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Robert Inventor 2-Feb-16 8:02am View    
Okay thanks, good thoughts.

I thought about ffmpeg but I can't find good documentation on how to use libavcodec. Plenty about how to use ffmpeg to convert videos from one format to another but that's not what I need.

Just to be clear - since the bottleneck is exporting the video to disk in the first place - I don't need code to convert my exported avi to mp4. I can do that with mencoder, or else I use other programs to convert avi to mp4.

Also - I'm not interested in code to convert exported single frames or exported uncompressed avi. They take about as long to export as the compressed avi.

I'm looking for a way to export directly to some compressed format such as mp4 or avi from my program.

Since avi is just a container format, you can use many different encoders inside of it. And I think some of the modern encoders you can use with avi might work well, but for some reason AVISaveOptions doesn't seem to list them.

It's also commercial software so whatever I use has to be under a suitable license to use with commercial software (shareware). The program is [^] and I use it for making videos of the program to upload to youtube, and sometimes users of the program need to make videos of the rhythms also.

Thanks for your help, any other thoughts (or anyone else got any ideas)?
Robert Inventor 18-Oct-12 20:52pm View    
Thanks again, great, it's good to understand how it happened.

I use Windows key + D quite often to show the desktop, so expect it is something to do with that. Haven't used Alt + Space + X to maximize before, that's a new one for me (though do use Alt + space to move a window if it gets accidentally placed outside the monitor, anyway that hasn't happened for some time either) - so it's probably the Windows + D.
Robert Inventor 18-Oct-12 18:42pm View    
I'm impressed :). That solved it. I just deleted them all as I had 100 of them and don't care about Windows 7 forgetting where some of the open dialogs were when last shown.

Any thoughts about why it might have happened? Occasionally I have had to do a hard reboot when Windows stopped responding, wonder if that might be the reason...

Anyway 5 stars for your solution :)
Robert Inventor 16-Oct-12 5:19am View    
Have done that, thanks!
Robert Inventor 15-Oct-12 20:45pm View    
Thanks, yes that's a good point, no hurry now that I've got 6.0 working, can shop around and see what is available.