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DontSailBackwards 9-Jan-16 18:19pm View    
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Nice one, thanks.

And YES, there is an Entity Framework 7

You can get the latest bleeding-edge releases at or search for aspnet at for the nuget feeds of various build stages.
DontSailBackwards 3-Mar-15 17:51pm View    
This, and the solution by Abhinav S are good when you want to build a DLL, not an EXE.
DontSailBackwards 3-Mar-15 17:37pm View    
Dead link, very sad. Yay internet archive:
DontSailBackwards 27-Jan-15 16:13pm View    
Reason for my vote of 2 \n Is this some kind of promo for WFE because it ain't cheap: