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Comments by Ribhi Kamal (Top 7 by date)

Ribhi Kamal 19-Feb-11 15:37pm View    
Thanks! But I'm really unfamiliar with runtime licence (not that it makes a difference). However, I'd like to explore the process path way to its fullest before giving up :). The next step would be to verify the process signer.
Ribhi Kamal 19-Jan-11 12:45pm View    
The function actually works just fine. It creates the key and its subkeys and opens the key if it already exists.. should I still be worried?
Ribhi Kamal 19-Jan-11 12:12pm View    
Nope... same problem Error 1150
Ribhi Kamal 19-Jan-11 11:24am View    
Good idea, let me try it.
Ribhi Kamal 19-Jan-11 11:18am View    
From getLastError and then pass it through FormatMessage. The decimal error is 1150