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UJimbo 11-Nov-11 5:34am View    
For winforms, wpf, Asp?
UJimbo 11-Nov-11 4:38am View
It also explains how to setup two tables for a cascade delete, which means deleting the row in one table will also delete the row in the second table automatically.
UJimbo 10-Nov-11 10:36am View    
Why repost the question? Also, what's wrong with you posting on a respectable site with that nickname, be it a phallus or a rooster I don't care. This is unacceptable
UJimbo 3-Nov-11 7:15am View    
Show him how to get the substring containing the last 4 numbers and you get my 5 marks Bob :)
UJimbo 3-Nov-11 6:34am View    
List<rectangle> rectList = new List<rectangle>();

remove the :

I gave up trying to make the editor show it corfrectly...