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Comments by Harley L. Pebley (Top 6 by date)

Harley L. Pebley 16-Jul-14 0:19am View    
I'm not a C++ guru, but I don't recognize the OString type. Google indicates it might be part of an OpenOffice library? If so, I don't see an assignment operator for that class. With the assumption (a big one given the limited amount of information) that the exception comes from the line tempValue = "", you might try tempValue = OString(""); If that doesn't work, I'd suggest posting a single, short example method that demonstrates the problem rather than bits and pieces of the code you're working on.
Harley L. Pebley 15-Jul-14 23:37pm View    
Correct. A string is one item. A string array is multiple strings. You can't compare them directly. What is it you want to do? And what's the relevance of the fact that you have an integer?
Harley L. Pebley 15-Jul-14 22:02pm View    
It solves the functional requirements. If the originally suggested implementation is a requirement for homework, well the reader should figure it out. ;-)

And "advanced" is a value judgement. Some might consider it simpler. :-)
Harley L. Pebley 15-Jul-14 21:57pm View    
What UI technology are you using? WinForms? WPF? Something else?
Harley L. Pebley 15-Jul-14 19:08pm View    
If you look at the example I linked to, the WatchDirectory method has a while(true) loop in it. That loop has places where you can add your own behavior as indicated by the comments. The code above the loop is needed as setup to use the API methods.