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Comments by QuickBooksDev (Top 41 by date)

QuickBooksDev 15-Dec-19 11:57am View    
Did you have to add anything else? It fine in W7 with Access 2013 but the same app on W10 just didn't. Same install MSI same everything but no go on W10/Access 2016.

Did you have office/access installed or were using RunTime?
QuickBooksDev 15-Dec-19 6:23am View    
Re-boot did not help.

I used different code in a 64 bit app and still failed with the same error.

Surely there must be a way to read an Access database in Windows 10.
QuickBooksDev 14-Dec-19 18:04pm View    
Installed Microsoft Access Database_x64 and get the same error on my Office 2016 64 bit machine.

Unable to install the either version of on Office 2016 32 bit machine because the 32 bit version says I have 64bit installed and the 64bit version says I have 32 bit installed.


Will try a reboot
QuickBooksDev 14-Dec-19 16:33pm View    
W7 was 64bit. App is 32 bit and must stay 32 bit due to other requirements.

How do I get and install any ACE engine?
QuickBooksDev 4-Oct-19 10:18am View    
Only solved the immediate build error but have no idea why references are disappearing and why the other programs did not have the issue. It is just scary.