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mmdullah 2-Mar-15 2:37am View    
oops.... I have not go through the description properly.... I thought it is all about web project.. sorry for my mistake
mmdullah 26-Nov-11 1:51am View    
Thanks for your technical explanation. Yes, I am new to linux. but I need to do it quickly.

Meanwhile, I have explored ActiveSocket which is inline with your suggestion.
Would you please see that and do you think it will serve my purpose?
and user manual:
mmdullah 26-Nov-11 0:44am View    
I have seen it on web:

Originally Posted by theYinYeti
One way to do this:
- Install Cygwin, as well as the following handy "C:\cygwin\launch.bat" script:
@echo off
chdir C:\_cygwin\bin
bash --login -i -c "%*"
- Run from your own .bat:
C:\cygwin\launch.bat ssh user@host "remotecommand"
Of course, you'll have to setup a passphrase-less key-based authentication to the host.

Hi theYinYeti,

Thanks alot for your help and response. Can I know how do I do a passphrase-less key-based authentication? I'm new to this cygwin.

mmdullah 12-Nov-11 1:18am View    
I am sorry for not typing the orderField. Its actually there.
SELECT * FROM DownloadScheduleMap WHERE dsm_IsDeleted = 0 ORDER BY dsm_Des DESC
Yet the problem arises. It works on my pc-- but not on my client pc. Also it happens for this table only other tables are OK.
mmdullah 1-Oct-11 4:27am View    
I mean that, If I can declare a base class for all of my crystal Reports then, I can declare it as where T : myBasicReportClass, new() and thus I can get the SetDataSource Method.