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Comments by Andrew Brock (Top 149 by date)

Andrew Brock 17-Dec-11 20:47pm View    
Please justify your reasons. Are you trying to do something like google and index a website, or are you trying to do bad things?

Also, what should happen with the link? Should it open the link in the browser, or should it download that page and do something on it?

Use the "Improve question" button at the bottom of your message to update it.
Andrew Brock 13-Dec-11 7:37am View    
Blocking POST seems a bit silly, but there is no post data on the google homepage, so this shouldn't be an issue.

try adding a "www." in the url, see if that helps.
Another thing you can try is SSL, "" as the server. This encrypts your data and essentially bypasses the proxy and whatever content filtering it has since it cannot see any of the data, only that you are connecting to google.

All 3 URLs ("", "", and "") work on my computer, which has no proxy.
Andrew Brock 13-Dec-11 7:25am View    
Source code for MFC is included with Visual Studio for under <install dir="">\VC\atlmfc\src\mfc\ and for the CRT under <install dir="">\VC\crt\src\

There is no garbage collection in there, and C/C++ most defiantly does not provide garbage collection without using 3rd party libraries, or writing it yourself

That said, your answer is still the solution to the question, and is mostly right. 5'd.
Andrew Brock 20-Nov-11 3:17am View    
try replacing the 2nd last parameter, GetModuleHandle(NULL), with the hInstance which is passed into your WinMain() function
Andrew Brock 17-Nov-11 5:04am View    
How are you displaying it?
printf("%d") for int/long
if it is the debugger, right click on it and untick "hexadecimal display"
if it isn't any of these either tell me and I can tell you how do display in base 10, or consult the documentation