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Comments by Dharmateja Challa (Top 7 by date)

Dharmateja Challa 10-Dec-12 8:45am View
its BOOL, checkout MSDN documentation its quite comprehensive...
Dharmateja Challa 5-Dec-12 1:16am View
Do you want server side or a client which reads RSS ?
Dharmateja Challa 4-Dec-12 3:06am View
I think he is using Indian government UIDAI fingerprint API :), I think some dll is missing.
Dharmateja Challa 1-Dec-12 1:59am View
Just to check if c++ exception is properly thrown use catch(...) instead for testing
Dharmateja Challa 28-Nov-12 9:20am View
you can use psexec and execute it remotely, you can download this tool from ms site...
Dharmateja Challa 28-Nov-12 5:58am View
Does RSA fall under steganography ? I think its cryptography, or the requirement is to hide the audio files in RSA keys ? Its very hard to understand from that single line.
Dharmateja Challa 24-Nov-12 9:05am View
This will answer your query...