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Comments by Sharjith (Top 2 by date)

Sharjith 6-Nov-12 17:57pm View    
Dear Shah Baba, I don't know from which world you come but the arrogance you pose won't help you get along anywhere. I didn't try to even report your post as an abuse of the forum while I should have done so. I just had a piece of advice for your betterment and you should have already noted what even others feel the same by looking at the solution posted below by another member here. And to judge my familiarity with java code take some effort to go through my articles, which I am sure you haven't even taken the trouble of doing so before replying to me.
Sharjith 5-Nov-12 9:52am View    
Is this a question or delegation of your assignment? Please do your homework on your own. Put some effort and then raise specific questions where you get really stuck.