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Comments by Hemant__Sharma (Top 142 by date)

Hemant__Sharma 1-Jul-14 4:47am View    
Do you have some sample code on what you are trying to achieve? If you are using Internet Explorer you can hit F12 for developer tool and investigate dynamically generated HTML DOM.
Hemant__Sharma 5-Feb-14 8:13am View    
You are welcome :)
Hemant__Sharma 5-Feb-14 7:02am View    
You should always specify exact location/line of error in your source code and scenario.

For example in above code I assume you are getting error on because con would be undefined because document.getElementById('<%=Confirm.ClientID>'); wont return any element.
Hemant__Sharma 5-Feb-14 6:57am View    
+5 accurate answer.
Hemant__Sharma 5-Feb-14 3:27am View    
+4 proposing accurate property/attribute name which is missing.