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GParkings 21-Feb-12 9:04am View    
I agree. I would STRONGLY advise you reconsider your choice of project. As a developer with 10+ years experience I would be extremely reluctant to tackle a project such as this without at least one team member highly experienced in this field to act as senior/principal developer.

The algorithm required would more likely be considered a Phd level project than a dissertation for a bachelors degree (I'm assuming that's what you intend for this project)
GParkings 21-Feb-12 8:41am View    
Changed your title to be a little less misleading and countered the downvoting a tad :D
GParkings 21-Feb-12 8:38am View    
very good answer to a blatant homework question
GParkings 21-Feb-12 8:18am View    
if you haven't already it would be good to post this as a tip.

Its useful to know and might get missed buried in the Q&&A section :D
GParkings 14-Feb-12 7:15am View    
did you also override the GetHashCode method?, you should have, .. post that code up as well