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Comments by Gustav Brock (Top 30 by date)

Gustav Brock 7-Jan-19 4:52am View    
Great! Glad you got it sorted out.
Gustav Brock 4-Jan-19 12:00pm View    
That's very confusing. You should name your fields and controls to reflect the content.

If username1 holds a name that should match [Employees Extended].[Employee Name], you should bind the combobox to its second field/column, not the first - as it by default is.
Gustav Brock 4-Jan-19 11:44am View    
So ID is the name of the user? Normally, ID is a number (Long), and it doesn't match your SQL:

SELECT [Employees Extended].ID, [Employees Extended].[Employee Name] FROM [Employees Extended];

where, I guess, Name is the name of the user.
Gustav Brock 4-Jan-19 11:35am View    
If you declare the global variable as String, it will hold a string.
If tb_ID is a number, username1 should be declared as Long:

username1 = Me.tb_ID.Value
Gustav Brock 4-Jan-19 7:17am View    
Check what value it has and what value you try to assign. The value of a control and the caption of its associated label (if such one exists) are two different things. Value must match the data type bound to the control. Caption must be a string.