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Comments by GuyThiebaut (Top 57 by date)

GuyThiebaut 26-Oct-22 6:06am View    
How about {"_mylist":[{"num": "test1", "status" : "success"},{"num": "test2", "status" : "success"}]}
GuyThiebaut 26-Oct-22 5:46am View    
I don't think that is going to work as testdto is a List with implements IEnumerable so you are going to need to pass in a JSON array.
So something like -> [{"num": "test1", "status" : "success"},{"num": "test2", "status" : "success"}]
GuyThiebaut 26-Oct-22 5:08am View    
Can you show us the actual text you supply swagger with for testdto?

I imagine you should be passing in an array of strings, something like this:
GuyThiebaut 4-Apr-22 7:39am View    
I think what is happening here is that REACT may be protecting you from injecting a script into your page.

One thing I will mention is that you have a typo with your replacement string being `<stong>` i.e. it's missing an "r".
GuyThiebaut 10-Nov-20 12:54pm View    
That fetch looks odd to me.
You need to provide the endpoint in the fetch, not the file name that handles the endpoint.
Your Uploadhandler.ashx file should expose a POST endpoint which you can post to, it is that endpoint that needs to be in the fetch.

Put a debug point on your endpoint and see if it gets hit when the post is issued.
I think you also need to get rid of the last closing bracket in (function(res))