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Comments by Dr.Walt Fair, PE (Top 200 by date)

Dr.Walt Fair, PE 21-Feb-18 12:13pm View    
Are you restricted to integers? Howmany bytes?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 28-Sep-12 22:18pm View    
Have a +4 back at ya! He could also use a Tab control or lots of other ways to arrange things.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 4-Sep-12 12:31pm View    
Possibly. In some cases I've run into, the minimum size is too big. What would really be needed is to shrink the fonts, etc. as well as the edges of the controls. That's not so easy and I don't have a good solution.

If setting a minimum size works for your case, that's certainly easy!
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 15-May-12 19:28pm View    
Is this homework?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 14-May-12 21:19pm View    
Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension is what I use. +5