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Comments by Paw Jershauge (Top 34 by date)

Paw Jershauge 24-Nov-17 2:26am View    
your welcome ;)
Use Row_number() if you want to make ranking column. so you could have lets say Top10 Departments with their Salaries

,ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY MAX([salary]) DESC) AS [Max_Salary_Rank]
Paw Jershauge 24-Nov-17 2:16am View    
,MAX(Salary) AS [Max_Salary]
FROM [tbl_Employee]
GROUP BY [Department]
Paw Jershauge 24-Nov-17 1:51am View    
Do you want ONLY the department with the highest incentives ???
Paw Jershauge 16-May-17 8:38am View    
@CHill60, i believe i said that i would not recommend it; but if the first cast fails i would try something else, i'm NOT saying that this is correct...
Paw Jershauge 16-May-17 7:53am View    
How would you ever know what style to convert from ???