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arkiboys 8-Nov-13 12:16pm View    
ns.Logon("domain\username", "pwd", false, true);
arkiboys 8-Nov-13 12:15pm View    
I have been through these links but still does not solve my issue. any suggestions please? thanks
arkiboys 7-Feb-13 2:30am View    
Still get {}
arkiboys 14-Dec-12 10:51am View    
Hi, I do not see what you have posted.
arkiboys 16-Nov-12 12:48pm View     CRLF
In my winform application, there is one generic method which gets called from every form by every user each time a user uses the application. Is it is a good idea that this method to be static in a static class? I ask because, if it is not static, then the create instance has to be in so many places. I think it is just easier and better ? to have it as static? What do you think please? Thanks