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NK7 5-Jul-12 4:47am View    
Reason for my vote of 5
Good work man :-)
NK7 2-Feb-12 4:06am View    
Sorry i have lost internet connection, it took one day to restore. They have designed in such a way i will get the string value from the back end based on the value i have to set the radio button, we its giving me error code not retuning any value.

S. Keshaavan
NK7 1-Feb-12 5:33am View    
sorry it was copy paste error, I have mentioned the return type too.
NK7 14-Jan-11 3:58am View    
Thanks for your detail answer. Still i have problem. scanticket instance is created more than one form at a time while launching the application.

1. ManaualEnter
2. BarCode
3. Applicationscan
4. Pluscode

All four form creating the instance in the same order one by one. After the pluscode create a instance applicationscan event scanTicket_Completed become null. I am creating instance while running the application. So when i click the button in scanticket scanTicket_Completed event shows null.

Could you help me please. Thanks in advance

NK7 14-Jan-11 2:06am View    
Hi thanks for your reply. But class A is called from cls1. Class A doesnt inherit cls1. Ok. I will try to clearly explain below

I have a usercontrol scanTicket. I am creating instance of scanTicket in ApplicationScan class. When i click button1 in applicationScan it will show scanticket. After doing some background work if i click ok button in scanticket it has to close this and fire and event in applicationscan. This is my problem.

Could you help me please