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Comments by Ed Gadziemski (Top 8 by date)

Ed Gadziemski 7-Aug-15 13:28pm View
The question was about resizable rectangles. Your answer was about cropping. In addition, your "answer" was to RTFM. Unhelpful. And your comment that "you did not solve it" is just plain ignorant. I wrote in my comment "here is the solution I ended up modifying for my use". I did not claim I solved it.

Quit while you're ahead, dude. And spend some time learning reading comprehension. You're just making a fool of yourself.
Ed Gadziemski 7-Aug-15 11:31am View
The question was not about cropping. The question was about resizable selection boxes. Why would I praise Sergey for answering the question wrong, not just once, but twice?

Here is the solution I ended up modifying for my use: CRectTrackerCS[^]

By the way, why are you spamming this Question thread with your comment? You did not need to paste the same "comment on the askers' attitude" twice. Once was more than enough.

Ed Gadziemski 8-Mar-14 17:16pm View
You do not understand the problem. You are trying to solve cropping but I am seeking an answer for a resizable selection rectangle. Perhaps you should stick to simpler questions until you gain one or two years of coding experience. Perhaps then you will not answer unasked questions and instead focus on what the questioner wants.
Ed Gadziemski 8-Mar-14 17:13pm View
Thanks for the recommendation. That is very much what I am looking for.
Ed Gadziemski 3-Mar-14 22:19pm View
I'm sorry you are so confused. Please do not respond further to this question. Your response is unhelpful and does not address the question asked.
Ed Gadziemski 3-Mar-14 20:54pm View
Is the question unclear? I'm looking for code that works like the Select function in MS Paint for Windows 8 or like Photo Editor. You gave me links to the Bitmap.Clone method. That has nothing to do with my question. If it is difficult of you to understand, try this. Start MS Paint and load an image. Click Select on the Home Ribbon. Select an arbitrary area in the image. Release the mouse button. Grab an edge of the bounding rectangle and pull. The size of the selection changes. This is what I am looking for: code that provides a similar adjustable selection / cropping function.
Ed Gadziemski 3-Mar-14 19:35pm View
Those are not what I asked for in my question.
Ed Gadziemski 13-Jul-11 1:36am View
And had you done even a rudimentary perusal of the OP's question, you might have found he was asking about DataTable objects, not about SQL Server. D'oh.