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jdpiper65 12-Aug-14 16:59pm View    
Ahh the wonders of w3schools. Getting the syntax of the Xpath queries down has helped me to figure this out on my own. I love this site as it has been a boon to my efforts building both simple and complex apps and also to learn c# coming from
jdpiper65 12-Aug-14 16:19pm View    
I apologize for the lack of some details. I think it more a lack of the knowledge of the XmlReader and Xpath that are giving me the problems. I have been through many examples of the Xpath and the XmlReader and am sure at this point it is a simple misunderstanding of the Xpath query that is giving me the fits. The simplest thing I have tried is:
XmlNodeList nodes = XDoc.DocumentElement.SelectNodes("/Reply/Object");
foreach (XmlNode node in nodes)
and nothing is dropped into the listbox which is what leads down the path of my failure to properly enumerate the Root Node\Elements\attributes structure.