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bbirajdar 27-Jan-21 10:06am View
bbirajdar 27-Jan-21 9:11am View
Make sure your Bundle.Config.cs has the minimised versions of the stylesheets that you have added to the website. And yes, you can set the customErrors section in web.config to view the errors on deployed website
bbirajdar 27-Jan-21 9:05am View
SMTP Server is good for simple email functionality where you send emails and forget. If you need this complex functionality I suggest you should go with Exchange Server and use the APIs to send email, receive and track responses and then send a followup email.
bbirajdar 22-Jan-21 10:42am View
Without specifying the length, the browser is taking the default that takes for the select box.
bbirajdar 21-Jan-21 11:17am View
Set the property CompletionSetCount="20" or 15
bbirajdar 21-Jan-21 10:30am View
Convert it to string and strip all extra digits from the .seperator ( decimal point)
bbirajdar 21-Jan-21 10:28am View
I have developed a similar service some time ago. What I did was -
1. Fetch a limited set of records (batch) to process and mark them as 'Processing' in database
2. Use C# Task class to process the fetched records. That will help you to wait until the processing is finished.
3. One processing is complete, mark those records as 'Processed' so that they are not fetched again for processing.

This way you can deploy multiple instances which will fetch their own batches and process them without conflicting others.
bbirajdar 6-Oct-20 10:59am View
It will not work because the Model is null as you are returning the Json from controller action and not a Model. Change your return View() to return the Model.
bbirajdar 28-Sep-20 11:05am View
Check the errors in browser console. Something is breaking the client side script.
bbirajdar 28-Sep-20 11:03am View
DateTime is value type. It can never be null. So your statement will always return true and insert a DBNull in database
if (expiry == null)
cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@proExpiry", DBNull.Value);
bbirajdar 17-Sep-20 12:31pm View
If you have a question or suggestion , please post it as a comment and not as a solution.
bbirajdar 17-Sep-20 12:18pm View
Follow the steps in the link above to install the C/C++ compiler in your VS code.
bbirajdar 17-Sep-20 12:13pm View
Copy paste the code between opening and closing tr multiple times and you get multiple rows.

bbirajdar 17-Sep-20 12:08pm View
You don't have C/C++ compiler installed on the path where you are running the program.

Follow this
bbirajdar 17-Sep-20 11:10am View
You can always run SQL queries on Oracle DB with ADO.NET and inline queries. But unless you show your code and stop using words like "I tried it running normally" , we will not understand your problem
bbirajdar 17-Sep-20 11:08am View
Make sure you have included the css files. And first make the accordion and dropdown work on the same page as two different items. If the dropdown works, then move it inside accordion
bbirajdar 14-Sep-20 7:04am View
Follow this example

A much simpler example
bbirajdar 14-Sep-20 6:59am View
You have converted it to JSON at server side and will receive the JSON on the client. If you want datatable, you need to return a stongly typed viewmodel from the server and you will receive it in the view as DataTable
bbirajdar 10-Sep-20 9:21am View
bbirajdar 10-Sep-20 9:20am View
You need to understand that Amazon app is a native app on Android phone and not a web app.
bbirajdar 10-Sep-20 9:18am View
Why have you not specified the action controller and Post in @using (Html.BeginForm()) { ?
Also, I cannot see where your submit button is.
bbirajdar 11-Mar-14 6:20am View
Thats fine. Now you know what skills you lack and what you should do.. Start with and C# programming. Its nothing difficult. If millions of people in the world do it, then you can do it too...
bbirajdar 11-Mar-14 3:57am View
Start here from this video tutorials

Check the documentation and C# code samples here
bbirajdar 11-Mar-14 3:09am View
Hmm.... Students are supposed to study and write their own code and get the guidance from the experienced people. The academic exercises and projects are framed in your curriculum for your step by step learning. If you get code from somebody and complete the assignment, then how are you going to perform in the real life professional projects? Now you have lot of time to learn. You should learn it before it is too late. Even if you get the ready made code and pass the project exam , you will not be able to get work after your education. And read the codeproject logo - It says "For those who code"..... Nobody here shares the source code. Because we developers make a living by writing code. If developers give the code for free, then who will pay for their bills ?
bbirajdar 11-Mar-14 1:39am View
I want 600 dollars to buy iPhone 5S .Please give me your salary for this month and I will give you the code as soon as possible .....
bbirajdar 11-Mar-14 1:36am View
Buy datacenters that could do that for you
bbirajdar 9-Mar-14 9:29am View
Yes.. I have PHP code..
bbirajdar 4-Mar-14 23:58pm View
what is - E commerce overview ?
bbirajdar 4-Mar-14 23:57pm View
bbirajdar 4-Mar-14 5:30am View
Yep right +5
bbirajdar 28-Feb-14 2:17am View
Use ajax to call the webmethod and populate DDL on client side....
bbirajdar 28-Feb-14 2:16am View
Use ?pname instaed of ;pname
bbirajdar 28-Feb-14 0:38am View
You posted the wrong code. It is not at all related to what you are saying
bbirajdar 28-Feb-14 0:10am View
Show your code
bbirajdar 25-Feb-14 22:43pm View
You should write a Windows Service
bbirajdar 25-Feb-14 11:59am View
install the crystaldecisions redistributable on the server
bbirajdar 25-Feb-14 11:43am View
okkk... and how do you think we can help you without knowing your DB ????
bbirajdar 25-Feb-14 11:40am View
Where in the world are you? this is 2014 and you are using vs2003???????
bbirajdar 25-Feb-14 4:50am View
You posted the same question couple of hours agao and it was removed as - Not a question..
bbirajdar 25-Feb-14 4:19am View
Yes.. I agree.. You were absolutely right.. It was my mistake I overlooked :) .. Balancing between work and fun on CP ... :)
bbirajdar 25-Feb-14 3:50am View
Better way.. He shouls rewrite his code using "SELECT INTO table1 ......".. That fixes his problem. And you are right. The OP is following a very naive approach.. He is pulling records from one table and inserting into another. No need to have two queries for it. SELECT INTO will suffice
bbirajdar 25-Feb-14 3:47am View
You have got the point... I agree.. Let me think over..
bbirajdar 25-Feb-14 2:22am View
Use it before try block ends.... Concentrate on logic.. Syntax is secondary
bbirajdar 25-Feb-14 2:14am View
Show me the theater ( theatre)
bbirajdar 25-Feb-14 2:13am View
Please dont post your email id.... I feel like writing a spam engine
bbirajdar 25-Feb-14 2:11am View
I checked your solution. Actually he gets the error when he runs the code for the second time. Because he has not closed the connection in his previous execution of this method. It does not matter how many records he fetches. He can open data reader once and close it after reading the records. Then he should close the connection as well. Solution 4 by KingFisher is correct. Please check.
bbirajdar 25-Feb-14 2:07am View
I agree.. This is the correct answer.. I missed 'dr.close();' in my solution +5
bbirajdar 25-Feb-14 2:03am View
bbirajdar 25-Feb-14 2:01am View
bbirajdar 25-Feb-14 1:57am View
You are closing the connection even before you call the ExecuteNonQuery() function -

while (dr.Read())
bbirajdar 25-Feb-14 1:45am View
Answer 1: First one is licensed and second one is open source
Answer 2: yes
bbirajdar 24-Jan-14 0:08am View
Problem resolved after more then 1 year ?
bbirajdar 19-Dec-13 1:03am View
delete the .pdb files in the bin folder
bbirajdar 19-Dec-13 1:02am View
Because you have not written the code for creating and opening the file

check google for some code samples

bbirajdar 18-Dec-13 4:15am View
:) Good one
bbirajdar 16-Dec-13 12:24pm View
because the 'path' is not correct
bbirajdar 16-Dec-13 12:21pm View
I like this reply. I wish I could vote it 5 :)
bbirajdar 15-Dec-13 12:15pm View
Signup with a stock management website and explore it. Now dont ask me the website name. I want you to google it
bbirajdar 12-Dec-13 5:18am View
Dear thatraja. I am not getting any error. The Dialog box closes on click of Yes, No, Cancel button ( Yes. It has Yes, No and Cancel .. I am sure about it ) but does not postback on click of Yes button
bbirajdar 10-Dec-13 2:47am View
Exactly what kind of licence management do you want? Can you give me an example of any website on the internet?
bbirajdar 7-Dec-13 10:54am View
oh my god.... software development is not just copy pasting. study the code first and ask specific questions
bbirajdar 7-Dec-13 6:33am View
use sql join
bbirajdar 7-Dec-13 5:32am View
bbirajdar 7-Dec-13 5:29am View
Let me help you to find it.... First tell me how did you loose it? Did you write it on the CD/DVD and misplaced it? Always have backups at multiple places. So that it is easier to find it...
bbirajdar 7-Dec-13 2:02am View
This is not an issue. you need to learn the basics of , silverlight and
bbirajdar 7-Dec-13 2:00am View
A code dump
bbirajdar 7-Dec-13 1:58am View
Any efforts so far?

Try searching google first...
bbirajdar 6-Dec-13 12:35pm View
Yeah...That's it .. my 5
bbirajdar 6-Dec-13 12:34pm View
Oh..Me too SA.. Waiting for OP to clarify whether he wants a Cambridge or an Oxford dictionary.. Later I can think about its implementation in C++
bbirajdar 3-Dec-13 2:12am View
Okay.. And do you want to hire a developer for it ? What is the budget?
bbirajdar 3-Dec-13 2:10am View
You should do it in C
bbirajdar 3-Dec-13 2:10am View
Its already there in 3.10. Go check the nop documentation
bbirajdar 3-Dec-13 1:52am View
Try TorBrowser
bbirajdar 3-Dec-13 1:45am View
bbirajdar 2-Dec-13 8:20am View
Both are same. The second one came up in c#2.0
bbirajdar 2-Dec-13 8:18am View
Thats nice.. post the project here link ^ . Its the best website to get projects done
bbirajdar 28-Nov-13 21:31pm View
If you read through through the link I gave you then I will explain you.
bbirajdar 28-Nov-13 6:28am View
In that case you need to start with basics.. Study ADO.NET and C# basics
bbirajdar 28-Nov-13 6:01am View
bbirajdar 28-Nov-13 6:01am View
Web design is an art. It takes years of research and study to achieve a perfection. But you can get started now .. Check here
bbirajdar 28-Nov-13 5:56am View
This is how you do it
bbirajdar 28-Nov-13 4:11am View
Thats a very bad design.. Its time to fire your manager....
bbirajdar 28-Nov-13 4:07am View
Use HTML, jQuery and Css
bbirajdar 28-Nov-13 3:16am View
Use the dataTable.Merge() method
bbirajdar 28-Nov-13 3:15am View
What is the meaning of 'impitantly' . I searched on google but could not find it...
bbirajdar 27-Nov-13 3:36am View
cics program.. On which tv channel does it come in ?
bbirajdar 27-Nov-13 3:35am View
And whats the problem ?
bbirajdar 22-Nov-13 4:57am View
bbirajdar 21-Nov-13 21:34pm View
Leave a comment below the article here and he will get a notification for it.

By the way, this is not a programming question and I am marking it.
bbirajdar 21-Nov-13 21:31pm View
Neither we can figure it out without looking at the code....
bbirajdar 21-Nov-13 5:39am View
Its 'right click' and the Update References shows up in the context menu
bbirajdar 21-Nov-13 1:29am View
Right click on Servicereferenes1.svc > Update References
bbirajdar 21-Nov-13 0:04am View
Good solution +5
bbirajdar 20-Nov-13 21:33pm View
I dont know what help you need.
bbirajdar 20-Nov-13 6:23am View
The Google finance API is no longer available. To get live updates you need to pay fees to the BSE so that they will provide you with the feed
bbirajdar 20-Nov-13 6:21am View
Read the question once again. Try using full stop(.) atleast so that we can understand a bit.
bbirajdar 20-Nov-13 6:19am View
repost :
bbirajdar 20-Nov-13 1:17am View
Did you try to Google?
bbirajdar 19-Nov-13 5:56am View
I was expecting a answer. But you came up with a question...
bbirajdar 19-Nov-13 5:42am View
Okay.. I will guide you. First I want you to think - How will a page access the code, documents repository that resides on your local system?

Think over it and you will understand
bbirajdar 19-Nov-13 5:33am View
You can send it to microsoft help center via email.
bbirajdar 19-Nov-13 5:32am View
I agree. He also needs to give the detailed requirement. The requirement posted is too abstract to come up with a quote.
bbirajdar 19-Nov-13 5:31am View
First you should know what the protected keyword means
bbirajdar 19-Nov-13 4:12am View
I agree.. +5... Popup blocker is the security feature of the browsers especially created to avoid annoying popup ads. You cannot change it from code. If you want to show popups, then change your code and show it in a different way like AJAX ModalPopupExtenders .
bbirajdar 19-Nov-13 3:13am View
In the delete button click event , call two methods-
1. To delete image name from database
2. To delete image file from the disk.

bbirajdar 18-Nov-13 23:49pm View
A long time ago, I have used Link Grammar Parser for parsing english words. Check if this can be of any use for you

It has a .NET port too..
bbirajdar 18-Nov-13 5:45am View
Go ahead and do it. If you face any difficulties , then post your code, we will correct it
bbirajdar 18-Nov-13 5:43am View
Write a SQL server job
bbirajdar 18-Nov-13 5:05am View
I am also new to this arm and robotics stuff. I will start researching on it and will let you know. Just need to know what the arm should look like
bbirajdar 18-Nov-13 4:16am View
I will try . But can assure only when you tell what exact help you want..
bbirajdar 18-Nov-13 2:47am View
Oh well..... This means you should read this article...
bbirajdar 18-Nov-13 2:33am View
bbirajdar 18-Nov-13 2:21am View
What is MVP ? Most Valued Professional OR Model View Presenter ?
bbirajdar 15-Nov-13 2:24am View
Buy the domain and host your application on public IP
bbirajdar 14-Nov-13 3:49am View
If you use jQuery for validation, then it will be a client only validation. You should have a server side validation as well. So use validator controls
bbirajdar 14-Nov-13 3:46am View
You should show us your updated code. We cannot guide you in this case without looking at the code
bbirajdar 13-Nov-13 21:18pm View
The only problem you have is that you have hardcoded values in px; You should always use in %
bbirajdar 13-Nov-13 21:11pm View
Start from here
bbirajdar 13-Nov-13 6:16am View
Visual Studio 2012 creates this for you without writing a single line of code or
bbirajdar 12-Nov-13 2:59am View
You must have used hardcoded widths and heights
bbirajdar 12-Nov-13 2:58am View
If tools are used then why it will be called "manual" testing ?
bbirajdar 12-Nov-13 1:52am View
Ok. What was the last change you did?
Are you using URL rewriting ?
bbirajdar 11-Nov-13 21:04pm View
You need to study the C language constructs first. There is something called TSR in C which you need to use.
bbirajdar 11-Nov-13 21:00pm View
Never heard of the ruler HTML tag /ASP.NET control..
bbirajdar 11-Nov-13 2:50am View
The last sentence was good enough to convince me.. Thanks Sergey..Now I can understand your perspective... And I agree to the point that - popular does not necessarily mean the best. I can see a lot more examples of it in the real world. Cheers !!!
bbirajdar 11-Nov-13 2:27am View
I am a .net guy myself. I feel your view for PHP is biased without giving any specific reasons. If PHP was really bad, it would not have survived so long.

No worries. I will find my answer on my own.
bbirajdar 11-Nov-13 2:01am View
I agree with Sergey. But I have seen many PHP supporters boasting about how the facebook is built in PHP.. Is there anything specific reason FB preferred it?
bbirajdar 11-Nov-13 1:11am View
PHP helps people earn a lot of money as PHP programmers

For other details you can google...
bbirajdar 11-Nov-13 1:09am View
Although your question is not clear, I guess you want something like this
bbirajdar 10-Nov-13 21:32pm View
Thank you for providing code for a question posted more than 3 years ago... Dont you thinks its too late ?
bbirajdar 10-Nov-13 21:14pm View or search for google analytics
bbirajdar 10-Nov-13 21:12pm View
start ^here
bbirajdar 8-Nov-13 10:14am View
opacity is not supported by all browsers. check the browser documentation
bbirajdar 8-Nov-13 10:10am View
bbirajdar 6-Nov-13 6:17am View
And how will your validation code work if the user disables javascript in the browser ?
bbirajdar 6-Nov-13 6:05am View
The error is self explanatory.
bbirajdar 6-Nov-13 4:24am View
Since you did not receive any solution for your question in 22 hours, I suggest you to make these changes to the question-

2. Paste the exact error message. "cannot execute properly" does not make any sense to us. Can you guide some person who just says his code "cannot execute properly " ??????
bbirajdar 5-Nov-13 21:39pm View
Tried to Google ? Check ^here
bbirajdar 5-Nov-13 0:01am View
Do not add long items . Have some max width fixed for all menu entries.. Follow the standards.. Good software does not mean that it should be able to display the wikipedia in the menu....
bbirajdar 4-Nov-13 21:33pm View
Not clear
bbirajdar 4-Nov-13 21:07pm View
Check ^here
bbirajdar 4-Nov-13 21:05pm View
Whenever a unique id is used, keep the count of number of unique ids activated .
bbirajdar 4-Nov-13 4:30am View
I did not vote. This is not a solution but a suggestion
bbirajdar 4-Nov-13 4:30am View
bbirajdar 4-Nov-13 0:36am View
Definately, NAQ
bbirajdar 3-Nov-13 23:37pm View
Any particular reason for using HTML only ? You can have a larger set of options if you use GridView instead
bbirajdar 1-Nov-13 6:19am View
No clear
bbirajdar 31-Oct-13 4:41am View
They are basically used for software programs
bbirajdar 31-Oct-13 2:41am View
Good idea though.. But I am wondering - If you do not want to use gateway neither GSM modem, how will be the sms contents and receiver's number will be sent to the Telecom company. Are you planning to print them and send by courier to the telecom company so that they can send the SMS over GSM network?
bbirajdar 31-Oct-13 1:18am View
Did you try to Google ? What does it say ?
bbirajdar 31-Oct-13 1:08am View
Any reasons for downvote ?
bbirajdar 30-Oct-13 6:34am View
bbirajdar 30-Oct-13 6:32am View
Show your efforts
bbirajdar 30-Oct-13 6:32am View
Hmmmm.. Do you want to download virus/malware on users system ???
bbirajdar 28-Oct-13 23:06pm View
Use jQuery. It will handle browser compatibility for you
bbirajdar 28-Oct-13 23:03pm View
I guess you are using Custom option in installation and not selecting the Web Developer checkbox in the installation wizard. Either install the FULL setup or Default. And with the very little information you have provided , no one can guess what the problem might be..

I need to know the following info-

Windows version ??
Windows Edition ??
Windows SP version ??
VS Edition ??
bbirajdar 28-Oct-13 1:37am View
Call the microsoft support
bbirajdar 28-Oct-13 1:36am View
you can write some fake code
bbirajdar 26-Oct-13 0:19am View
Bind it in the pageload
bbirajdar 21-Oct-13 7:56am View
Google is a billion times intelligent than you. Don't you think that Google guys have never imagined that a few lines of javascript can be used for programatically click a Ad ?

Don't go for it... Google analyses all the world's data. If you are getting more clicks on the ads as compared to other sites in same category, you will automatically be banned. No body is smarter than google.
bbirajdar 21-Oct-13 5:22am View
Buy a domain name..It costs only about 10 USD..or the cost of a keyboard of one of the computer in your organisation...
bbirajdar 11-Oct-13 4:37am View
Exception messages are not for users, they are for developers. You log the exception messages and send them to developers to fix it...
bbirajdar 11-Oct-13 4:35am View
You have not assigned the OkControlID to the extender. Assign it and it will work
bbirajdar 10-Oct-13 0:58am View
And the question is ?
bbirajdar 7-Oct-13 8:15am View
Dear joshi
It seems you are new on public forums. If you really have something in your brains, you should post the solution to the question rather than telling other people what they should do.

And I know you are the same who downvoted my 10 solutions in a row because my solution got more upvotes than yours. Be a man and accept the facts. Downvoting others solutions is a cowardly act. Jealous people like you do not have any directions where to go and start suggesting the people who do not need it rather than who really need it. You must really read the rules for asking questions on CP here and
bbirajdar 7-Oct-13 5:41am View
And what is the user does not want to install your service ? Why are you forcing him to install your application on his machine ? He can pull you in the court for that....
bbirajdar 7-Oct-13 5:38am View
What is POS ? Point Of Sale ?
bbirajdar 7-Oct-13 1:03am View
2 reports
bbirajdar 7-Oct-13 0:58am View
Thank you Anoop...
bbirajdar 7-Oct-13 0:58am View
I have posted the Solution 2 below. Its not in Hebrew but in english. Hope you understand it. And down voting it will not change how the web works
bbirajdar 7-Oct-13 0:14am View
+5 for time saving link
bbirajdar 3-Oct-13 23:44pm View
Hire a .NET Developer from
bbirajdar 2-Oct-13 1:09am View
Not required. You have dumped the abstract requirements of four projects here. Nobody has time enough to explain those to you. If you would have checked the other questions in this section, you can see those are specific questions - not projects requirements. And before somebody answers you , you should show what you have tried..

In your case, its better for you to start with Google first.

Also do care to read this link
bbirajdar 1-Oct-13 23:51pm View
Use the same connection string in two projects
bbirajdar 1-Oct-13 23:47pm View
Did you notice that this is a quick answers section and your question can be answered in this particular section ?
bbirajdar 1-Oct-13 23:26pm View
You can also use google talk to get notifications about new emails
bbirajdar 1-Oct-13 23:25pm View
Throw away that software. Install chrome and enable Gmail Desktop notifications
bbirajdar 25-Sep-13 22:48pm View
Code is free..If you can find it on Google
bbirajdar 25-Sep-13 22:47pm View
faizel ... The question you asked was about L I N K V I E W and the answer you posted is for L I S T V I E W
bbirajdar 25-Sep-13 6:14am View
Simple....If there is no relation, then you cannot display..
bbirajdar 25-Sep-13 6:03am View
I asked google. Even Google does not know about it
bbirajdar 24-Sep-13 6:45am View
You are in a wrong place. LinkView does not exist in You have the chance to create it. Hurry up before Microsoft does it
bbirajdar 24-Sep-13 6:42am View
Very innovative concept... Are there adjectives , affirmatives, superlatives and tenses too in LINQ.. I am very excited to know...
bbirajdar 24-Sep-13 1:32am View
Agree.. Compiler can understand anything as long as it compiles. The more important point is the other developer who reads your code should also be able to understand your code and maintain it...
bbirajdar 19-Sep-13 6:46am View
Please tell me why you want CSS only.. You need to use HTML and javascript/jQuery also
bbirajdar 17-Sep-13 4:15am View
The problem is NOT related to Application Pool .. Its about ADO.NET connection pool.. Increase the connection timeout in the connection string
bbirajdar 16-Sep-13 12:39pm View
go to
type in ssas
press enter
bbirajdar 15-Sep-13 22:42pm View
bbirajdar 15-Sep-13 22:41pm View
This is the answer.. +5
bbirajdar 12-Sep-13 1:13am View
I am also logged in ( to codeproject ) now.. Use my name. You can find my state and country details in my biography page..
bbirajdar 9-Sep-13 7:35am View
Documents should open in PdfReader or in WebPage itself ?
bbirajdar 6-Sep-13 7:22am View
Yes please.. Go ahead and convert.. You have my permission
bbirajdar 6-Sep-13 6:56am View
bbirajdar 6-Sep-13 6:51am View
Yeah Amit...

I personally hate spoon feeding. So I do not vote solutions which provide ready made code for 'no efforts' type of question....Instead I like solutions which provides guidances and references and help the novices learn.. If somebody provides code , then they will copy paste , execute and then come back again after an hour asking for some other code...
bbirajdar 6-Sep-13 6:43am View
bbirajdar 6-Sep-13 6:13am View
If someone can become good programmer by reading books, then the proof reader guys and book sellers would have been the best programmers..

Real programmers do not read books.. They google, read from MSDN , blogs by great people in this field. I personally read Scott Guthrie and have subscribed to his feed..
bbirajdar 6-Sep-13 5:12am View
Try CKEditor
bbirajdar 6-Sep-13 3:31am View
Well I suggest you call all the members in the assembly hall and ask them " Those who have not paid the fees for the month XXXX , please raise your hands..."
bbirajdar 6-Sep-13 0:57am View
You need to start searching on Google for the search term - Webservices in
bbirajdar 6-Sep-13 0:32am View
Hire a software programmer who is confident or experienced in converting C++ application to C#