just a throught:
SA, look at the first line of "what I tried" section, OP wrote '//frmpopupform code' means the code he has written in 'frmpopupform' and want to to pass combobox selected text in frmpopupform.
koolprasadd 12-May-16 3:00am View
+5ed. Good Elaboration
koolprasadd 12-May-16 2:13am View
32 bit and 64 bit project ? do you mean to say processors ?
koolprasadd 12-May-16 1:53am View
Thanks for the elaboration SA but Please have a look at code once, OP has just create NEW object of form and trying to access its control values, I am bit sure there is nothing he has assign in constructer (in InitilizeComponenet method), if he has values to assign in constructor to controls why he can't directly get it from there ? why to access controls for that ?
OP has two forms 'frmpopupform' and 'frmInvoice', he has to pass combobox selected text in frmpopupform.
Here he got Object reference error due to 'frmobject.comboBox1.SelectedItem' is Null for sure I guess.
koolprasadd 11-May-16 8:44am View
error message gives explanation itself. see if the method which is used is exist or not ?
koolprasadd 11-May-16 3:38am View
koolprasadd 11-May-16 3:30am View
I have update solution, now you can try
koolprasadd 11-May-16 2:07am View
Please accept it as solution if it resolved :)
koolprasadd 10-May-16 8:17am View
According to page life cycle of, on each post back, page is destroyed and re-created again so on button your page_loads gets called. But there is should be any issue of session loss as it is a serverside state management technique.
koolprasadd 10-May-16 6:28am View
I have just gone through your code, why you store your value in view state again ? session variable is accessible everywhere.
what is your search button code ?
koolprasadd 10-May-16 1:05am View
I have heard about virtual a method, property, indexer, or event declaration or variable but not class, is it from C# you mean ?
koolprasadd 9-May-16 3:25am View
Have you face any error ? try to put try catch on page load and see it at least calling codebehind page_load
koolprasadd 5-May-16 5:47am View
In SQL you can handle that, you can use IF NOT EXIST statement. see below snippet
koolprasadd 5-May-16 1:13am View
share your full code with exception message so that we can help better. 'please reply ASAP! thanks Smile | :) ' wont help us really.
koolprasadd 29-Apr-16 3:31am View
iterate all node and fill data table with it, then directly bind the datatable to gridview as datasource
koolprasadd 29-Apr-16 3:26am View
so what is the issue, just you need to collect the checked node and copy them with System.IO namespace.
koolprasadd 29-Apr-16 3:24am View
Just checked....
glad you got your answer.
koolprasadd 20-Apr-16 8:40am View
If someone have good knowledge of product no need prepare for interview questions.
koolprasadd 14-Apr-16 1:44am View
error 'could not load the file or assembly...' is related to dll or exe but it is not related to database issue, Please paste the screen shot and your code so that we can help you better.
koolprasadd 9-Apr-16 0:57am View
Where is byte in my code ? Please post your code so that I can help you better
koolprasadd 7-Apr-16 5:11am View
koolprasadd 7-Apr-16 3:46am View
look, I have a table named table_listnames and I want to insert name, address and telephone number in table but before insertion I want to check if the same entry with same name is already exist or not. so first I will select name from table where name is the same name I want to insert. if it is not exist then it will insert new record.
Its for MySQL not for SQL
koolprasadd 4-Apr-16 3:35am View
Do you want to search image by name or what ? you want to search similar image with name or its dpi ? Please elaborate
koolprasadd 2-Apr-16 6:59am View
"Object reference.." error throw by application when any object is not referred or is NULL and we are trying to access it.
Which line of code gives you this exception ? Please elaborate
koolprasadd 30-Mar-16 5:19am View
Thanks...I have used above code many times.
koolprasadd 30-Mar-16 3:37am View
Use AJAX control toolkit it is fast and dynamic than only C#, see below link
For C# use
koolprasadd 30-Mar-16 3:20am View
First check if the logged in user role is student or teacher, if it is student then check if same id is present in Admin table, it is exist then the student is Admin, redirect it to Admin page, check same thing for teacher also.
--Hope it helps
koolprasadd 30-Mar-16 3:17am View
May be this is what you are searching for...see below link
koolprasadd 30-Mar-16 2:24am View
Your code is for insertion, Just copy your code and paste it in for loop in my code.
koolprasadd 29-Mar-16 6:22am View
What you mean by 'fter install setup it will be .pdb file ?', .pdb file is a program debug database which create when we debug the code ?
what is the issue ? Please elaborate
koolprasadd 22-Mar-16 6:09am View
Ooops ...Typo
Thanks for correction.
koolprasadd 22-Mar-16 2:39am View
Do not add a search button and a textbox in header, simple put it above the grid as shown in my given link, Have you checked it ?
koolprasadd 22-Mar-16 1:45am View
Please post your code, 'What I have tried:' section is for that only. Please use it
koolprasadd 21-Mar-16 3:04am View
Good way to implement +5
koolprasadd 17-Mar-16 8:30am View
What you mean by "more jquery validation" ? Please elaborate
koolprasadd 17-Mar-16 8:29am View
Please do not REPOST
koolprasadd 17-Mar-16 1:45am View
which line gives you error ? Please elaborate
koolprasadd 16-Mar-16 8:46am View
+5 cool.
IMG does not have href, it should be src instead
koolprasadd 16-Mar-16 8:45am View
The question is looks like INCOMPLETE, you should give us brief scenario and steps you have tried so that we can help you better
koolprasadd 15-Mar-16 5:41am View
what is 'Greatest' ? What could be the output in your case ?
koolprasadd 15-Mar-16 5:24am View
...Then it is nearly impossible to do it
koolprasadd 11-Mar-16 6:25am View
I have xml with this tag, but does not have error in last many years, can you tell what is the error ? Please explain
koolprasadd 11-Mar-16 0:28am View
this javascript method to be call 'onkeypress' event of textbox, so when you press some key (either number or letter) it should be work as expected, let me know what is the issue
koolprasadd 9-Mar-16 23:09pm View
check out below link :
It will help you better
koolprasadd 3-Mar-16 23:10pm View
.ToString() method will always helpful to you, just pass data format as paramerter,
e.g. DateTime.Now.ToString("M/d/yyyy");
Hope it helps
koolprasadd 28-Feb-16 23:38pm View
Haven't you tried toString() method of int class ? it is bit simple
int a = 10;
string sz = a.toString();
koolprasadd 26-Feb-16 2:20am View
As Danish suggest you can write a code to change csproj and config files and change given parameters but for converting DLL's you need to recompile them again
koolprasadd 23-Feb-16 2:46am View
Have you deploy your application on some third party domain like Godaddy ?
koolprasadd 16-Feb-16 4:06am View
what error you faced ? exception message ?
koolprasadd 16-Feb-16 3:49am View
Just convert the format to hh:MM:ss
dt1 = DateTime.ParseExact(dt, "dd/MM/yyyy hh:MM:ss", provider);
koolprasadd 16-Feb-16 2:46am View
When your date get changed, does your same code get called ? if it is then it should change the textbox contents, when you change the date what you get in 'dateTimePicker_Time.Text' ?
koolprasadd 16-Feb-16 2:28am View
Yeah. not needed actually.
koolprasadd 16-Feb-16 2:25am View
code looks fine, what is the issue ? have you got any error ? I think only conversion is need. see below
Int32 count = (Int32)sCommand.ExecuteScalar();
koolprasadd 14-Feb-16 23:03pm View
This is 'weifjqwoefhghqperhgpoihgpoiqhpoitjoithqpoirpoireaoijraepohpoh' what you tried ? and my solution is 'sfsdfadsfbasdfbksjafdkasfbsfkjs'.
Try to explain your question better, elaborate it and try something before assign work to other.
koolprasadd 13-Feb-16 1:21am View
Mark the question as REPOST, it helps to remove it
koolprasadd 13-Feb-16 1:05am View
As Richard explained, you need to "RETURN" something to fetch it back, you re return nothing and trying to access table[0] from dataset (which is basically not exist)
koolprasadd 10-Feb-16 8:03am View
There are number of reason behind page slow. some of them may be network speed, your database transaction, query load, telerik performance. if your code running slow without telerik controls also then there may be issue of your code logic. you need to check Page_load code also
koolprasadd 4-Feb-16 0:59am View
How many textboxes you have on form ? if you have different set of textboxes for each id then it may be wrong implementation
koolprasadd 4-Feb-16 0:53am View
simple delete current event and re-create it by double click on button
koolprasadd 4-Feb-16 0:40am View
Why don't you mention ID in where condition ? please mention which id information you want to retrieve, I think it will resolve your issue
koolprasadd 3-Feb-16 5:16am View
Share your code and give line which throw exception. so that we can help you better
koolprasadd 2-Feb-16 23:15pm View
If you are good in either field, surely it will serve you future and salary but if you are dull then no one help you, even .NET nor SAP
koolprasadd 2-Feb-16 5:50am View
Look out for 'SecuGen.FDxSDKPro.Windows' dll is exist ? where EXE is present ?
koolprasadd 1-Feb-16 23:57pm View
Post your 'FTS_CB_SIMULATION' code ? I think you have call cmd.exe using process.start to fire a command on command prompt. Please share your code
koolprasadd 1-Feb-16 5:00am View
which line of code give you error ?
koolprasadd 30-Jan-16 0:02am View
Please Elaborate your problem, How do you bind XLS to chart ? which chart control you have used ? or you use Interop object and use excel chart ? What you have tried so far ?
koolprasadd 29-Jan-16 23:08pm View
Its a validation part or an assignment that you want to complete. I think given solutions are enough to resolve your issue. Please accept them as answer as it has resolve your issue
koolprasadd 29-Jan-16 22:55pm View
ohh... yes. I missed that.
koolprasadd 29-Jan-16 7:15am View
It is bit wired requirement, why you want file to CSS to be add in .CS (classlibrary) file
koolprasadd 27-Jan-16 23:39pm View
IE makes possible if the things are Impossible :)
koolprasadd 27-Jan-16 23:38pm View
It looks you have fetch 'lst_mod_dt' date only, does you have store time in database, cause default time is 12:00:00 always. Confirm your date columns contains time also.
koolprasadd 27-Jan-16 7:34am View
Does issue resolved ?
koolprasadd 27-Jan-16 6:02am View
Your try catch is proper. just add below line of code after each line and see upto what line it execute code.
File.AppendAllText("D:\\test.txt", "First line executed");
koolprasadd 27-Jan-16 4:25am View
Just use File.AppendAlText() method after each line and check upto what line it printed exactly. so that you can come to know which line of code is giving error
koolprasadd 27-Jan-16 1:53am View
What you want to do exactly ? How do you wave your gridview to database ? Please elaborate your question, so that we can help you better.
koolprasadd 27-Jan-16 1:29am View
It is better if you share code with us, it will really helpful to resolve issues.
koolprasadd 26-Jan-16 23:37pm View
'Active component cannot create object' error occurred when specified object is not created. Please post the code and exact line which gives you error
koolprasadd 26-Jan-16 22:56pm View
Try to put some log in your file, or try to write some log file and check which line exactly gives you error
koolprasadd 25-Jan-16 7:54am View
which line give you error ?
koolprasadd 22-Jan-16 6:29am View
To set a fixed amount of memory

1.In Object Explorer, right-click a server and select Properties.

2.Click the Memory node.

3.Under Server Memory Options, enter the amount that you want for Minimum server memory and Maximum server memory.

Use the default settings to allow SQL Server to change its memory requirements dynamically based on available system resources. The default setting for min server memory is 0, and the default setting for max server memory is 2147483647 megabytes (MB). The minimum amount of memory you can specify for max server memory is 16 MB.

koolprasadd 22-Jan-16 6:23am View
Mark the solution as resolved, if it resolve your issue
koolprasadd 5-Jan-16 4:25am View
Basically len function is to calculate length of the any object you can use .length method in
koolprasadd 5-Jan-16 2:44am View
what your 'FilePut' method exactly does ? what is the original VB code
koolprasadd 4-Jan-16 0:07am View
Which COM object you are using ? Word or excel or what ? basically error code 80040154 suggest the said GUID is not found in registry or has no access
koolprasadd 2-Jan-16 7:21am View
What is the issue ? what you have tried so far ?
koolprasadd 2-Jan-16 6:57am View
check if crystal report viewer DLLs are present in your GAC (C:\windows\assembly), check with Crystal Runtime Version there is something conflict
koolprasadd 2-Jan-16 5:35am View
Checkout below link
koolprasadd 2-Jan-16 5:05am View
OK. Then I think you have not enabled 32Bit application in your application pool.
do the following steps
Open IIS
Go to current server – > Application Pools
Select the application pool your 32-bit application will run under
Click Advanced setting or Application Pool Default
Set Enable 32-bit Applications to True
Restart IIS and try again

If this option is not available to you, follow these next steps:
Go to %windir%\system32\inetsrv\
Execute the appcmd.exe tool:

koolprasadd 2-Jan-16 4:49am View
Are you using IIS 7 version
koolprasadd 2-Jan-16 4:48am View
First just try to run plain query in SQL Query Analyzer and see if it produce output and then try for the code, let me know if it really works
koolprasadd 30-Dec-15 23:03pm View
Paste your code so that we can help you better
koolprasadd 30-Dec-15 6:01am View
share your code so that I can have some idea about it
koolprasadd 30-Dec-15 5:34am View
You can use IFAME control to show word file in application
koolprasadd 30-Dec-15 5:34am View
Does your internal task is windows based application ? or web based ? does it is also application ?
I think your application works with any user with Admin rights but your internal application seek for other access too
koolprasadd 30-Dec-15 2:31am View
Do you have saved last setup project ? it is really needed to create a new version of the patch. When you have created your setup file you got the one Unique ID that is needed to continue lifecycle of all patches. In new patch remember to increase file version of updated files, only those files are get copied to client having greater file version.
koolprasadd 29-Dec-15 23:28pm View
IIS 6 less secure than IIS 7, As I said earlier when you put 'identity' tag in web.config, you need to provide Admin user of deployment server not of computer from where you access the website.
In simple word if you deploy your website on on IP then you need to add 'identity' tag in web.config with Admin and password of above machine, once you put you do not need to change it even though you have access it from any machine
Got my answer ?
koolprasadd 29-Dec-15 7:32am View
You have to update patch on existing installed application right ? How do you deploy application first ? If you already use a VS Setup Project you can deploy the new version of this project and it will upgrade existing installations. Have a look at the setup and upgrade ids
Pl. elaborate
koolprasadd 29-Dec-15 7:20am View
it will surely run, what IIS version you are working on IIS 6 or 7 ?
koolprasadd 29-Dec-15 4:47am View
so your internal application work but with low rights right ? I think you need to create some permanent user with 'Admin' rights and can continue with IMPERSONATE it
koolprasadd 29-Dec-15 2:19am View
After click on OK you can use some hidden fields and set some flag there, so when you click on OK check for the flag and you can decide whether to shoe popup or not
koolprasadd 29-Dec-15 2:12am View
I have update my solution, just try it
koolprasadd 29-Dec-15 1:50am View
After click on OK button is your server event gets fired or not ?
koolprasadd 12-Dec-15 2:05am View
It is simple just use toString method, see below snippet
int value = 1;
int decimalLength = value.ToString("D").Length + 3;
I have update my solution accordingly
koolprasadd 12-Dec-15 2:02am View
I have update my solution
koolprasadd 12-Dec-15 1:49am View
You have call 'GetZoneData' web method from javascript right ? then In javascript you need to write a call back method which will return webmethod result to javascript and then call my above code to assign label
koolprasadd 1-Dec-15 2:44am View
No, just read given link, it will help you to identify file type using binary text
koolprasadd 1-Dec-15 2:33am View
try my solution given in earlier comment
koolprasadd 1-Dec-15 2:05am View
if you are not aware of MIME type then it is really hard thing to find out, I have some snippet to check but I haven't tried it at my end
byte[] content = ;
InputStream is = new BufferedInputStream(new ByteArrayInputStream(content));
String mimeType = URLConnection.guessContentTypeFromStream(is);

below link is also useful
koolprasadd 26-Oct-15 7:52am View
No error message, but file printed as empty page basically how to give file name to be printed using print dialog
koolprasadd 16-May-14 3:49am View
may be following link will help you more to accomplish your task
koolprasadd 16-Apr-14 0:42am View
Thanks of the code
I have tried with above code the version set to 1.7, but I want it to set as 1.4, how can I do it ?
koolprasadd 16-Apr-14 0:40am View
No, I am not getting any error but version remains unchanged. After execution the version not changed
koolprasadd 17-Dec-13 7:12am View
Add 'Users' group in its security, and give 'Modify' access and then try again with the same, it may resolved your issue
koolprasadd 4-Sep-13 2:05am View
Thanks for reply Dave.
My program contains a SQL connection string and SQL is installed on same machine. what changes do i need to do so that it will work for me ?

Thanks in advance
koolprasadd 10-May-13 3:31am View
Basically Vehicle ID is dummy column name you can keep what ever you want. it's not mandatory to take veh1,veh2 you can take like col1,col2 ..
koolprasadd 9-Nov-12 23:57pm View
With the Help of Javascript you can not easily put label, textbox and button. Better to Design a from as per your requirement and call it as POPUP with the help of Javascript.
Check my latest reply.
Best luck.
koolprasadd 30-Jan-12 2:32am View
yes. good link abhinav 5
koolprasadd 24-Jan-12 6:00am View
Nice links Raja,+5
koolprasadd 24-Jan-12 2:44am View
Please elaborate
koolprasadd 24-Jan-12 1:21am View
Please explain more
koolprasadd 24-Jan-12 1:10am View
Useful links SA.+5.
koolprasadd 24-Jan-12 1:09am View
please explain in detail
koolprasadd 24-Jan-12 0:53am View
Gooooooled it. it's a basic thing.
koolprasadd 23-Jan-12 2:00am View
added <pre> tag only.
koolprasadd 23-Jan-12 1:31am View
Oops, Yes. Quatation marks are typo. i will clear them.
thanks for clear me.
koolprasadd 23-Jan-12 1:13am View
gooa answer SA +5
koolprasadd 21-Jan-12 5:46am View
don't be capitlize, mean shouting in web world.
koolprasadd 21-Jan-12 3:37am View
Nice and Simple way, OriginalGriff. +5
koolprasadd 21-Jan-12 0:20am View
please explain in detail
koolprasadd 19-Jan-12 5:27am View
Thanks SA. and congrats for being CP MVP.
koolprasadd 18-Jan-12 7:22am View
This is most generic error, please post code, which line gives you error
koolprasadd 18-Jan-12 7:17am View
please elaborate it
koolprasadd 11-Jan-12 2:41am View
if your first page button visible false, then how you go to second page.
please elaborate
koolprasadd 9-Jan-12 0:21am View
what error message it showing ? have you move your project to another location ?
have you given any hardcode path ?
koolprasadd 4-Jan-12 7:01am View
what is error ?
koolprasadd 2-Jan-12 8:01am View
compare two files through 3rd one ? what you mean by this ?
or you want to compare content of these two files with third one ?
koolprasadd 2-Jan-12 1:09am View
good link abhinav
koolprasadd 30-Dec-11 6:25am View
i have given you example of "txt1" only. Every textbox has it's own identification that is id, you can make script dynamic and find respective id of textbox, and use it.
koolprasadd 30-Dec-11 3:50am View
Same thing with me too. i also work with C#, VB many times.
koolprasadd 30-Dec-11 3:01am View
Hey Raja, this is javascript. have you assign blank value "" to CheckInDate.
Please change assignment operator to comparison operator.
koolprasadd 28-Dec-11 6:14am View
please explain more
koolprasadd 28-Dec-11 1:05am View
good link raja.5.
koolprasadd 28-Dec-11 1:04am View
don't be capitalized. it's mean 'shouting'.
koolprasadd 27-Dec-11 4:28am View
what error, can you post ?
koolprasadd 27-Dec-11 0:55am View
koolprasadd 26-Dec-11 7:19am View
Yes. it's server side statemanagment technique. 5.
koolprasadd 26-Dec-11 5:33am View
don't be capitalize. mean shouting.
koolprasadd 23-Dec-11 5:12am View
Do not Repost.
koolprasadd 23-Dec-11 4:58am View
what is the problem then ?
koolprasadd 23-Dec-11 4:41am View
Exactly raja. OP has to put his input either in database or in file and then read it. instead of hardcode it on page.
5. for you.
koolprasadd 23-Dec-11 4:27am View
Yes. Nothing should be checked with 'IS' keyword. 5.
Nice answer OriginalGriff
koolprasadd 23-Dec-11 4:16am View
check updated reply.