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vikrant kpr 3-Sep-13 12:30pm View    
yes you are correct, but the video in the solution was really a mess in which video creator did copy paste and compiled and nothing else.
Even though this question is 1 year old, still people read cp with confidence and if people take this as a solution then it is misleading.
I have learnt lot from cp and I am sure everybody expects the same.
I just thought my input might be of help to people who still read this question.
vikrant kpr 3-Sep-13 8:55am View    
Whether the question is 1 Year Old or 10 Years Old, How does it Matters ?
vikrant kpr 1-Apr-13 15:12pm View    
Yeah frame is best removed for this purpose.

will try to find out a way to create a transparent window without using SetLayeredWindowAttributes

thanks for the help

vikrant kpr 1-Apr-13 14:01pm View    
Thanks for the help.

Or can it be something like an animated gif on a transparent window.

I know of transparency settings using a color using SetLayeredWindowAttributes, but it does not produces good results

I guess Microsoft Agent COM based API would provide enogh architecture to handle animation, but i just want fly or insect to roam on desktop and for that Microsoft Agent COM would be more than asked for.

Yes you are correct, Desktop Hooking would be too much of a hastle.

vikrant kpr 13-Feb-13 12:06pm View    
yes if i add the manifest and force the application to run with elevated access, it works fine.
On the contrary when i do the same using control panel, windows explorer does not prompts for elevated uac and hence i need a way to use the function without adding manifest.
If Control Panel does not prompts for elevated rights, why my application needs elevated access ?