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Rage 13-Dec-16 7:00am View
Thanks, Autoit would most probably be my tool of choice if nothing else arise from the above question. I was not sure, since it involves events (like connecting to the printer) that might be time-based and therefor unreliable, but it is worth trying out.
Rage 15-Feb-16 3:33am View
Hi SA, just did as you mentioned, and it worked like a charm. Many thanks !
Rage 12-Feb-16 11:47am View
With MSDN membership, you mean Microsoft account, correct ? I think it is one and the same.
Rage 12-Feb-16 11:13am View
Thanks. I get a bit confused with all the different versions, to be honest... and the Microsoft documentation does not really help.
What is the difference between Express and Community ? I tried the community version already, but it expired after 30 days, so it does not seem to be free of charge ( Microsoft wanted a code from me to continue using it) :

To my problem : I am writing a c++ plug-in for a third-party tool, so this dll only gets loaded at runtime. I need to start the tool, perform some operations, and only then my dll gets loaded. Attaching the process from within Visual Studio at that point of time does not succeed : the debugger starts, but my breakpoints are disabled. I managed to get my dll attached by the debugger by stopping the program flow with a message box, attaching the debugger using the Debug option from the windwos task manager on my process, which would just fire up visual studio in debugger mode (I think this goes over VSJitdebugger.exe, which is called by the task manager). But this is exactly what is not available in the express edition.

The cost of VS is outrageously enormous compared with the 30 lines .dll code I need to develop, but I think the choices are narrow...
Rage 21-Oct-15 10:38am View
Because using a free version for work purposes is against the law in my work country.
Rage 9-Oct-15 12:15pm View
Ok, but the preprocessor part is important. Does Code handle it ?
Rage 8-Oct-15 19:11pm View
Because I basically only need a code "viewer" - I do not code myself - and VS is far too expensive for that.
I think I will install the compiler and have a run with the option that only stripes out non-compiled code. I did not want to have to rerun the compiler each time I change the #defines, but I guess this is still something that is not possible easily in 2015...
Rage 21-Aug-15 11:04am View
Wow, I did not know that it was that important. Ok, here, get your points.
Rage 21-Aug-15 3:15am View
To be honest, Richard's idea was the solution I had in mind should I not find anything else. But it is a little bit of a hassle for us, since you need to compute the size of the "empty" array when the size of the structure changes... Hence looking at a "proper" solution first.

I'll have a look at your links, thank you !
Rage 21-Aug-15 3:11am View
Hello, thanks for your concern. I think I exactely explained what I need, namely put identical data structures in fixed places in memory.
Rage 13-May-15 7:51am View
I have already heard about it - not always in good terms, because it seems the hell of a maintenance work. But if it fits, I may have it a go.
Thank you, monsieur !
Rage 13-May-15 6:54am View
What is WipeFile exactly doing (is this your own function or part of an API ? A quick search could not enlighten me).
Rage 1-Apr-15 6:52am View
Ta ta ta ... No excuse, I fooled you :-)
I put some hints in the tags, but did not think the list was displayed half hidden though.
Rage 1-Apr-15 6:51am View
Spotted :-)
Rage 23-Jan-15 9:08am View
Show us first how you are printing the original matrix.
Rage 1-Sep-14 10:06am View
Thanks, and congrats for your achievement !
Do you have a question about it ?
Rage 3-Jul-14 10:56am View
So basically, what is your question ?
Rage 2-Jul-14 12:16pm View
Are you trying to screenshot an application playing a movie ?
Rage 18-Jun-14 5:13am View
What size is the VirtualQueryEx returning (as a return value) ?
Do you have a GetLastError value ?
Rage 18-Jun-14 5:08am View
This is completely unclear ; code will not help.
1) carry out the transformation of obtained value in the cycle -> which cycle ? what values ? which transformation ?
2) deny animation -> what ?
3) what ?
Rage 30-May-14 8:57am View
Are you using MFC ?
Rage 28-May-14 11:23am View
Can you somehow force a refresh ? I just went through the API but could not spot anything like it on the fly.
Rage 23-May-14 9:43am View
This is all messed up, please edit your question and post your code properly.
Rage 23-May-14 9:07am View
This is precisely the reason why SetPan exists. Why don't you want to use it ?
Rage 23-May-14 7:16am View
Post the code that is not working, and indicate what you have done and what is not working exactly.
Rage 23-May-14 7:11am View
Can you post your code ? Which version of mozilla ?
Rage 22-May-14 8:54am View
What does $filename contains ?
Rage 22-May-14 5:15am View
CAn you explain that more clearly ?
Rage 20-May-14 7:30am View
I think you will need to get _both_ problems fixed before getting a proper return value (first the classname, then the spawn of the output parameters)
Rage 20-May-14 7:29am View
I think you will need to get _both_ problems fixed before getting a proper return value (first the classname, then the spawn of the output parameters)
Rage 20-May-14 7:02am View
OK, well done !
Rage 20-May-14 6:44am View
"It has been working well so far. I have tried many tutorials on internet on how to do it but none seem to work ". Mmmhh ... what ?
Rage 20-May-14 6:42am View
What is the problem ? What is not working ? What have you tried ?
Rage 20-May-14 6:41am View
Why are you not implementing a hooking function of your own using the API ?
What do you mean with "was not able to make it work?"
Rage 19-May-14 11:23am View
At what line does it crashes in debug mode ? Do you have an assertion thrown ?
Rage 15-May-14 8:14am View
iLen1=strlen(str1). How could the for loop not escape ???
Rage 14-May-14 7:28am View
Ok, your code above is not involved. Can you post the way you are "threading" it ? (Do not post kilometers of code, only how the threads are managed and the above function called) I sense that some threads are not terminated properly.
Rage 13-May-14 7:46am View
Why should i be 4 ?
Rage 4-May-14 19:28pm View
Can you post your code ?
Rage 2-May-14 12:26pm View
Which version of OpenGL are you using ? You might check this :
Rage 2-May-14 12:24pm View
This is not necessarily the hardware, but could very well be some memory handling problems (which could explain it behaves randomly in Release Mode and correctly in Debug Mode). Have you correctly deleted the objects you have been creating all through the program ?
Can you shrink it down until you have a part that works on your PC, just to try and find where it blocks ?
Rage 2-May-14 12:17pm View
Hello David Stavens, what is exactly your question/not working in the code dump above ?
Rage 30-Apr-14 13:44pm View
Can you post the code where you have tried to open the file ?
Rage 29-Apr-14 7:06am View
Rage 29-Apr-14 4:53am View
Please post what you have tried.
Rage 29-Apr-14 4:50am View
This is unclear. What are yuo trying to achieve ?
Rage 28-Apr-14 6:09am View
What have you done already ? What does not work ?
Rage 24-Apr-14 9:35am View
I first misread this title and got on something completely different *blush*
Rage 24-Apr-14 8:11am View
Did you tag the question ? This is hilarious !
Rage 24-Apr-14 8:08am View
What you want to achieve is not really clear, can you elaborate a bit ?
Rage 9-Apr-14 4:44am View
You do realize that this code is exactly the same as the one I had posted, and that you have downvoted ?
Rage 8-Apr-14 11:31am View
What do you get as raw input data from the time system ? Do you have time and dates, or only time ? Are the time-in -out always available, or do people sometimes forget to check-in or check-out ?

Basically, you need to pair the times (in and out) each day. So if you have only one at a specific date, consider the first time on next day as the time out of the previous day.

Maybe you can paste a _short_ code extract to show how you are currently handling this.
Rage 8-Apr-14 10:59am View
"i want to decode which is totally reverse of following code".
This is unclear. What do you want to achieve exactly ?
Rage 8-Apr-14 5:56am View
The code is pretty straightforward : the tapi functions are used to retrieve a string (IMEI) containing the serial number.
Rage 8-Apr-14 5:53am View
Have you tried the code at all ?

internal static extern int lineGetGeneralInfo(IntPtr hLine, byte[] bCache);

// code to get IMEI
private void getIMEIInfo()
string IMEI;
Tapi t = new Tapi();

byte[] buffer = new byte[512];
//write size
BitConverter.GetBytes(512).CopyTo(buffer, 0);

if (lineGetGeneralInfo(_line.hLine, buffer) != 0)
throw new System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception(System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.GetLastWin32Error(), "TAPI Error: " + System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.GetLastWin32Error().ToString("X"));

int serialsize = BitConverter.ToInt32(buffer, 36);
int serialoffset = BitConverter.ToInt32(buffer, 40);
IMEI = System.Text.Encoding.Unicode.GetString(buffer, serialoffset, serialsize);
IMEI = IMEI.Substring(0, IMEI.IndexOf(Convert.ToChar(0)));

Rage 8-Apr-14 5:43am View
If the constructor expects a pointer on a Date, why do you insist of giving it an int ? Can you post the getInt and the constructor code?
Rage 8-Apr-14 5:42am View
If the constructor expects a pointer on a Date, why do you insist of giving it an int ? Can you post the getInt code?
Rage 8-Apr-14 5:04am View
So, what is not working in these methods ?
Rage 8-Apr-14 4:53am View
Not sure, it is pushed on the stack at first and popped later on.
Rage 8-Apr-14 4:51am View
With his homework, e.g. replace the comments stating "Insert code here" with code.
Rage 8-Apr-14 4:49am View
Can you post what you have tried so far, e.g. the steps:

"then i do filter average and edge detection. then i do process threshold
after that i'll create histogram projection."
Rage 8-Apr-14 4:36am View
Can you post what you have already tried and explain what is not working ?
Rage 3-Apr-14 7:53am View
Change the camera position ?
Rage 3-Apr-14 5:07am View
Why ? What is wrong with casting ?
Rage 3-Apr-14 5:05am View
What is not working ? What have debugged ?
Rage 3-Apr-14 4:59am View
Arf, "I strongly suggest you read up on those things before continuing to try your hand at low level programming!"

I think we need buttons for automatically inserting some text quotes. This would be one of them.
Rage 2-Apr-14 3:50am View
In what will that help ?
Rage 1-Apr-14 12:27pm View
Do you need to call the command from within the c-code, or do you want to create a C application that, once compiled, is a command that you can call from the command line ?
Rage 1-Apr-14 12:18pm View
Here the link to the class description:

Can you post your code ?
Rage 1-Apr-14 3:44am View
What do you mean with "big" and "small" ?
Rage 28-Mar-14 12:12pm View
Check the question on SO: he only wants some nodes to have a checkbox.
Rage 28-Mar-14 12:11pm View
Check the question on SO: he only wants some nodes to have a checkbox.
Rage 27-Mar-14 10:29am View
What he meant is that you have to change to your own server. is home. Is the DB on your machine, or on a remote server ?
Rage 27-Mar-14 8:42am View
- is not always true
- depends on the label, see SA's psots above
Rage 26-Mar-14 7:54am View
I honestly do not think they changed that behaviour in the next versions, at least could not find anything pointing in that direction.
Rage 25-Mar-14 7:54am View
I suppose you have already looked at this :
Rage 25-Mar-14 6:12am View
To me, your requirement is a clear indication that there is something wrong in your code logic : If you are not sure at some point of time if you want to erase the content or go on, why would you write right away in the file ? Would it not be better to write in a temp string and dump it in the file once the decision reasing/not erasing has been made ?
Rage 21-Mar-14 8:12am View
Why are you not saving the values in file.txt directly in the sample.exe file ?
Rage 21-Mar-14 8:08am View
Why are you using a CScrollView if you do not want it to be scrolled ?? Use a CView instead !
Rage 18-Mar-14 11:35am View
Not sure, I understand his problem as follows : he does not want to pass a URL or a file, but the content as a string containing HTML code = what he calls an "HTML page", hence my answer.
Rage 18-Mar-14 5:27am View
Like this ?

OK.Forget that, just saw you were already linking to the article in your question (maybe you edited in between).
Rage 18-Mar-14 5:21am View
How does the result should look like ? The behaviour of the opening in your browser control will not be different from the one in your usual browser.
If I try to open an excel file in my browser (or in any browser control), a popup asks me if I want to open or save it, but it does not get "displayed" in the control.
So maybe I did not understand what you are trying to achieve.
Rage 18-Mar-14 4:15am View
Does it work if you try to open the file directly in the browser ?
Rage 17-Mar-14 10:34am View
I don't have to tell you, you are not my mother either. :p
Rage 17-Mar-14 10:13am View
What does not work ?
Do you have the codecs installed on the machine (you did reinstall the OS, so...) ?
Rage 17-Mar-14 10:11am View
Can you show your code (edit your question) and exactly the path to the file your are trying to open ? We could probably post some samples that work, or links to them, but I do not think this will help you, since you've already tried.
Rage 17-Mar-14 8:38am View
Please do not tell me what I have to do, you are not my mother.
Rage 14-Mar-14 6:38am View
OK, yeah, they showed you what to do after using ::Create. -> Good !
Rage 14-Mar-14 6:36am View
How does the input looks like in the file (please leave the carraige returns and comas) ?
Rage 14-Mar-14 6:35am View
It is probably a tad more complicated, since he is reading in line by line, not value by value.
Rage 13-Mar-14 10:24am View
I once asked my boss the same question. :-)
Rage 13-Mar-14 7:06am View
What is the value of x in the second example ?
Rage 12-Mar-14 19:43pm View
Sorry, I am clueless...
Rage 12-Mar-14 12:26pm View
Namespace: OK, then we are sure the used functions are the ones from the correct namespace.
Keypoint: This seems to be OK as well.
This is getting tricky.
Have you included "features2d/features2d.hpp" ?
Can you try with giving a threshold to the detector :
cv::SiftFeatureDetector detector(20); // Change the 20 to something meaningful ?
Rage 12-Mar-14 11:40am View
Yes, this is because the detect function actually puts keypoints in the vector standard structure, and this fails to be done properly for some obscure reason. It could be that:
- the image is not read properly. Is IMREAD_GRAYSCALE = 0 ?
- the detect function has a problem -> can you debug through it and see how many keypoints are created ?
- Can you check how many keypoints are remaining in the vector before leaving the function ?

Note: I've also seen you have used cv::Mat and Mat. Have you defined the cv namespace as "used" somewhere ?
Rage 12-Mar-14 10:29am View
The clean up function is where the assertion is triggered, but it is not there that the real error has been made. From what I can see, the keypoints are not properly deleted in the vector.

Does the image load properly ?
Rage 12-Mar-14 9:43am View
2 remarks:
1. The detector has not much info about what it has to detect.
2. It could be that the error is not made in this function, but happens earlier in the code flow. Can you show the code calling this ?
Rage 12-Mar-14 9:35am View
What info do you exactly need from the log ?
Rage 12-Mar-14 9:33am View
I think this is OK.


oBMI.bmiHeader.biSize = sizeof(BITMAPINFOHEADER); // oBMI is a BITMAPINFO
Rage 11-Mar-14 11:01am View
How did you insert the 4 tables ?
Can you show the code you are using to fill the 5th table ?
Rage 11-Mar-14 10:59am View
What machine ?
Do you want to create an executable ?
What have you used to write/debug your vb first place?
Rage 11-Mar-14 10:28am View
Can you post more code ?
documentwrite is not a function meant to do what you want to achieve.
Rage 11-Mar-14 10:24am View
Fixed OC.
Rage 11-Mar-14 10:24am View
Fixed OC.
Rage 11-Mar-14 8:37am View
Ah ! This one and the C++ FAQ, good' ol' references !
Rage 11-Mar-14 8:12am View
What have you tried ?
Have you googled ?
Rage 10-Mar-14 12:05pm View
What kind of application are you trying to add "another field" to ?
Rage 10-Mar-14 12:03pm View
IIRC this is a wrapper for DirectShow. Have you tried using the SetRate function instead ?
Rage 10-Mar-14 9:26am View
If serial port, you could write it from scratch, or use virtual ports api (for instance ).
Rage 10-Mar-14 9:18am View
Databases are not my cup of tea, but what's wrong in fetching these records with a SQL statement ?
Rage 10-Mar-14 9:16am View
This looks like a good start. Have your tried further ?
Rage 10-Mar-14 9:08am View
Is your handle valid ?
Some stabs in the dark
Have you open the stream with GENERIC_ALL ?
Have you tried reading without writing before (configure your hw to poll out values) ?
Rage 7-Mar-14 8:03am View
Have you tried deleting all your output files and rebuild all ?
Is the ArmesDataManager.sbr file somewhere else on your computer ?
Rage 25-Feb-14 8:35am View
Either you use timers or you enter your thread periodically and check if you have to redraw
Rage 25-Feb-14 8:31am View
You beat me to it, but glad we could help !
Rage 25-Feb-14 7:32am View
Are your handlers (hwnd...) valid ? What does the SetSelectionMark return ?
Rage 25-Feb-14 7:27am View
Is the problem always happening on the same byte (no matter how long the string ?)
Rage 30-Jan-13 2:54am View
Thank you. Passing the name of the worksheet will then be the first move.
Note to 1 : With copy, I meant, as you guessed, a copy on the stack. I was not sure whether the interpreter is able to automatically use a reference instead of a stack copy. I guess that a compiler would be able to do that, but not the interpreter...
Rage 14-Sep-11 6:57am View
According to this, 0 is a perfect legal value.
Rage 8-Jul-11 6:13am View
Is the issue then solved ?
Rage 5-Jul-11 11:59am View
Que veux tu dire par librairie statique ? Une lib déjà terminée à télécharger ?