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bapu2889 5-Jul-10 11:28am View    
hi sandeep
yes i have tried but still it's same when i run the apps it runs fine and also shows saved data in to listview because in this app i also have listview control to retrive data from database. so when i saved data it shows into listview contorl but when i check into database nothing shows there
thanks for your rep.
bapu2889 4-Jul-10 12:42pm View    
hello again
i have also tried this

ALTER PROCEDURE dbo.NewInsertCommand
@FirstName nvarchar(25),
@LastName nvarchar(25),
@City nvarchar(50),
@State nvarchar(50)

DECLARE @UserID int;

INSERT INTO [UserData] ([FirstName], [LastName]) VALUES (@FirstName, @LastName);


INSERT INTO [Location] (City,State,UserID)
VALUES (@City, @State, @UserID);

but still no luck
bapu2889 4-Jul-10 12:31pm View    
hello mark
thanks for your rep.
could you please tell me how to use scope_identity
waiting for your kind rep.

bapu2889 4-Jul-10 7:09am View    
hello thanks for your rep.
yes but to be very honest i dont know what to check.
but it's taking all the strings from textbox and then run ExecuteNonQuery and it displays item saved message box so could you please tell me what should i check
waiting for your kind help