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Tony Richards 18-Aug-11 13:14pm View
You're probably better off contacting their Tech-Sales department for licensing advice. I'm pretty sure you'll need a license of some kind for a live application, and they'll probably be able to advise best.

You may also want to double-check the VS2008 EULA to see where you stand with using a VS2008 trial. Also, how do you plan to support your website once the license expires?
Tony Richards 2-Jan-11 18:47pm View
Edited to fix code snippets. In future, please wrap the code snippets in pre tags, but not the rest of the text (as I have done here). It makes it clearer, preserves indentation, and a clearer question is more likely to get a reply.
Tony Richards 25-Dec-10 14:35pm View
That will depend entirely on what program the host is using for their FTP server. your best bet is to check with the host, or failing that, experiment with an FTP client like FileZilla to confirm the settings.
Tony Richards 24-Dec-10 6:46am View
Respectfully, there isn't a need to use a paid-for component when there are perfectly good built in classes that will achieve the same task.
Tony Richards 24-Dec-10 6:23am View
Fixed HTML encoding of angle brackets and apostrophe.
Tony Richards 24-Dec-10 6:12am View
Edited for readability, spelling, etc. One big long lump of text is hard to read. Hopefully you can see that breaking it up in to paragraphs makes things a little clearer :)
Tony Richards 24-Dec-10 6:03am View
First: you are not going to be able to create a decent browser in ASP .Net with anything resembling ease. Research your tools before using, and then have a serious think about why you are trying to reinvent the wheel. .Net has the WebBrowserControl for a reason...

Second: If you want help, ask specific questions and demonstrate that you've done some work first yourself. Nobody is going to help you if you ask a vague questions like this.
Tony Richards 23-Dec-10 8:40am View
Cleaned up the code a little, fixing problems with angle brackets being mistaken for HTML tags.
Tony Richards 21-Sep-10 8:42am View
You really don't want to use Application.DoEvents if you can in any way avoid it. It is much better to use a Thread, ThreadPool or BackgroundWorker. DoEvents can cause some seriously strange behaviour if you don't handle it properly (e.g. events re-entering that don't support re-entry).
Tony Richards 8-Sep-10 7:03am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Not a question.
Tony Richards 27-May-10 5:30am View
Please don't SHOUT, even in titles, and please also avoid txtspk such as plz. These things make people less inclined to help.
More detail helps as well :)
Tony Richards 18-May-10 4:56am View
Just testing a bug I found... test hello
Tony Richards 18-May-10 4:53am View
You seriously need to reformat that question. It is next to impossible to read like that, and a lot of people won't bother. Split it in to paragraphs, stick <pre> tags and <code> tags around you code snippets, and you might get more success.
Tony Richards 17-May-10 6:27am View
People are not going to answer a question as vague as this. Try it yourself, then ask specific questions when you get stuck.
Tony Richards 14-May-10 6:52am View
Did you know that you can attach the same code to many event handlers? Or, why not just wrap it up in a function to reduce repeated code to a function call.