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Abbas_here 16-Feb-12 5:36am View    
thanks for details comment you posted here, we are able to work on general web services methods with complex return parameters, actually the problem is that client saying me to create a web service method which able consume their SOAP file but how can we capture SOAP (XML) file...

Is it something like-> Authenticate (loginId, password)? or something else..please suggest..
Abbas_here 15-Feb-11 7:02am View    
Thanks Sandeep, It works fine in IE may be because IE support window function, but once I run it on Mozilla or Chrome its having a blank page, actually I am trying to create a toolbar for mozilla browser.

Abbas_here 15-Feb-11 6:40am View    
Habib, actully I want to open simply my drive (either c: or d:) of my computer on button click by JavaScript, I do not want to use browse control.

Abbas_here 15-Feb-11 6:36am View    
I was trying it to open it by given sytax in js function with local computer name but it redirect to me on blank page."file://\\\\computer name\\C$");
Or"file://computer name/C$");

Abbas_here 14-Feb-11 9:03am View    
thanks for reply....I tested it, but not worked...