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Comments by Sam Hobbs (Top 7 by date)

Sam Hobbs 18-Jan-19 18:39pm View
Thank you, chetan2020. I was looking for a simple sample of the use of iTextSharp. This got me started at least.
Sam Hobbs 18-Jan-19 18:38pm View
Actually, the original response has no relevance whatsoever to the question.
Sam Hobbs 18-Jan-19 18:37pm View
I searched for a simple sample use of iTextSharp and I see no relevance whatsoever that this has to the question.
Sam Hobbs 8-Sep-16 4:38am View
I still don't understand. Oh, okay; I guess I see there is a difference between a comment and a solution. This web site does not make that obvious. Okay, go ahead and downvote me; I don't care. For the future, you need to understand that the problem might be that the web site does not make the difference between a comment and a solution obvious instead of jumping on the person as if they understand.
Sam Hobbs 8-Sep-16 2:48am View
I don't understand. I really don't.

I am a long-time member. If this is not what is wanted then I will continue to avoid this place. I have seen some replies that surprised me with how unsupportive they are.

Honestly, I don't understand the problem.
Sam Hobbs 8-Sep-16 0:51am View
So was everything I said wrong and a total waste of time?
Sam Hobbs 13-Mar-11 18:15pm View
Aha! That is where Nicole got mislead. DirectX is installed with Visual Studio 2010. Right? We don't need to download it separately, correct?